Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches - Sea Park (Petaling Jaya)

It's still as good as ever to your senses in Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. Ambiance still a fit perfect, clean and well maintained, and I doubt if I noticed any changes to their facade. Maybe yes or maybe no, sincerely, I don't think so, everything, believe me, obviously is pretty much as welcoming as before in Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. As far as I know also, their signature dishes, without a doubt, are making a lasting impact on every other customer. Each one of it is notably growing as a stronghold fort and my favourite, faithfully mine BBQ Ribs is definitely amongst them. My biggest babi mission on this day was none other, except for getting up, close and personal on what's latest on their menu. Thank you to TC for patiently explaining, whether I 100% paid attention, I better not even mention it. Well, you can't blame me. My thinking cap can last only for, lets say the first 15 minutes most to most, and not the fault of TC who no holds barred unselfishly spoke and pointed to the dishes on the menu. I think he did notice me getting fidgety, to a certain extent he also realise that I am pretending to listen, when in actual fact, I was more interested in looking around. Sorry TC, I promise I will try to behave myself if we meet again. Nevertheless, I still manage to sum up the gist of our conversation. Simply said, I was told that there are now other new inventions in Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. Yeh, I got it right. Tadaa! 

TC then left us alone, we on the other hand flipped the menu upside down, inside out, we mutually agreed on the dishes, we wrote down the food codes on the order sheet and I queue up for handing it over at the counter. Only that, I didn't have to pay, but please make sure you pay. Returning back to our table, within less than 10 minutes, dishes arrived one after the other. But, I guess if there's other customers before you, logically, you have to wait a little longer.  

What did we three pork angels order? You Braise Me Up With Rice, SSShock Sendiri With Rice, Once You Black With Rice, Freaky Fries, Lemongrass On Lime and Vanilla Ice Cream With Pork Gravy. Arrived. These dishes arrived while we were still at studying the menu. We actually continued screening the menu so that we can in return explain to our friends exactly how to order and what to order. First dish that popped up on our table was You Braise Me Up. Sinfully mouthwatering, pork fats and meat tightly hugging each other, shining glisteningly atop the grainy, no smell and burst of lard rice. We tucked in, we looked at each other and we broadly grinned. Fulfilling satisfying dish. Absolutely. 
Up next was SSShock Sendiri. Slightly spicy, slight salty and slight sweet, all of these tastes working hand in glove in the lean, crispy pork pieces, seated atop a bundle of caringly cooked with soy sauce and other, most probably, Chinese ingredients, garnished with spring onion. Deemed as the premium pork fried rice, SSShock Sendiri undeniably captivated us. Nevertheless, we would have sincerely appreciated another extra bit of fried lard for it to emerge victorious in our memorable department.  
On the contrary, "Once You Black", a crowd pleaser in Ticklish Ribs & "Wiches, unfortunately, wasn't our favourite. Taste-wise, can't be faulted, rice was good as ever, but long stripes of pork dripping in a darkest brown sauce didn't make a lasting impact. Then again, to each its own. Of course. You may fancy its sweet-salty and chewy tastes. Go ahead and try it. You really don't have to wholeheartedly believe my opinion though. 
Vanilla Ice Cream Salty Sauce, the sweet treat thereafter was a whole new totality uniqueness. Sauce especially, mind you, not the ordinary standard type. This is the pork lard enhanced sauce. Poured over the velvety ice cream, crunchy nuts scattered atop. A winner according to Nava K. I so loved it. Sweetness running parallel along saltiness. My two friends however couldn't digest it. I really couldn't comprehend why. I am complaining because I had the honour to each scoop of ice cream swimming happily in my tummy. While I was at it, friends munched the freaky fries, simultaneously, every now and then, strawed the slushy "Lemongrass On Lime", which I believe is the triumph creative twist of Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. 

In summary, all of the dishes we tucked into and the rest I had during my previous visit trip must be hard nailed as the food conquering highlights in Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. That is not all. You have choices to boozy drinks which I believe will be splendidness for the babi dishes, thrown in with live music on Friday nights for lighting up your weekend switches. Oh, if you coming over for lunch, look out for their pretty much affordable set lunch meals. So, what are you waiting for? Get oink-oink grooving to Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches.    

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  1. Sure sounds good. Their menu also very creative. Yummy. One of these days must go and try

  2. those deserts :)
    Keep In Touch

  3. What a cool atmosphere you both find the coolest place to eat and the food looks amazing.

  4. Interesting concept to present hawker food in a cafe-like ambience. It's a pity the food wasn't on par.

  5. Sounds great. Sweet-salty-caramelized ice cream, yum!!! I would be happy too :D

  6. This is place is worth going as per yr review.. the dishes look so yummy

  7. loved the lively ambiance and a creative menu:)

  8. Wow..dishes seems delicious and place looks amazingly cool..Great Post dear...loved it...xoxo, Neha

  9. Looks like a good place, the lemon drink looks refreshing.


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