Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm

Hello all you great people,
For the next 5 minutes, let's say at least, can we forget about beautifying our face? Instead can we pay attention to our feet and heels which I think we tend to neglect (Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream & DU'IT Foot And Heel Balm Plus)? Am I right or I am wrong? Does it ring the bell? We conveniently ignore the wear and tear of our soles? Mind you, our soles, the foundation to our mobility and our stronghold fort support, supporting our whole body for walking us wherever we want to or have to. To those of you who have been taking care of your feet, well and good. Well done. Millions of claps from me to you. But the rest of you, fret not. Its not the end of the world yet. We can still start somewhere. I am no feet angel by the way. Years of, lemme me conveniently blame it on my ignorance, laugh if you have to on my silly excuse, only two years back I realise I better do something. Otherwise, most probably, I may end up paying the doctor instead. Right now, lemme tell you where you can start. Indeed, obviously, a feet cream and Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm (RM22.88), packaged in an opaque white plastic tube with a twistable cap is my latest discovery for the last one month or so. 
Basic packaging. Nothing fancy frilly, no need in fact. What should be our concern on the other hand is whether Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm will do justice to our feet. Ingredients, how to use and all of its benefits listed on the cardboard box, do read between and above the lines for ensuring you are satisfied before buying. In case you are allergic to any of its ingredients. I somehow can assure you won't be because Rosken is supposedly a trusted brand, but still do not take any chance. Brand as cautioned us as well, I might as well remind you again. Do not apply on open, bleeding wounds or even deep cracks. I have personally seen the deep cracks and my advice is seeking doctor's help. Moreover, never trust a feet cream which causes itchiness or rashes. Immediately stop using before making your money matters worst.         
Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm, smelling like peppermint, its consistency not too thick, neither too runny, penetrates into my skin easily but for total absorption, I need to massage it constantly for the next 2 to 3 minutes and no walking thereafter for next an hour. Unless I willingly wanna drag this rather oily cream together forever on the floor and sincerely, believe me, wet floor is out of bound.  So, the best time to use is after your evening shower and while you are in front of the tv. If you really have to walk, wear slippers. Otherwise, I beg to differ what will the consequences be.   
Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm I must say does cushion my feet with enough moisture for correcting my dryness. I sure notice the difference. Before and after. Smooth skin genuinely is the outcome, yet it does not last. Unless I diligently apply at least, every alternate days for holding back my feet from returning to its sorry state of affair. Then again, any feet cream for the matter, ask me and I will tell you, my experience definitely must speak loudest, is not a cure. It is just a remedy. Stop using and your feet will be back to disaster.  
Is Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm a feet winner for me? Not the best, not the worst, seemingly, it does its job for curbing my feet from becoming on the ground beauty ruiner. 


  1. This is a great product and rightly said the feet need as much pampering as our faces

  2. Honest review....touching every pros and cons.... :)

  3. I hve been using rosken for many years. I like the cream better than lotion. Suits me better. Used to have lemony scent but now don't have anymore

  4. I so need this right now.. with all the construction going on near my house and this chilly weather is killing my foot! Off to Amazon right now!😉 Thanks for the review Nava :)

  5. Nava. I have been neglecting my feet for a while now and this post has inspired me. I ll run a check to see if I can get hands on this. Sigh! its really difficult to squeeze in time for a pedicure with a little one running around me.

  6. I need this product too! Gonna check it out! xoxo

  7. Looks like a good product, glad it delivers it's claim.

  8. Hi Nava, Rosken is a reliable brand and so far their cream work very well. I had been using it too. Crack heels happen to many of us due to the toilet detergents, soap powder, floor cleaner, etc.... but its true many of us neglected our crack heels. :((

    Best regards,


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