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M136 Coffee House - Maluri (Kuala Lumpur)

I can't help it. Memories does return for waking me whenever I return to a familiar ground. I guess its one of those things you can't ditch aside especially when age has caught up with us. Of course, undeniably, age is packed with years of our experiences of what we have done, the right and the wrong, let alone pitching ourselves in joy and happiness on those good old days. Maluri for me used to be at the back of my hands. I, if not often, I can be seen in Maluri at least once a week when I was an itsy-bitsy sweet lollipop and where I patiently awaited for my ex-boyfriend to finish work and before we start our plain simple and no frill dating. Those years of dating definitely is incomparable to the current generation, in fact, our dating was nothing of that sort of dining or money spending romance. It was purely me waiting and hopping into his car prior to driving around aimlessly and chatting until I am dropped off further far from my house to avoid mummy dearest spying and also hammering me. 

So much for what ran through my mind the moment I arrived at the tight lane across M136 Coffee House (M for Maluri, 136 the lot number), followed by going round in circles while hoping I can find a vacant parking spot. Thank god, after 20 minutes, I somehow maneuvered in, thereafter, I walked into M136 Coffee House. Absolutely admirably set up, spacious and great contrast of colors, caught me by surprise. I really didn't expect I will walking into such an attractive ambiance. Additionally, I must mention the down to earth, humble and greeting me with a broad smile lady owner. Oh-my! What a beautiful character. Thank you Miss. You made my day. I will forever remember you for the rest of my life.  

I took my seat, as always I beat the rest of the foodies in being punctual,what else is new by the way, I sipped into the slushy, thick, sweet and natural burst of Mango Lassi (RM14.90) and then after 30 minutes, the array of dishes came cruising one after the other.  
Home style and freshly prepared dishes, these are just a gist of what else is offered in M136 Coffee House. Due to the overwhelming growing demand from the locals, from only serving coffee and hand crafted cakes, M136 Coffee House had already included on their menu the influence of both Western and Local flavours, such as the Grilled Chicken Pasta, Dried Chili Chicken with Rice and Chicken Chop. 
Chicken Amici (RM19.90 - promotion is available, refer to the attachment). 
Mushroom tomato sauce and garnished with the highly aromatic sweet fresh basil,seated atop grilled tender chicken, unquestionably, Chicken Amici must be praised for its subtle tastes. Indeed, a hunger triggering favorable start.  
Salmon Piccolo  (RM19.90)
Loaded with the health benefits of Omega 3, juicy salmon lathered with a mild, tangy, spicy sauce and steamed crunchy fresh broccoli and baby carrots cushioned beneath. Salmon Piccolo I reckon will be fab for those you who are into a fresh catch and for its captivating smooth sumptuousness.    
Pan Grill Butter Fish (RM19.90 - promotion is available, refer to the attachment)
Another run from the kitchen mill of M136 Coffee House, personally, I was high over heels in love with pan grill butter fish. A melting moment of the butter fish, drizzle with a light sauce, teamed alongside orange slices, lemon slices, zucchini, salad and baked potato. Packing an inter role play of sweetness, sourness and spiciness, trust me, Pan Grill Butter Fish was a winner in all counts for me especially.  
Smoke Salmon Fettuccine (RM16.80).
Al-dente fettuccine tossed in flaked salmon, juicy tomatoes and garnished with basil. 
Risotto Di Mare (RM23.80) 
Risotto cooked to a silky soft consistency and elevated alongside seafood, honestly, albeit I have never been a hard core fan of Italian dishes, blame it on my strong Malaysian palates, I must say that Smoke Salmon Fettuccine and Risotto Di Mare coined within our local ingredients won me over. Yummilicious.  
Lava Salad (RM16.90)
Visually appealing, crispy on the outside and super runny oozy yolk inside, thin salmon slices atop and teamed with Salad, Lava Salad had to be Nava's favourite. I love anything all sincerely nice made with eggs, how can someone like me not fall in love over the yolk specifically. I am by the way, I think the biggest consumer of eggs in Malaysia. Everyday can be an eggy day, until can you imagine the number of eggs I buy in a week?  
Panna Cotta 
Velvety and generously lathered with three types of fruity toppings, Panna Cotta which was slightly on a sweet side I admit didn't conquer my sweet happiness. I still had a a tiny spoonful, and the balance finishes off by those who were so in love with panna cotta.  
Durian Cheesecake (RM12.00).  
Durian Cheesecake was an absolute indulgence for me. Thin crusty bottom layer and a high deck of the right burst of sweetness, light and airy creamy durian, I bet if you are a durian lover, you will go gaga over durian cheesecake. Even I as a non-friendly durian lover, wouldn't stop praising it over and over again. 
M136 Coffee House which also provides services for both private/corporate functions and delivery service in Taman Maluri area I must say is a winner. Each and every dish I sampled was not a letdown, of course, we all must have our favourites. So, all you foodies, I have spoken, how about you heading over to M136 Coffee House for finding out if I have spilled none but the truth?   
M136 Coffee House
136-G, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur (Sri Maluri Hotel)
Contact no:  012-4091868
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00am – 9.00pm

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  1. Their ambiance is to good and I liked their dessert rack

  2. Oh wow.. Being a vegetarian, I always wonder what to comment on the non-vegetarian dishes but to be honest, at times when I come across the pics like these, I wish I were a non-vegetarian.. Those plates look mouthwatering! And I sure do love the look of that durian cheesecake.. Oh and the salad, just wow!

  3. Hello Navneetham, nice review...most of them are well are right they are gud at wat they do

  4. No experience? but it looks tasty

  5. the food looks delicious
    Keep in touch

  6. All dishes look lovely. My fav would be Panna Cotta <3

  7. It looks like a lovely place! Thanks for the review, Nava.

  8. I think the owners did a pretty awesome job considering they've no prior F&B experience. Lovely presentation too! xoxo

  9. the dishes looks so yummy :) the plaxce seems great for hanging out :)

  10. The cheesecake really made me salivate.. the food is really tempting... a lovely place to dine


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