Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Backofen - Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

As much as I try, I can't help walking backwards towards my memory lane. Not in the sense that I want to return to my thirties or forties, maybe looking back is akin an automatic action reaction as well, I guess there's no harm in walking backwards for feeling proud of what we have achieved so far. My-my, what a life it has been for me. Gosh! Happiness, sadness, misery, pain, joy and laughter. I suppose we all go through the emojis? Not at all a regret, neither am I wishing for the time tunnel to take back to where I started. Reality definitely has set in, I have already accepted that mistakes are part and parcel of life. Otherwise, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. More resilient, more focused and more profound in my attitude and behavior. Those years behind me, trust me, were utterly crazy. Misery and pain mostly, nevertheless, instead of drowning in my sorrows, I make it a point in getting out of my house for meeting friends. Not for partying in Desa Sri Hartamas, but catching up over a drink with my one or two close friends. My male friends. Easier I suppose to mingle with men compared to women. Less tangles and less messy, sincere male companion friendship for me is definitely less complicated. My male friends too love my company. Honestly is me, which somehow does not go down well with women. Wonder why? Anyway long gone trying to figure out why women and honestly don't jive together, I returned to Desa Sri Hartamas after a lapse of many years for lunching with my male friend.   

Hell hack to parking, finally I decided to park at the basement instead of aimlessly driving round and round in circles to avoid rude Malaysians who will intercept quickly to beat you in grabbing the road side parking. You think only the men do it? Oh please. Women are equally tyrants. Avoid them if you can, and even if you park in basement, you still have to keep an eye on monsters, more expensive too, yet one thing is certain. You can potentially avoid rough and tough Malaysians. I parked, I walked up to the area where I am suppose to meet my friend, thereafter having no clue whatsoever where lunch should be, we randomly opted for Backoften.

Pretty much like many other cafes I have frequented, nothing special by the way, still, I couldn't stop admiring their clean, lean, neat, bright and rustic ambiance. Love the dark fittings and furnishing which contrasted well with white walls and I was also impressed with their menu which offers aplenty choices.    

Considering that I was already as hungry as a cow, dog or dragon me Chinese zodiac, additionally being told that set lunch will be the fastest, both of us at once opted for the fish set meal. Affordable. Sincerely. RM15.00. Why not? True enough, as expected, without much delay, Tomato Soup paired alongside toast arrived within minutes. Thick, tangy, vibrant and flavorful, still, cold soup is a major no-no for me. God! Who on earth enjoy cold soup? Unless you are one of them. I am not. I love my soups piping hot. What a shame. Tasty soup drowned due to temperature. Obviously, a faulty start. 
Next we tackled the main the fish set. Consisting of two pieces of dory fish, seated in a creamy white sauce, teamed along grilled or fried chunky potato, and a lazy salad. Was it a winner? As you can see, its a filling wholesome dish, but sadly, rather bland and boring. Maybe it did conquer my hunger, I actually ate out of hunger, overall, I wasn't impressed. My friend couldn't agree more. 
Right after tucking in, we actually headed to the nearby mamak for hot tea and some bites. We did and we couldn't be more satisfied. Will I return to Backofen again? Right now, I am not really sure. Lemme put it in a professional manner. Maybe yes, maybe no. 

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  1. All of this food looks divine great place to have breakfast and be satify.

  2. soup looks just perfect
    keep in touch

  3. Oh disappointing... presentation was good though :)

  4. I liked ur honest review like always .. atleast u dnt write like others praising the brand uneccessarily

  5. The food looks really good!
    Happy New Year,dear Nava!
    May the coming year be the best!


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