Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Social - Bistro & Bar (Bangsar)

Bangsar? How unforgettable. Gosh!, looking back now, I remember being in Bangsar at least once a weekend, mostly for clubbing and, every now and then, I didn't mind beating the traffic and the hassle of parking to dine at some of eateries (Plan B & Marmalade Cafe). But over the years, considering the distance from where I reside and the long crawl, rare became the occasion at Bangsar. Nevertheless, just a few weeks back, I returned to the familiar ground for an appointment. Thereafter, instead of rushing back home, I thought I might as well have lunch since I couldn't hang on to my hunger pangs.

Bangsar as far as I know is no longer the in-place for nightlife. Nonetheless, obviously, it is still standing tall as a food haven (Antipodean Cafe & Chutney Mary). So, I had options, plenty actually where to meal. Between the row and row of eateries, for a quiet moment all by myself and away from the lunch time crowd, I opted for The Social which was practically empty. No complaints. In fact, I like it that way, but sitting at the outside dining area was a little scary because all sorts of weird characters walked pass by. Anyway, while holding tight to my handbag, I had a good look at the inside bar area and figured out this place must be alive and kicking after the sun goes down, or presumably a beehive after office hours. Whatever. Not my scene anymore, I quite liked the comfortable and nicely set up ambiance where I was seated.

Within the next couple of seconds, I quickly flipped the menu listed with quite a wide variety of Western and Asian food and drinks but really, I wasn't in the mood to screen each of it. So, the fastest-easiest way out was to settle for the curry laksa (Vegetarian Nyonya Laksa) and coke from the set lunch. Later, I also called for the banana fritters and specifically mentioned for it be served after the main meal.

Once the curry laksa (Thai Laksa) came cruising after 5 minutes, I tucked into the bowl of egg noodles drenched with a creamy, not so spicy and enticing looking curry, topped with tofu pok, prawns, mint leaves and lime for squashing into the sambal. Nicey, lovely and filling. But eating from the small bowl packed with the ingredients was rather inconvenient. I struggled. I was worried about spillage, so, I didn't rush through and by then, the curry had massively soaked into the ingredients. Something I was not comfortable about.
I then requested for the sweet treat to be served. Fresh bananas cased in crispy fried pastry puff, atop with vanilla ice cream, strawberry and mint leaf, and plated with drizzle of honey. Oh, so good. I’ve never been a dessert person, this one was a charmer for that moment in time pleasure and satisfaction. Actually, upon finishing up every bit of it, deep down inside me, I truly appreciated it compared to the curry laksa.
A must try I would say this sweet delight, I then straw-ed up the Coke, settled the bill (RM40.89) and left happily, mainly because I made myself happy neither did The Social let me down - nice food, attentive-pleasant customer service and my kind of ambiance. I wouldn't mind returning to The Social, yet it is not a meal I can afford often.  

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  1. You made a silent takeaway of the ambience.

  2. Hello Navneetham...looking like that u r having a great time

  3. I found the dessert is quite interesting...

  4. Place looks cool and the sweet looks delicious dear!

  5. I love places like this. Cozy with good food.

  6. As usual food looks amazing! How interesting visiting new places and trying out different kinds of delicious food!!

  7. This seems a new place to eat considering u have visited fr years.. as u grow older u like to eat from places nearby and don't like travelling agree with u


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