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Leong Ya Kitchen - (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

One of the things I learned, or shall I say I am still learning, as I grow older, is enjoying my own company. I, to tell you the truth, not to say I don't enjoy the company of others, but I've decided that cutting down on dining with friends or even family will be better. Honestly, I can’t anymore be bothered with trying hard in pleasing others, nor can I dance according to other people's tune. Enough done I suppose when I was younger, trust me, enough is more than enough. These days, I am all the more happier dining on my own. Better. At a time convenient for me and wherever I want. Anyway, women dining alone is not something unusual. Many of us do it when we travel for work or pleasure, I do it as well when I feel I deserve treating myself or when I feel no company is the best company. But strange though, no matter how far we Malaysians have come, we still must stare when women dine alone. Hello. Please don’t doubt me. I know what I am talking about. I've been stared at when I dine alone. Eyes do roll all directions, followed by stares. Maybe not directly, but still, Malaysians must slyly stare. Peculiar isn't it? You tell me. 

But seemingly Malaysians can accept Caucasian women or Chinese women dining alone. I better no say anything about Malay women because they, mind you can be as sensitive and emotional as Indian ladies. One wrong word, I will be a gonna or branded as racist Malaysian monkey. This Indian lady, Nava K, I reckon is one of a kind. She care less how others perceive her. As it is, when I solo tour group travel alone, I have to answer a whole list of questions like why I am traveling alone, some even advise me, as a married woman, I must make it a point in travelling with my husband. So, tell me? What else is new with  Malaysians. God! Malaysians. What should I say? Honestly, I give a damn. At the end of the day, its my money and  its my right how I wanna live or do with my life.
Back to USJ on this particular day (Restaurant MurniAh Koong Noodles & Daorea Korean), for a fact, when I walked into Leong Ya Kitchen at about 1.00pm, Malaysians had to look at me. The groups of Chinese customers had to directly or indirectly stare. You think I was bothered? Neh. I completely ignored them though I was so close in socking them. Instead, I got down to flipping the menu which features a wide selection of typical, traditional and authentic Chinese dishes. I really couldn’t make up my mind on what to order. Speak about this Indian lady who love Chinese food  to its utmost and literally forcing myself to eat Indian food I cook as an obedient wife for my Indian half-half? Sincerely, I was so close to calling for a full course meal. Rice and some side dishes, but knowing myself well, only so much I can eat and at the advice of the staff who made a point in telling me its better for me to opt for a single rice dish or noodle dish, also, because waste not what not is also my food policy, I settled for Lam Mee and Home Made Assam Juice. Thereafter, I took a full glimpse of the ambiance. Nothing much. Basic, simple and no frill ambiance. Just an ordinary set-up, you might as well prepare yourself to sweat in this non-air-conditioned dining area, of course fans will spin, below your head or further from where you are seated.    

Tucking into the “Lam Mee”, alongside chillies in soy sauce and taking sips of the drink every now and then, I couldn’t ask for more. Satisfaction. Gooey thick gravy generously soaking up fat egg noodles, pork, seafood and left veg, elevated with the customary Chinese ingredients. Indeed, without a doubt, I enjoyed every bit of this quite a big portion of noodle dish. My kinda Chinese meal.  Lam Mee was not a let-down, nether was the sweet tangy chilled drink. 

Not enough, I packed back Pork Trotter and Paper Salt Baked Chicken for dinner. Tender sinful pork trotters in tad bit of soy vinegar sauce and moist, salty and falling apart from its bones chicken were appreciated. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t mind returning to Leong Ya Kitchen again. 

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  1. A delight to go through the details. The menu has me drooling here!!

  2. Now my mouth is watering from the description. I can imagine the taste...slurp

  3. Yummy menu and nice write up....!


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