Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cantin - Mid Valley Megamall

Call it over-excitement, as usual, this lady, Nava K, in her fifties, she gets over-excitement for the most slightest smallest thingies. Maybe its her Indian genes, maybe the outcome of watching Tamil movies, maybe, I reckon, over-excitement may also be due to her age. Her fifties, or fifties on the whole by far, means life has quieten down, empty nest and whatever it may be for each of us. Consequently, I like to assume, people in their fifties like me, most probably, we get over-excited for no apparent reason or its just me, myself and I? The person I am? Whatever the reason is why we all get excited, lemme now tell you that when I was told a food review is awaiting me in "Cantin", the moment the word Cantin digested on my mind, I visualised a real cantin. You know cantin? Those school cantins or factory cantins? However, when I came over to this actual Cantin, accompanied by niece, it then clicked my mind, why potentially this eatery is known as Cantin. Obviously, as I noted, it could be, I said could be please, due to the cans of tins as the main artistic frame of their deco. Unless there are other reasons why Cantin is known as Cantin, honestly, I don't know, but really, I couldn't put anything else, two to two together except the cans of tins. 

Stepping foot into Cantin, after we glimpsed at the banner menu at the entrance, since we arrived rather early, just as Cantin had opened its doors for welcoming customers, we had the liberty on being seated where we wanted. Taking our seat at the far end in this neat and tidy, spic and span set-up, with option of dining outside as well, menu popped up soonest and we got down to screening each and every item listed on it. 
Speaking about the menu, god, one up for Cantin again. Akin a note book, maybe I'm right the concept of Cantin is aligned to a school cantin, menu resembling school homework book sincerely got me and my niece all excited. See, I already told you? I get excited for the smallest reasons, though I can't speak on behalf of my niece, whether its her unripe age or could it be her similar to my  Indian raging racing Indian hormones? Taking our time in akin counting down on what to order, menu did sincerely bounced us back to our schooling days. Subsequently, between the ample selection of Malaysian, Malaysian Asian Fusion and Western dishes, we agreed upon Signature Hainanese Chicken chop, Signature Nyonya laksa, Amra Juice, Watermelon Honey and Red Beans Soup With Glutinous Rice.  

The least we expected, Red Bean Sweet Soup had to be the first to arrive. Dessert before meal? Doesn't seem right, right? I know, Kindly asking the staff to take it back, simultaneously informing him that we would love the return of it once we have tucked into the mains, we sipped into the sour-sweet amra juice and slushed up watermelon honey. Amra Juice is forever a rock puller for me and Watermelon Honey, a pleasure for my niece too, yet honestly, both of us had never had a concoction of fresh watermelon juice and honey before.
Next, within the next five minutes, we tackled the Chicken Chop. Crispy skin on the outside and tender, soft and juicy meat inside, seated in a vibrant sweet, mildly spicy sauce, consisting of onion and mushrooms, paired alongside fries and salad. Scoring close to 7/10, Chicken Chop must be reckoned as a fab, whereas fries, tomato and mixed veggies were in tandem, akin how a happy marriage is made in heaven and also on social media, albeit sauce was slightly sweet for the both of us. 
Nyonya laksa on the other hand was totally my lover and hers. We loved it to every bit. Featuring elements of a typical authentic Nyonya fare, broth brimming with its inter-play of spiciness and tanginess, generously drenched over thick laksa noodles, fish pieces, atop salad leaves and onion. Offering a contrast of textures, absolutely, can you imagine, can please imagine how this typical Malaysian would have reacted? Simply said, Nyonya Laksa was a joy to the my food world. My niece couldn't agree more. She was on my side 100% on Nyonya Laksa's fabulous tastes. Sincerely. 
Then came our moment to the sweet notes of Red Bean Soup. Remember the red bean soup we send back to the kitchen? Another all time favourite of mine, Red Bean Soup in its simplified form, a no frill dessert definitely did put a big grin on our faces as the sweet closing.  

What else should I say? Nothing much actually, how about your turn in Cantin? 

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  1. I kinda like casual cafes that serve both asian & western cuisines so diners can have a wider selection. xoxo

  2. Delicious food and great ambience what more one can want.. i loved the drinks displayed in the first pic.. looks tempting

  3. Sounds like an innovative place with all those cans and tins!

  4. The menu has so many option like your choice of meal looks delish.

  5. Great ambeince and awesome menu. Everything looks tempting. :)

  6. Nice write up....! Nice ambiance... learning Malaysian food names like Nyonya from u thanks dear... :)

  7. nice variety and price looks reasonable


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