Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Korean Spicy Pork (My Style)

Love is such a significant word. Because of love, we compromise, we give in and we tolerate. The next question is what do we tolerate? Well, we tolerate the individual differences of the people we love, I am not saying we must give in all the time, but we learn to adjust and adopt. Otherwise, we end up battling love and too much of battling will lead to sadness and misery. Not easy I know, still, we try. Speaking about love, let me tell you that what to cook, whether you agree or not, is about compromising. And mostly, we women always put our family ahead even before we plan the meal for the day (Indian Crab Soup, Fried Brinjal Spicy Sauce & Japanese Radish Soup).

In my house, as I have said before (Claypot Sri Lankan Fish Curry & Nasi Lemak Sardine Sambal Ijo), honestly, sometimes I had  enough of fish or mutton (Mutton Rendang). Then again, I have my moments as well on cooking what pleases me (Buah Keluak Chicken Curry). Pork I won't say is my favourite, but I do yearn for it every now and then (Pork Belly Salted Fish, Char Siew & Siew Yoke). Pork is definitely healthier compared to red meat, its just that hygiene is compromised when raring "oink-oink". Nevertheless, for reasons we know best, some of us don't eat pork. I don't mind, not always but this Korean Spicy Pork accompanied with a simple salad and rice, indeed, satisfied my craving and  sure, made me truly happy.

Now, for this recipe, you may consider replacing pork with chicken and for a vegetarian version, do ahead and substitute with soy chunks  (Stir Fried Vegetarian Mutton & Vegetarian Mutton Rendang Nasi Lemak). To suggest mutton or fish for the same, I am a little skeptical, but hei, what's holding you back?   After all, we create our own options, don't we?             . 

For the pork
300g or a few pieces or pork
1 medium size onion - chopped
1/2 inch ginger - chopped
5 garlic - chopped
1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp hot chilli sauce
1 tbsp roasted white sesame seeds
Some coriander leaves
2 tbsp of oil
Salt if needed
For the salad
1/2 zucchini or cucumber - chopped/cubed
1 small tomato - chopped/cubed
A tiny bit of ginger - chopped
Lime juice, sugar and salt (as needed)
For the pork
Marinate pork with the first five ingredients for at least half an hour.
Heat oil and stir in pork to lightly cook.
Add some water (to cook/tenderise pork) and the rest of the ingredients except sesame seeds and coriander leaves.
Stir, let the pork cook and by now, the sauce would have thickened
Off the heat and combine in sesame seeds and coriander leaves
Dish out.

For the salad
Toss all the ingredients together.

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  1. This looks mouthwatering ...Will give it a try someday . delicious...

  2. Sounds pretty appetising. Love the oink oink.

    Maybe will try out this recipe this weekend. Thanks 😚

  3. I don't eat pork but I will try this with chicken

  4. This is easy to make and delicious.. wud try it with chicken as we don't look pork too much fr health reasons

  5. Such an appetizing meal! Both salad and spicy pork look mouthwatering.

  6. Looks yum, I don't eat pork I will pass this recipe to my friends.

  7. Love the look of this pork dish!! I could polish off a plate!!!

  8. OMG, can't believe you did this! I just cooked almost the same style as you but mine is Teriyaki Pork with Sesame Seeds. Will be posting that anytime too. Yummy! I want to eat yours too! xoxo

  9. Great ingredients in this amazing dish.


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