Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cafe Olle, Desa Sri Hartamas (Kuala Lumpur)

This age thing of mine. Age and forgetfulness. I may be wrong, generally I am not a forgetful person, neither am I one who forgive easily. Yet, ever since my fifties wrestled the better half of me, could also be due to many things going on at one go, tell me about it, I am becoming forgetful. Event is supposedly the following week, though I got the day right, like a hero I came all the way to Desa Sri Hartamas (Backofen Cafe) from Shah Alam. All dressed up to look presentable for my age, furthermore, waking up quite early on a Saturday, my forgetfulness indeed was a downer. Damn! Damn frustrating! Bouncing back to reality within the next 5 minutes or so, I had to. I can't be staring at the road forever, there was nothing much I could do anyway, the next question that ran through my mind was whether I should about turn return home immediately or should I do breakfast which definitely rare is the case for me. 

Yes guys. This Nava K, for as long as she can remember, she has been conveniently brushing aside breakfast. Nor has she put any effort to begin somewhere. Can you please do me a favour right now? Can you stop pouring kerosene on my already burning breakfast matter? Like I don't know breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Of course I know. Undoubtedly the reality to healthy living, can't be for living forever? Hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed as to curb myself from slipping falling back to my old habits die hard, I hope this day will go down in my history blog as the day that kicked in sense on having a meal in the morning. Parking across the row of shop-lots right at the heart beat of Desa Sri Hartamas, I guess easy parking was the only consolation of my forgetfulness, in no particular random order, I opted for Cafe Olle. Right in front me. Fine. Why not? After all, you never try, you never know. Into Cafe Olle accompanied by my co-pilot, we sat and then I really didn't know what was going on. Two tables already occupied, the staff walking up and down with her eyes still closed couldn't care less, until I myself figured out its self service. So, I moved my butt to stand in front of the counter. The guy behind the counter too was almost dazed. As though he was still sleeping, while I stared for at least 5 minutes at their wall menu before deciding on what to order.      

Coffee culture seemingly is a prominent culture in this single lot presentable cafe. Coffee indeed. A whole lot of them and me being, do or die a coffee lover, how could I possibly don't order? Green Tea Cappuccino for myself and Cafe Latte for my co-pilot. Subsequently, after much of a debate within me, I included 2 sets of Brunch B. A slice of cake between the ample selection would have been nice, but no. Cakes didn't tempt me, nor I was keen in buying back a bottle of honey. Honestly, why buy honey when bees are busy building their nest in front of my house? Tadaa! Still, I have to do something. Wild home bound honey is one thing, the other is getting rid of them before they wildly sting me at the wrong or right part of my body. Hahaha!!   

Back to my table, thank god I didn't have to get up again to collect our food and drinks. Instead of drinks, Brunch B arrived first. Duh! Seriously? I didn't even want to open my mouth and say anything when everything in Cafe Olle was moving at a sleepy mode. Brunch B consisting of scrambled egg atop bread, sausage, potato salad, baked beans and chilli sauce I agree is a fair deal. Regardless of the Brunch B was nothing special. Nothing up-notch. Just so ordinary, anyone for the matter can lazily put together. Yet, worth paying around RM10.00 in such a comforting and air-conditioned ambiance.  

Green Tea Cappuccino on the other hand was an absolute catcha on my tastebuds. Maybe because, as I have already said, I am a sincere coffee lover, albeit Green Tea Cappuccino mercilessly begged for an doze of sugar. Likewise, I assumed Cafe Latte should be nice. But according to my co-pilot, he went on and on comparing Cafe Latte to mamak tea or coffee. Well, what do you expect from people who are not exposed, additionally, have ever experienced coffee terrain world.   

All in all, glad I gave a go to Cafe Olle. Should I return again to Cafe Olle? You tell me please! Go ahead. I am all ears.  
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  1. DOnt quite understand...err... means you went early a week instead? Well, personally i think it is better this way coz you get to enjoy the "real" food that they are giving the customers instead of the perfect food that is usually present during launching.

    Anyway, since the co-pilot walloped everything...means food there is good. :)

    Happy 2016 to you

  2. Sounds like a decent place to visit!

  3. As usual the food looks beautiful! I just got back from my brief holiday and blog-hopping now.:) Happy New Year, Nava!

  4. Green tea cappuccino sounds interesting, Nava! Love the coffee art, dear! xoxo

  5. I will not mind having a plate of breakfast in this cool place. Have a blessing 2016 Happy New Year.

  6. Nice variety,it's quite normal for the co pilot to be busy.

  7. This place is so cool for a nice bite and with coffee will make it worth it.. loved it

  8. looks like a great place :)