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Rakshee - The Strand, Kota Damansara

Obviously, I like to believe, we all belong to a certain religion? Even cult following, Charles Manson following is a religion, some people are free thinkers as well. Whatever or whichever religion we automatically are born into, from day one we step into this world from mothers love mothers worm, or later, we embrace another religion due to our personal reasons, each religion I believe comes with its set of beliefs. For me, as a staunch Hindu, never will I ever compromise my Hinduism for another, beef indeed is a taboo. Nevertheless, I chose not to comment neither criticize other Hindus who eat beef. I, on my two hands, one mouth, one throat and one tummy, am still holding on strong to my Hinduism beliefs. Henceforth, you must be wondering why on earth did I accept this food invitation in Rakshee. For a fact, beef, lemme tell you, is the core to their food delightness. One which I already knew about, yet I chose to be amongst the rest of the beef eaters. Well, lemme put it this way. Does not mean I don't eat beef, I can't have my food seeing moment as a food blogger myself? Anything wrong? Can you enlighten me please? Should I be like, some people I know who will cause a major ruckus when others eat pork, beef or exotic meats in front of them? As if we, all the way must literally make way to their religious beliefs. Sad pathetic cases. Throw these people in the land of no food, they won't mind eating you up out of hunger.   

Anyway, let them be, while I move on to this my pitching on Rakhee. A corner lot eatery, with option of dining inside or outside, adorned in black steel, white tiles and ceiling suspended lights. Frankly speaking, I  couldn't possibly stop admiring the ambiance. 

Bakso in Rakshee, bakso by the way is beef meat balls, unlike those found in Indonesian street foods or Indonesian upscale dishes, bakso in Rakshee consequently is a produce of lean meat. Sourced from one of the founders uncle’s factory in Penang, additionally, menu fully created by Rakshee's in-house chef is synonymous to Rakhee's mission of educating people on loving Bakso in their various types of dishes. Rakshee indeed has been attracting different kind of patrons from West Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore for close to a year now and with a more exciting menu on the way for including chicken dishes and other promotions, the great brains of Rakshee are considering expanding their business by opening another outlet in Setiawangsa in the next year or so.  

A total of 13 items were sampled by fellow foodies during this review, whereas, Nava K sat back or stood up for putting her camera in by clicking on each one of it. Honestly, hunger throne did kill her slowly and softly, then again, what else could she have done other than sipping into the bottled drinks.  
Bakso Soup/ Indonesian Boat Noodle (RM1.90)

Baked Pasta Marinara (RM9.90)
Rakshee Linguine (RM9.90)
Mini Burger With Chili Fries (RM9.90)
Swedish Beef Ball (RM9.90)
Baked Beef Ball Marinara (RM9.90)
Spicy Thai Linguine (RM9.90)
Rakshee Grilled Lamb  - new menu (RM30.90)
Bakso Nugget – new menu (RM9.90)
Rakshee Frittata – new menu (RM9.90)
*From 9-12pm for breakfast or brunch
Rakshee Soto Bakso – new menu (RM11.90)
*From 9-12pm for breakfast or brunch
Rakshee Lasagna – new menu (RM15.90)
Classic Aglio Olio – new menu (RM7.90)
Oh-no! What a food torture for me watching others happily tucking into these dishes. Some loved all of these dishes, others had their opinion, some eventually commented that Soto Bakso, Bakso Nugget, Bakso Boat Noodle and Mini Burger are worthy tasty. Whereas myself, the one and only non-beef eater, patiently waited for crispy garlic butter bread, chilli fries and grilled lamb. Garlic butter bread and chilli fries made my tummy happy, but I really couldn't digest the gamey smell and rough and tough lamb, though I  didn't mind the sweet spicy sauce. Sadly, grilled lamb didn't go down well with me. 

Address: No 13G, Jalan 5/20A,
The Strand Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya,
46350 Selangor
Contact no:  012-2474673
Business Hours: Tue-Sun 9.00am – 11.30pm (Monday closed)
Rakshee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Even I don't prefer beef, nothing religious but just don't prefer eating beef. This is not my kind of place but I can think of many who will enjoy the menu here!

  2. The presentation of the food is good. The fruit Tea looks interesting :)


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