Sunday, May 29, 2016

Medlite C6 QS ND:YAG Laser - Great On The Go (Klinik Christina Chea)

Beauty me time again! How I so love it. I just so love when its beauty on my fifties skin. Believe me, who in the right frame of mind will refuse a beauty school drop in, in a klinik where you are assured your beauty will be enhanced and cared for in the most beautifying manner. Remember, my previous beauty pitching, I have already made known to you on Microdermabrasion & OxygenTherapy? Would you, if you are me, refuse a beauty trend on your skin? I bet you won't? Don't we all feel proud when people comment we look good for our age? Of course. I won't deny. Back at the years of experience and expertise of Dr Chea, beauty treatment for me this time was Medlite C6 QS ND: YAG laser treatment. Which by far, you gotto trust me when I say will take just an hour of your busy lifestyle or career. In fact, you can schedule Medlite during your lunch break and return to work at the admiration of your colleagues. Absolutely. 

Apart from deemed as an anti-ageing and photo rejuvenation treatment, Medlite can do aplenty wondrous beauty for you, for treating other types of skin conditions: 
Removal of pigmented lesion, eg, freckles, age spots, sun spots, melisma and even post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.
Minimal downtime non-abrasive skin resurfacing for acne scar reduction and wrinkles. 
Providing cosmetic rejuvenation by treating pores and fine lines, improving skin tone and texture and promoting collagen production. In terms of photo rejuvenation, Medlite has the ability to provide awesome results all within one session.
Minimal risks of scarring, pigmentary changes and pain compared to other lasers, Medlite is also the “gold” standard device for advanced tattoo removal. 

As in all other beauty treatments in Klinik Christina Chea, its the same standard routine once you take a comfortable position on the bed  Face is thoroughly cleansed, for Medlite, your eyes will be safe guarded protected as well, and then, its the photo-mechanical tech treatment of Medlite laser. For producing and delivering high energy, short pulse at target areas without harming surrounding tissue or cells. All you gotto to do is just rest back and be calm. You will do fine. Rest assured, at the end of the 20 minutes session, you will, I am certain, notice the reliable and powerful results of Medlite. Obviously. Minimal invasive and effective treatment for improving skin tone, texture and clarify, as well as shrinking pores and stimulating collagen.  

Amazing! I already sense it. My skin my pride. Subsequently, for best results of soothing, calming and hydrating, my skin received the "Bio-Cellular" sheet mask. Another 20 minutes, once the beauty goodness of the sheet mask serum had soaked and penetration into my deep skin, how could I have not opened my eyes to awing-wowing my beauty? I am sure you are right now noticing my dewy-plump face. Sunblock and a swipe of face powder, yes, you can apply makeup immediately, I thanked the great people at Klinik Christina Chea and left, looking good outside and feeling absolutely beauty great inside.  

Affordable, fast, minimal pain, no side-effects and producing consistent results, Medlite C6 QS ND:YAG Laser ultimately is a fit perfect for any kinda skin and can be included as part of your skin care routine. Says all you want, say whatever, the point to Medlite is lo and behold, beauty catcha of yourself.   
Thank you Klinik Chistina Chea
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  1. Seems like a great treatment.. You look just beautiful!

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