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Penang Mee Udang (Prawn Mee)

The truth must prevail. Of course. If you have peeped into other peoples' recipe, you must admit. You must also credit (balannambiar). Pretty much says it all? But no. Believe me. I didn't wholeheartedly copy. My style is always my style. Though the idea came from the source I have already linked and I actually, I quite know it as well to a Chinese style mee udang (Hokkien Hae Mee). Maybe both in tandem or a distance from each other in terms of the gravy. Yet, prawn shells are the crux. And for Penang Mee Udang, making the gravy is quite a time taking technic. Yet it's all worthiness. Me and Penang cooking (Penang Acar, Penang Curry Mee, Penang Asam Laksa & Penang Hokkien Mee)? Me and prawns as well (Sambal Udang Pete & Prawn Curry Laksa)? Me and noodles dishes too (Maggi Goreng Mamak & Mee Goreng Udang)? Overall, Penang Mee Udang is simply splendid. Really and really mouthwatering. Trust me. Believe you. I bet you won't be disappointed despite, the list of ingredients and like I have already told you, time may be the other.   

For prawn gravy 
1 1/2 cups prawn shells/heads 
4 cups water
3 tbsp oil

For anchovy broth
One handful of anchovies/ikan bilis
1/2 inch smashed ginger
1 anchovy cube/anchovy granules
2 cups of water

For sambal/chilli dip
10 dried red chillies (soaked to soften)
1/2 inch roasted belacan/shrimp paste
1/4 cup oil

Other ingredients/for assembling (as needed)
1 or two smashed lemongrass/serai
Fresh prawns - de-vein and leave the shell on
Yellow noodles - blanch to soften
Fried shallots
Sliced red chillies
Boiled eggs
Bean sprouts - blanch to soften
Boiled potatoes
Sliced spring onion
Sliced coriander leaves
Calamansi lime/limau kasturi

For prawn broth
Heat oil and fry prawn shells/head till crispy.
Pour water and simmer over low heat to reduce to 1/3.
Cool down, blend, strain and pour back in the pot.
Keep aside.

For anchovy broth
Simmer anchovies, ginger, anchovy cube  and water over low heat to extract broth.
Strain and combine with prawn broth.
Keep aside.
For sambal
Blend chillies with belacan for a thick paste.
Heat oil and fry the paste till aromatic and oil floats.
Remove and keep aside.
The rest -
Now, put a little of the sambal in a pot and keep the balance for pairing with mee later.
Pour broth into sambal in the pot.
Add smashed lemongrass and season with salt.

Keep  broth simmering.
For more broth, you can add water but do taste to balance up the flavours.
Blanch prawns in the broth.
Thereafter assemble with the rest of the ingredients as listed above except for the calamansi lime and remember, the lemongrass we have already used.
Pour gravy/kuah over and serve with the sambal and lime.


  1. Hi Nava, your prawn mee look very inviting. Nice pics. I love prawn mee too,anytime,any day.

    Take care of your health. Too long hours, too often in front of computer and whasapp can cause blur vision, teary eyes, headache, etc..... I slow down in blogging now and also not very active in FB or else the butt also glued to the chair.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  2. It looks amazing will like to try this dish.

  3. We love having this in the restaurants here...yours look so yum...

  4. Great recipe. Yup blogging does take a toll, I think it's better to cut down on post than permanently shutting down :)

  5. I agree...getting in touch with regular readers is wonderful and it's important too.
    The colours on this dish pop out. This is so beautifully presented. Love Malaysian food!

  6. I love prawn this dish look absolutely yum.

  7. Prawn broth sounds really delicious.. the final dish I know must be full of flavors, love the color too.

  8. I did the same thing, from 4 posts a week now 1 post a week, other things in life matters most than blogging. BTW how do i make sambal without shrimp paste?

  9. The prawns mee looks too tempting.. I agree and can so relate with headache and teary eyes...tale care dear..

  10. This looks so tasty! I love that you made the broth using those prawn heads.

  11. Lovely post! Maybe we could follow each other on GFC and instagram @djonovic_milica? If yes, follow me and I follow back as soon as I see it.
    Let me know with a comment on my Blog


  12. Nava, I can relate to everyword !!!! As you have rightly said, there is more to life than blogging and as it is your passion, do keep writing . Social media is the one that is stressful and FB is a killer as you can never get enough of it !

  13. take care of your health first...a lovely prawn recipe will take away all the worries

  14. WOW! Mouth watering. I love prawns and this recipe loaded with burst of flavors is a must try. Bookmarked.

  15. Definetely agree, there is more to life than blogging.. I myself took a break.. since issues more important were taking a back seat.. So get well is more important than anything else...Wonderfully captured post.. loved the pics:)

  16. What u r going thru is what I am going thru as well.. sitting in front of a computer has made me so fat and anxious all the time.. not to mention eye problems.. U must set aside some me time fr sure.. the recipes u hv shared here is so easy to make.. wud love to try it someday

  17. I love your recipes and it is looking so yummy that i want to eat it right away :)
    It is great decision to slow down and focus on other aspects as well :)

  18. yummy,in Penang they called it hokkien mee

  19. Prawn mee is soooo inviting, iam coming over, done with just looking at the pictures.

  20. Take care of your health dear...Same thing happened to e also few months back..your prawns is so inviting. .loved the way you have presented your dish

  21. Yum! This looks so delicious! Can't wait to try it!


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