Friday, February 19, 2016

Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara

Question time please ladies. Is mascara a beauty vanity for us in our fifties? Regardless of whatever answer is popping up on your mind, for me, mascara is definitely one of it I sashed on or in my dressing table. Before, when I used to work full-time, I usually reach out to mascara for adding the touch of waking up my peepers. Trust me, it does do a whole lot of difference. It sure does. Mascara can absolutely wake up your tiredness and sleepy eyes. Of course when we are referring to day time mascara wear, we are talking about just a stroke of it for providing a natural bold overall look. Over the last few years however, even since I started working from home, I feel it will be utterly ridiculous if I apply mascara for my beauty school at home? Go ahead if you sincerely feel you should, especially if you are entertaining, but do make sure you opt for a water proof mascara and the privilege to a fully air-conditioned home setting is sincerely worthy for our Malaysian weather.

For me, basically, mascara is only for special occasions. Not even for casual outings. So, I can count the number of times I actually use mascara. This means I need to replenish my mascara at least every six months once. Otherwise, I have to permanently say no to mascara. No two ways about it. Please for my sake, do not hold on to your old mascaras. You don't want to end up infecting your eyes? This Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara I think launched two years back is my latest purchase. I bought during sales for saving some dollar and cents. Of course undeniably, thanks to the tremendous constant advancement in the beauty industry, there are aplenty other choices, but if you are someone like me who is not obsessed with wanting to own the latest mascara, I suppose we can be contented with Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara for our fifties lashes.
Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara
Volum’ Express® The Falsies® Big Eyes® Waterproof Mascara. Create wide-eyed looks with instantly longer, fuller, and thicker-looking lashes.
This dual-end brush amplifies every lash…up, down, and around! The Big Volume Brush pushes upper lashes up and wide, while the Micro-Perfecting Brush grabs and coats even tiny lashes. No smearing, clumping, or flaking for true eye-popping glam. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

Step 1. Draw the Big Volume Brush from root to tip of upper lashes.
Step 2. Sweep the Micro-Perfecting Brush from root to tip of lower lashes.
Step 3. Do not let mascara dry in between coats.
Step 4. Easily remove mascara with Maybelline Expert Eyes® 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.
Everything you need to know on Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara is clearly listed on the packaging. Do take a minute or two of your time in getting to know it before you apply. Additionally, please bear in mind that shaky hands can create a mess, mine does tremor every now and then due to health reasons, and this mascara that comes with two brushes can take up slightly more time compared to those with single wand. Honestly, since I have never tried this concept to two brushes, initially, it took me at least 5 minutes. I guess practice may not make perfect, but it will certainly get us closer to beautifying our eyes without much hassle.

My take on Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara
Gliding easily, smoothly and evenly without clumping or smudging, its wet and somewhat runny consistency formula is a fair deal. Of course you can build the layers for a solid, vamp and bold look, Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara as far as I am concern does not transfer on my lids, neither does it over-apply for reaching a decent level of volume and length. It’s black glossy, quick drying and non-irritating formula really darkens, enhances and provides some curls on my lashes. Micro brush picks up enough mascara and brush does get closer as possible to my lower lashes for providing me with full lash look. However, there is no such a thing as lengthening my lashes with Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara. Therefore, you may consider an eye lash curler, or a base coat or both, or combing your lashes prior to applying.  
Having said that, Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara is effective and economical for framing and pulling together my entire look. Easily available almost anywhere including online, I have spoken ladies, it’s now your choice. Will I purchase Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara again? I will cross the mascara bridge when I have to.


  1. I have always feared to wear masacara ..this seems easy to use..

  2. Wow, I can see the great difference! Twink, twink! Hahaha!
    Love your honest write-up too, dear! xoxo

  3. yes the products we use rarely should be bought on sale time...good review

  4. i am a huge fan of maybelline mascara's
    keep in touch

  5. I had not try this mascara you did a great job with the review.

  6. I rarely buy things which r new in the market n wait fr sales or good deals.. a mascara which is waterproof and curls n lengthens the lashes is good enough.. I like this one yet to try it

  7. That's also my favorite brand for mascaras. :)

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  9. Maybelline has pocket friendly products that work

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