Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mr Bean Body Care Mandarin Coffee Scrub

Really, honestly and sincerely, I can't think of a better way of introducing Mr Bean Mandarin Coffee Scrub except to say that it is an awesome and fabulous 100% organic coffee scrub made from premium ingredients including organic fair trade coffee beans, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara sugar, and organic cold pressed coconut and vitamin E oils. Absolutely yes, absolutely certain I am and absolutely I am going to tell you why. So stay tune to your thoughts and while you are at it, get to know Mr Bean Mandarin by connecting to the thought provoking product information and core value as stated on the packaging.  Between the other two options of Mr Bean Coconut Coffee Scrub and Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Man, Mandarin Coffee Scrub is known for its benefits of -

Caffeine (from the coffee beans) - stimulates blood flow
Coconut Oil - hydrates and moisturises your skin
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Demarara Sugar - exfoliates the skin and help remove dead cells, blackheads, blemishes etc
Cacao & Vitamin E - both are high in antioxidants which help to protect skin and promote cell repair.
I was convinced, truly I was convinced this scrub is 100% organic but the little element of doubt I won’t deny I could easily let go. So, just, just a little cautious to be on a save side, I tested Mr Bean on my hand. Point taken, point noted and later after 4 to 5 hours, as anticipated, a luxurious scrub-a-dub before showering.

To use Mr Bean, wet your body, tear the top of the tip-top zip-lock pouch and take a little of the scrub at a time instead of a handful to avoid spillage while scrubbing. I mean, at least for me this scrub is so precious until I even tried to scoop it from the wet floor, but for hygiene purpose, please don't do that neither will I encourage. This darkness brown, slightly grainy and smelling like real coffee scrub utterly took my breath away. Once I started scrubbing in a circular massage motion instead of back and forth movement which can be a little abrasive, I noticed the simmering film of oil filled with its native moisturizing goodness on my skin. I actually would have preferred to dust of the scrub but you and I know it wouldn't be possible because showering is still essential. Prior to waiting for the five minutes before rinsing, selfing in the bathroom for the first time was not as easy as I thought but sure, yehh! I did it by avoiding the water and scrub from dirtying my phone. 
Once I started showering, the slight brown shade on my body I rubbed off with both my hands or you can buff away before toweling. Now, the mess of the scrub on the walls and tub need splashes of water. Oh-well, its a coffee scrub, the scrub you have to rinse off and the pouch proven to be durable under running water you can safety keep on the bathroom shelve. 
Mr Bean Mandarin Scrub gave me an instant perk-me-up silky-smooth makeover after just the first use by reinvigorating my senses. It also moisturized, lightened-brightened my skin and temporarily minimized my cellulite. Not to over-exaggerated, I awed as I felt my baby like skin. Indeed, I sure know what I saying as I have tried various types of scrubs and Mr Bean ultimately is the best among the rest as a great combo for all its benefits. 
Still, just like how I was a little cautious by testing this scrub on my hand, for the first time, I didn't dare to use it on my face. Then from no where came the brave thought - why not, what can possibly go wrong I asked myself, so what else but the lift-me-up top to toe scrub. Mr Bean definitely didn't disappoint me, in fact, Mr Bean again rejuvenated my body and gave me a clear and polished complexion. Hence, I must thank Mr Bean with I Love You while another beauty scrub is waiting in line.
Thank you Mr Bean Body Care 

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  1. interesting scrub with an interesting name :)

  2. Wow coffee bean scrub. I think this s very good for our skin

  3. I'm sure coffee lovers will adore this scrub! xoxo

  4. wow, it must be so good, perfect way to pamper your skin
    Keep in Touch

  5. You look fresh. Would love to try it :)

  6. I love coffee scrubs. This one sounds amazing.

  7. It is amazing body scrub.. exfoliates n makes the skin baby soft.. do not want to try it on face... well reviewed

  8. thx for the review is glowing after that

  9. I would love for my bathroom to smell like coffee.. That is one interesting scrub and the difference is actually visible on your skin. It looks fresh and glowing. I have never really tried anything other than brown sugar as scrub but I would love to get my hands on this one. After baby, my skin is nowhere near to be called smooth. My next visit is Amazon website! ;)

  10. Lindo post esto es maravilloso para nuestra piel, me encanta el café también,abrazos

  11. This looks amaizng and your skin looks vibrant.. I would love to get my hands on it :)


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