Friday, February 12, 2016

Smart Casual Wear For Ladies In Their Fifties

Over the years, I have learned one important element to my own fashion style. Style is me, style is what I perceive, style is what I can afford and style definitely is not blindly following the rich and famous. We did speak about all of these, can you recall (Casual Wear For Ladies In Their Fifties, Sarong Fashion Statement & Saree Fashion Statement)? Indeed, we did. I for once believe that being fashion smart must begin with understanding who we are. By the time we have reached our big five, I reckon we have already gathered what is appropriate on us. Sadly though, I know of women who still have not gasped the facts to what is an appropriate fashion fit for them. Flaunting is one thing remember, the other is flaunting at the right place. Ladies please. Plunging neckline may be your fashion statement, but if your booties are already sagging and you can't even be bothered to wear a bra that can put your boobies in place, for my sake, don't embarrass yourself. Additionally if you feel plunging neckline will make you a fashion icon at work, hell, lemme tell you that colleagues will perceive you as a loose woman on the prowl. Look, I am not saying, I didn't anyway, say that cleavage showing is a big no for us in our fifties. At least, keep it for your special occasions if you want to. Otherwise, instead of pulling your top every now and then when people stare at your boobs, it just says that you are not comfortable within yourself.  

For me personally, I am not saying I didn't flaunt my cleavage when I was younger, I did mind you, but now, I really am not a winner in that count. Moreover, the akin walking down hall of fame occasions are over for me. I have tremendously cut down on special occasions. Not because I am anti-social, but I prefer to stay away because I like to keep my life simple and quiet. That doesn't mean I don't socialise at all, I still do. Smart Casual Wear for me is during events or when I am invited for home gatherings or blogger events. 
Nothing can go wrong for me is a pair of jeans. Worth the investment. In fact I think if you know how to pair jeans with an appropriate top, you are ready for work as well. These days, organisations are also allowing jeans smart casual wear. Don't know what I am talking about, please get updated on those top CEO's who are most comfortable in jeans. Of course I won't stop you from wearing dresses, go ahead, yet, for the ordinary average living within my budget woman like me, jeans are really worthy.  A plain jeans can make you look like a million dollar woman when you pair it alongside accessories. Sunglasses, scarfs, heels, earrings, long chain, short chain, a string of beads, so on and so forth. 

Bottom line, there's hundreds of ways how you can style yourself up in a jeans. Potentially, if you are a lady on the go like me, and you need to be on the go in a jiffy, have jeans will travel, do not forget some light makeup, lipstick is a safe makeup color bullet and powdering is utterly a must, what else can I further say. 
Alright ladies, one more major clue for you is playing around with colors. Colors are the sparkles for our age. Add a touch of color for drawing the admirable attention. I hope my pictures have spoken for themselves, what are you waiting for? Shop anywhere you want, the best buys sometimes are the best deals, I by the way am not a brand conscious person, I even pick up 10 dollars t-shirts from morning markets, I shop at departmental stores or anywhere I my eyes are drawn to what I conclusively perceive as my fashion style me. 


  1. I love the way you write. Its so real. I could relate to you in many a places. Keep it coming please and do not give up. Hope we get to meet some day to talk each others heart out.

  2. U look good in every outfit.. The leggings and headband one was too cute

  3. There is no end to learning.. yes blogging is tiring & cumbersome and not enough perks to be honest... going fr events is good bt sometimes i dnt as i feel surrounded by bunch of fake people.. do what u do.. ur doing a great job

  4. I love the way to write, it's real. From heart. Yup blogging is tiring at times, haven't attended any bloggers meet till now but I am not sure I am ready for that . fake people suck the energy out of me.

    Love your style , Smart :)

  5. Very true Nava, style is all about looking good in anything you feel comfortable! Your style has a decency and class. Just keep doing what you are doing 'cause it's great!

  6. Wow all the looks are stylish and u have maintained ur self so well.
    Love that scarf.

  7. Love all the looks...i really love your writing :)

  8. Even I feel like quiting at times, Like you even I prefer smart casual they are comfortable as well as stylish. Waiting for your next post.

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  11. Wow all the looks are stylish and u have maintained ur self so well.
    Love that scarf. Really Good Looking photos
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