Monday, May 23, 2016

Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Therapy/Infusion - Klinik Dr Christina Chea (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

Who ever said skin will remain baby lush, baby blush and baby beautiful forever? Not me. Not in my slightest moment. Beautiful skin, why go so far, even clear clean, beauty vanity skin is only achievable if we shower it daily with tender, loving care. Of course. Without a doubt. Whether you are in your early twenties, speak about how tough and rough skin can get once we have crossed the big 5? Daily beauty regime, twice a day, debate all you want, is a must. Let alone blocking the harsh sun by applying sunblock. Especially, for our almost always Malaysian "heat is on" weather, which by far can age our skin by leaving behind sun spots and pigmentation. Additionally, for those of you like me who's favourite spot is the kitchen, tell me about sweating for cooking? I know. Trust me, by the time I am out of my kitchen, cooking and coming with it cleaning, wiping and mopping, I am soaking wet. Even my hair is not spared. Other underpinning beauty facts we shouldn't brush aside are, darker skin is more prone to UVA and UVB, and once our tick-tock biological clock stop ticking, skin will obviously loose its suppleness and distancing pigmentation becomes beauty challenging.   

My skin admittedly is quite, well maintained. Nonetheless, dark spots and pigmentation, albeit not really noticeable, are eating up into my beauty happiness. Basically, they are messing my inner and outer beauty thoughts. Just as I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of them at the hands of a professional and reputable doctor, thanks to Klinik Dr Chistina Chea. Thank you doctor. Honestly, I literally jumped to beauty sky high when I was told microdermabrasion & oxygen therapy/infusion is waiting at my beauty pleasure. Appointment set, I walked into their well maintained, super clean and uncluttered ambiance, prior to being ushered in the most heart felt manner. Upon analyzing my skin, Dr Chea concluded that, apart from the agreed treatment, my skin should further be pampered by "Prism” treatment due to my skin literally screaming aloud for locking in water and humectant. Why not?  Absolutely, beauty pleasure is mine.   

Resting back on the treatment bed, I didn't feel nervous, nor did I press my panic button because I knew I am at the safe hands and down to earth humbleness of Dr Chea, my skin was thoroughly cleansed, prior to receiving the microdermabrasion treatment. Application of tiny crystals to buff away and for smooth surface layer by removing skin's visible imperfections like blemishes,mild acne scarring, sun damage and fine lines. Suitable for all skin types, no preparation is needed, microdermabrasion is applicable for your arms, elbows, back, or feet as well. A painless and comfortable treatment for instant results and for improving the absorption of skin care products. Erasing the epidermal layers at varying depths in a controlled manner, microdermabrasion mechanically alters epidermis and invigorates cell renewal to create a healthy-balanced skin surface. Its patented dual control system and adjustable applicator head simultaneously suctions and distributes a jet of fine crystals across the skin, for subsequent collagen production and mild extractions in helping decongested skin.

My skin given another round of cleansing, oxygen thereapy/infusion was next for retaining skin's firmness, for banishing fine lines and for preventing redness, in case it occurs. Heaven wonderful! Every bit, every splash of the cooling and refreshing akin fresh fountain water, pure-original oxygen infusion, penetrated into my pores, subsequently, a purifying and deep cleansing cream mask was applied and cleansed off thoroughly after 20 minutes.

Thereafter, followed by whitening and hydrating "prism"treatment". Lontophoresis/primcare soft electric currents transporting prior applied Vitamin C into the deeper layers of my skin. However, since dead skin and impurities were already removed by microdermabrasion, prism ultrasonic cleansing/ peeling, which by far is recommended for very sensitive or very dry skin or if you prefer a gentler cleansing, was not needed. For me, apart from harnessing moisture and hydration, Primcare did justice for ironing out my fine wrinkles.   

There is no downtime, no side effects and results are noticeable after the first microdermabrasion treatment or prism treatment. Ultimately, a smooth and even-toned appearance will be unveiled once the remaining accumulated dead cells slowly and naturally comes off within the next 3 to 4 days. Daily beauty regime and sunblock are still crucial and essential, even if you are indoor. All in all, I couldn't be more beautified skin happier. What about you? Are you like pinching yourself towards your own beauty conquering? Think about it beauties and do stay tune for my next beauty pitching on Medlife C6 QS ND:YAG Laser treatment that can treat various types of skin conditions. Mind you, highly effective, safe, chemical free, no artificial ingredients or harsh salts, completely organic and no scratching.   
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  1. Hi! Can I know how much is the costs for the treatment that you went through? I've been looking for a good place to go all this while.

  2. Nava.... Where do you derive so much energy to write and post daily? Highly appreciated and love your content. I wish I could get at least 10 % of your energy levels to blog. Thanks for being this way and I wish you the very best. Always. Hope we meet soon. Keep rocking. Amazing post. Your skin glows. And it's visible. I have tried Body shops Vit C dermabrasion packs. But din work much for me. This facial is elaborate and I understand that there is much more and each skin needs a different approach.

  3. I read the about Nava page only today. No wonder you have this writing style. What and where were you teaching Nava. Would love to know as I miss teaching.

  4. Wow! Your skin is actually glowing.. I love how the results are so quick.

  5. Looking gorgeous Navaneetham xxxBny

  6. This treatment has surely worked wonders fr ur skin.. it looks more youthful and glowing :)

  7. Hi Shanya,

    the best will be for you to call the Klinik to enquire. Thanks.

  8. Looks like a wonderful treatment & you look so refreshed after that! xoxo

  9. Sounds like a good skin treatment. I never had done skin treatments. I really appreciate that you do take efforts. That s great. i sometimes lose interest and i drop. You inspired me

  10. Your face looks so nourished and glowing.