Friday, May 20, 2016

Press. Beyond Juice - Raw & Fresh

How can I possibly don't agree? Life indeed is demanding and it doesn’t help that the hustle and bustle of the city can take a toll on our well-being. Honestly, sometimes I ask myself – what are we chasing after, though obviously a better comfortable life and of course, like they say – we gotta work and strive for what we want. Then again, amidst the busyness and quest for success, I certainly hope we don’t neglect our health. Quite a thing actually, but without putting health as the priority, sad to say there goes everything. 

Well, certainly I know better. Take it from me, working from home definitely is a better deal compared to rushing day in and day out in the traffic, but let it tell you that it is the same story of a demanding schedule to meet deadlines, which leaves so little time for practically anything. Unfortunately, despite trying to live a healthy life by investing in a juicer to juice fruits and vegetables, the expensive machine is now a permanent fixture in my kitchen. Nonetheless, I now have discovered the convenient way to fresh cold pressed juices to wake to and juices by far is the goodness anytime of the day.  
Thanks to Press. Beyond Juice for the delivery (how to order), I totally love the spot-on six types of juices. Each with an enthralling name and for different benefits, my favourite or shall I say the first one I tried was "Snap" (fuji apple, green apple, lemon & ginger) - bursting with freshness like spring in a bottle,  fabulously light, sweet and mixed with tad-bit of tartness. Finishing off the other juices within 2 days, between these concoctions of fruits and veggies, I can’t really decide which my favourite is. In fact all tasted equally wondrous, still, "Snap" is lovingly love!
Before deciding on your favourite take between the various choices, let us hear it from the Press Beyond Juice team as well as applaud their inventive concept to these nutritious juices. 

About Press. Beyond Juice 
Press was conceived in 2015 by Terence & Yen in one of Kuala Lumpur’s busiest business districts, KL Sentral. Blessed by an opportunity to open their first grab & go juice bar in Menara Shell, Press was created to provide raw, cold-pressed juices to busy working individuals. Beyond that, the brand aims to inspire customers and partner with them to take better care of their daily health and wellness.
We’ve harnessed the pure, vital health benefits of fruits and vegetables to deliver them to you in their most beneficial form- raw and fresh. These nutrients, enzymes and minerals never come in contact with heat and are bottled within moments of being cold-pressed. What makes our juices unique are our delicious concoctions and high nutrition content. We believe that food that is good for your body should taste great too!

Press produces juices that we would be proud to serve to our own friends and family. This means that it is made from the freshest ingredients sourced from our carefully selected purveyors, prepared safely in a hygienic & chilled environment for maximum freshness. Each juice contains live enzymes and is highly perishable. Refrigerate your juice as soon as you get home. Look out for “best before” stickers on the bottom of our bottles. Nothing we serve is processed or pasteurized. 
Opt to either have the juices delivered to your doorstep anywhere within the Klang Valley for a flat fee of RM10 only, or to self-collect at our outlet in Menara Shell. Minimum order consists of 6 bottles of juice. Orders and payment received before 3pm (Monday - Saturday) will be delivered on the same day. Orders placed on Sunday will only be delivered on Monday. For urgent bulk orders above 50 bottles, do contact us directly to check on stock availability. 

Thank you Press. Beyond Juice

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  1. Gosh, I love fresh juices! Having them delivered it's always a plus point. TGIF, sweetie! xoxo

  2. We have some brands making these here as well.. nothing better than cold pressed raw fruit and veggie juices.. this brand sounds amazing

  3. Fresh juice are always healthy.Seems like an interesting product...

  4. Navneetham... nice post...I usually make these at home but good info...cheers :)

  5. Juices at any point of time is a yes from me. I can live on fresh pressed juice. This looks colorful too

  6. Juices at any point of time is a yes from me. I can live on fresh pressed juice. This looks colorful too

  7. Healthy option to avoid junk food and drinks.

  8. This sounds interesting and healthy. Looks so colorful!


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