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The Spa - The Club Saujana Resort

Stress of life. Tell me about it. Don't we all go through it? I know. Trying our level best to cope, maybe not for having the best, but at least a comfortable life. Speak about first and foremost, traffic jam driving daily, to and fro from work, and for every other middle class woman like me, say all you want, we are the ones who are holding the fort to the endless daily chores. Should we, can we credit our husbands as well for providing their share of money betterment? Think about it. My life, trust me, is no better. All stressed wired-up in all directions, generally, I do cope well, but for the last two weeks or so, I really was yearning for my time-out brekkie from my career and out my house. This spa review, thanks to the sponsor, sorry guys, I can't reveal none more, let's just say a mystery marketing research, popped up when I was pondering over how can I relieve my stress.   

Indeed, a perfect timing for also rejuvenating my overall well-being, prior to appointment making, I got down to online information on their various types of spa packages. Nothing much actually, the same packages repeated again when I called them for fixing an appointment, eventually, I opted for the Hydrating & Anti-Aging Mineral Treatment (RM310.00, 120 mins). Appointment noted and confirmed, off I left to Saujana Resort on this particular Tuesday. A long walk from the main car park instead of parking at the one closer, wish the staff would have informed me, sadly no, I was greeted by the raw, quite blur trainee. At this juncture, upon checking through their spa menu, I realise there's more to just the few types of treatments listed online and conveyed to me. Duh! Only if I knew, I could have accordingly customised a package by choosing between the substantial individual body and face treatments.   

The Spa, awarded as one of the best spas I must admit is an oasis of paradise. Sincerely. Nestled in a green, luscious nature surrounding tranquility, all the way from the entrance till where the eight private villas are. Welcomed and guided by the masseur at the entrance, I entered the first villa itself. Amazing. Mind blowing aw-wow. Rustic wooden décor, spic and span, and really spacious. My-my! Honestly, all I did for the next few minutes is just standing and staring at the ambiance.   

Subsequently, I put on the disposable panties and sarong wrapped my nude body,  and my belongings kept in the locker, treatment began with me trying to withstand the sauna heat which literally, almost blistered my skin. Five minutes most to most. despite sauna heat turned down, feeling as though I am being skinned alive, mind you, unbearable,  I told myself enough.  

I gave up. I didn't want to torture myself for the sake of my sweating out my toxin. Out of the sauna and into the volcanic tub for the "Uplifting Floral Bath" which was included at  my request. Another RM50.00 on my bill, seriously, didn't really bother me since “Uplifting Floral Bath”, was akin a body beautiful Cleopatra wonder. Soaking in the warm water, rose petals, mineral oil and shower gel was genuinely body and mind soothing. Only if I could have remained in the tub for more than the allocated 15 minutes? Impossible. Reluctantly pulling myself out of the tub, I showered and got ready for feet pampering. Feet soaked and scrubbed in the concoction of warm water, rose petals and aroma oil.   

Not bad. Nava K did feel the good feet vibes. Thereafter, I surrendered my whole self on the comfy bed for receiving the full body exfoliating and mineral anti-aging treatment. Not even 2 minutes, I had to stop the masseur. Too harsh. Bath salt grains, rubbed on my skin for removing dead skin cells, oh-no, oh-god. I couldn't take the pain. I made sure I told the masseur to go slow on putting too much force on me. She did accommodate. Finally, the moment I have been waiting for. Balinese massage. Palm pressure, stretching, acupressure and the elbow technic was another whats with the force. Another pain on my body. Again, I had to tell the masseur to take it easy. Nevertheless, conclusively, massage by the such a darling therapist did justice for getting rid of my body pain, in return, for anchoring back a fair bit of life's pleasure.  

Getting dressed and then settling my bill, did I walk out feeling free as a bird, or come whatever, I am really to conquer? High marks definitely must be awarded for ambiance and masseur. But not for please train the blur trainees for best customer service. Moreover, I would have appreciated a shower cap instead of tower wrapping during the bath for preventing my tresses from getting wet, sauna heat was not to my liking, bath salt almost skinned me out and I sincerely hope their online menu will be updated.  


  1. ahh, i need a spa day
    keep in touch

  2. You are so right. We need to let go of life's stresses and make it a habit to find time to relax. This looks like a great spa experience.

  3. Wow, that sure is a day well spent! Looks like a great place to relax and come out refreshed.. I like the idea of the foot soak and the ambience is beautiful!

  4. You seem to have the best of both worlds...njoi Navneetham

  5. wonderful place.. looks like a really relaxing place:) i am sure u had a good time:)

  6. Great place to de stress which is essential fr me. Its great to see that you take good care of yourself. Its important for gaining confidence and energy

  7. I have never been to a spa dunno if i wud go bcoz i m nt a fan of them.. hp i change my mind soon.. perfect to de stress n calm down from the regular monotony of life as u rightly put..

  8. I need a spa session right now :-) Looks so cool!


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