Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pork Bulgogi

Pork is my life. Though not in my house. Obviously, for one particular reason. My other half-half and his anti-pork eating. Regardless, to be fair to him, he has no qualms to me cooking (Steamed Pork with Salted Fish). Then again? Cooking a dish for yourself? I can in fact for a matter, yet? I just feel its a waste of time because there's no short of pork meals outside. Of course, every once a blue moon, really once a blue moon mind you, a pork dish is rolled out from my kitchen (Siew Yoke & Char Siu) and on this particular day, I decided. I made Pork Bulgogi (Moo Gook/Korean Radish Soup). Paired alongside a Korean style cucumber tomato salad and as usual, my style of cooking is my own style. Pork Bulgogi made from the ingredients already stocked up in my pantry and fridge instead of, I mean, why bother buying ingredients when you can make do with what you have? Pork Bulgogi. The honey, soy sauce, sticky spicy style. I did it. I bet you can as well.

For pork
300g or a few pieces or pork
1 medium size onion - chopped
1/2 inch ginger - chopped
5 garlic - chopped
1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp hot chilli sauce
1 tbsp roasted white sesame seeds
Some coriander leaves
2 tbsp of oil
Salt if needed
For salad
1/2 zucchini or cucumber - chopped/cubed
1 small tomato - chopped/cubed
A tiny bit of ginger - chopped
Lime juice, sugar and salt (as needed)
For pork
Marinate pork with the first five ingredients for at least half an hour.
Heat oil and stir in pork to lightly cook.
Add some water (to cook/tenderize pork) and the rest of the ingredients except sesame seeds and coriander leaves.
Stir, let the pork cook and by now, sauce would have thickened
Off the heat and combine in sesame seeds and coriander leaves
Dish out.

For the salad
Toss all the ingredients together.


  1. This looks mouthwatering ...Will give it a try someday . delicious...

  2. Sounds pretty appetising. Love the oink oink.

    Maybe will try out this recipe this weekend. Thanks 😚

  3. I don't eat pork but I will try this with chicken

  4. This is easy to make and delicious.. wud try it with chicken as we don't look pork too much fr health reasons

  5. Such an appetizing meal! Both salad and spicy pork look mouthwatering.

  6. Looks yum, I don't eat pork I will pass this recipe to my friends.

  7. Love the look of this pork dish!! I could polish off a plate!!!

  8. OMG, can't believe you did this! I just cooked almost the same style as you but mine is Teriyaki Pork with Sesame Seeds. Will be posting that anytime too. Yummy! I want to eat yours too! xoxo

  9. Great ingredients in this amazing dish.


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