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For Goodness Cakes - Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

The pride of Desa Sri Hartamas. Sincerely. My first time ever, first dining experience of mine in For Goodness Cakes, For Goodness Cakes indeed is every pound of a pride. Parking in Desa Sri Hartamas on the other hand, may bleed your heart, yes, it will. So, be prepared, be prepared to do the rounds, be careful too while driving via the tight lanes and also cars parked haphazardly at the whims and fancy of anyone for the matter. Big branded cars, or small cars, additionally, you will bump into Westerners who actually are more humble and simple compared to Malaysians who feel they are a class above the rest because they walk, they date and they dine with Westerners. I am not saying all, but some Malaysians do have a chip on their shoulders. Sadly, especially, I don't know whats with Indian women who think Westerners can boost their egos, and rise up their standards, higher up above the rest of us Malaysians. Like I care anyway? Oh-please! Nothing like my knight in dark skin who may not make me feel like a queen, but at least he is a one man woman. Fair deal. What more can I ask for? 

Coming back to this food venture of mine, I went on as usual after parking my car. I couldn't care less about the Indian ladies who were walking tall beside their Caucasian knights in non-shining amour. Walking into For Goodness Cakes, as usual I was the first to arrive, even earlier than the sponsor. Great isn't it? Therefore, not knowing which is the table allocated for us, I checked with the demure lady at the counter. Wow! I just loved her welcoming and sincere smile. Later, I was told that she is one of the owners. Honestly, I take off my hats to her. She, Ms. Sheila, trust me, is the living example of women aging gracefully. A class of her own. Indeed, a dignified person. 

Thereafter, once Ms. Sheila pointing out the table we will be occupying, I took a 360 degrees look at the ambiance. Goodness on every count. 
Blue and white color theme, uncluttered layout,  homey, dark brown tables and chairs, walls adored with pictures to correspondent with their dining mission and vision. No short of a well-thought and well-put together ambiance. Kudos!
As for the menu, look up at the wall menu if you are at the counter. Or be seated and the printed menu will come your way. Ample choices of food and drink, mind you, until I bet you may crack your head on what to order. Oh, not to forget, For Goodness Cakes is known for their home made cakes. Good classic butter cake, sugee cake, banana cake and what not. Furthermore, based on customers feedback, For Goodness Cakes have also been continuously focusing and improvising their good old recipes. 

Alright. The moment in time, its now the moment to time for me to reveal to you the array of dishes I sampled with the rest of foodies, and then, of course, Nava K will speak further. 

Three Awesome Big Breakfast  (RM29.90). 
2 eggs (scrambled, omelette, over easy & sunny side up), lamb sausage, roast cubed potatoes, grilled tomatoes & mushroom, served with country bread. 

Nasi Lemak Biasa (RM11.90). 
Coconut milk rice. sambal, egg, fried anchovies, fried peanuts and cucumber. 
French Crepes - RM11.90)
Breakfast ‘Cakes/crepe pancakes with maple syrup.     
Frenchie/French toast (white bread) with maple syrup (RM11.90).   
Cheese on Toast (RM12.90)
Oozy cheese atop tomato and whole meal bread, teamed alongside crunchy fresh salad. 
Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Soup (RM10.90)
Mushroom Chestnut Soup (RM10.90) 
Stuffed It Right (RM15.90). 
Omelette tucked/filled with cheese, onion rings, mushroom piece and cheese.   
Brownies (Peanut Butter / Raspberry / Original – RM6.00) 

Tiramisu (RM8.90)
And the winners, in no particular random order, according to Nava K are Nasi Lemak, Pumpkin Soup, Mushroom Chestnut Soup, French Toast and French Crepes. Listen please. I am not saying the rest of the items didn't win me over, but these were absolutely my heart winners. Sambal for Nasi Lemak kicking a major punch, and when eaten alongside rice and the rest of the condiments, ohlalala! Worthy. Pumpkin Soup and Mushroom Chestnut Soup, creamy and thick, elevated without stinging on the ingredients, I couldn't ask for more. Whereas crepe and toast, even for someone like me who have never been a fan of such items, I literally yelled food delightness. 

Alright, I have spilled the beans, the truth and nothing but the truth, here's further infor for you on For Goodness Cakes I feel I must convey. At “For Goodness Cakes”, they frequently organize in-house events like the 1-Pot-of-Goodness whereby invited guest chefs make their specialty or for the Saturday Lunch Special, there’s dishes not normally found on their regular menu. Moreover, homemade cakes can be ordered for occasions or for the feel good factor and For Goodness Cakes have vast experiences of organizing birthday parties, lunches, hi-teas and dinners for customers of all walked of life.

So, what are you waited for? 

For Goodness Cakes
Address: 36 (Ground Floor), Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Contact no:  03-62116782

Business Hours:
Mon-Wed 9.00am – 6.00pm
Thursday Closed
Fri 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat-Sun 10.00am – 4.00pm

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  1. yum yum... Yes, their soup is the best!

  2. Looks like a delightful place that I would love to visit!

  3. All the food pics made me so hungry.. it looks delicious.. seemed like a nice place to eat

  4. I love the way the place is done... so homely...

  5. Very nice review ..the food looks appealing..


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