Thursday, November 26, 2015

Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine (Lorong Universiti C, Petaling Jaya)

Malgudi. The name by itself made me so happy. Don't ask me why or what not, really, I am not one of those who is good at explaining my profound inner feelings. Basically, let me repeat myself again. Malgudi sounded so mystical, magical and legendary once I was told about it. Obviously, an Indian name, of course, silly billy me for even mentioning, sincerely, I was so fascinated with the name until I couldn't wait to bulldoze towards Malgudi. All plans I thought was well set for my day in Malgudi, but this Indian man of mine backed out. Who else? The man I have been married for donkey years. He backed off for the simply reason that Friday night is his gala alcohol entertainment night. He was worried if he can wake up on time next morning. To tell you the truth, I too felt the same way. Instints. They won't fail you, believe me or maybe because you know your spouse inside out, upside down. So, when he voiced out his concern two days before we are suppose to head to Malgudi, I quickly roped in a friend who didn't mind accompanying me for this moment of Malgudi's food galore. 

From Shah Alam to Jalan Universiti, the moment I arrived at the entrance of Malgudi, please, no offence to anyone, I was rather sceptical. Malgudi resembling an ordinary Indian castle from the outside got me wondering. But let me tell you that, once I walked in, I went like - Malgudi I so love-love you. Classy, rustic and charming interior, tell me please, why on earth I shouldn't feel so comfortably lovable? I did. Honest to goodness. I loved everything I saw, including upstairs dining area. But logically, I think, only when downstairs dining area is filled up, you should consider dining upstairs. At this juncture, I must also thank the manager who ushered us in the most adorable manner. Thank you sir.   

Now, came the moment we had to decide. What should be our take between the huge selection of traditional authentic dishes. Aplenty mind you, you name it, most probably you will get it. In fact, a whole list of dishes, fret not vegetarians. Your choices are bountiful as well. We actually took almost 10 minutes before finalising on the items.   

Came cruising the "Sukku Malli/Ginger Coriander Tea and Salty Lassi. Tea got to me in such an adorable manner. I so love traditional Indian tea. Scent of spices waffling in the hot and not overly sweet tea. Similarly, my friend enjoyed sipping into the Indian yogurt drink. Thereafter, time for our foodie delight.   
Butter chicken. Boneless succulent chicken pieces brimming in a vibrant, thick, buttery and garlicky gravy. A tiny hit of spiciness for hitting waking up our palates, we dipping the soft and fluffy naan into it and brimmed at each other in return. 
Prawn Varuval. Fresh prawns elevated along lotsa of garlic, spices and curry leaves, Prawn Varuval rendered the appreciated diviners. In fact, a classic dry style prawn dish which we finished off in a jiffy.   
Bendi Masala. Bendi/okra/ladies finger in a voluminous gravy, Bendi Masala didn't make an impact on me, nevertheless, my friends didn't stop singing praises. Well and good, I conveniently pushed it to her side, she in return conveniently didn't mind helping herself.  
Palak Paneer. Oh-my-love of all time, Palak Paneer just wobbled my tastebuds instantly. Super smooth operator, cubed paneer drenched seated in mushy green hue spinach, enhanced alongside spices and that tiny bit of tanginess, believe me, awoke all the flavours of Palak Paneer. What a dish. Subtle power prowless sumptuousness. 
Arriving thereafter once we have heartily tucked in were Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla. Rasgulla indeed conquered my sugar rush. Soft spongy sugar absorbed white rasgulla/Indian cottage cheese ball did it, but one ball was good enough for me. Enough. Gulab jamun (deep fried kneaded milk solids) soaking drenched in a sugary rose water cinnamon syrup made my friend joyously yearning for more. She did try her luck in coaxing me. I wouldn't budge, nevertheless I gave her the go ahead for ordering another round if she badly wanted to. Considering that I am not willing to share, there was no action reaction from her. 

Not done yet, I called for Iced Salted Lime Juice for putting my tummy in perspective just in case. Not because of anything else, but being a small eater, I was just concern if the unwarranted may wreck me. 
All in all, Malgudi didn't let me down. Malgudi actually proved to be what I imagined. Heart warming ambiance, fine tuned tickling authentic food deliciousness and on the toe excellent customer service. Thank you Malgudi. 

No. 17, Lorong Universiti C,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79312556

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  1. Love the way you have written the post <3
    This place looks lovely and food sounds amazing. I second, love the name Malgudi..Charming isn't it :)

  2. Hi Nava, that's a very nice picture of you, look so sweet.
    All the food look really good and the price are reasonable too. Especially the curry from the colour can tell it's delicious to the max. Nice restaurant.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

  3. This place looks very interesting Ms. Nava... everything also looks reasonably priced !! will definitely try it out soon .. i used to go to D'Tandoor but standard has dropped and prices has gone through the roof ..

  4. Wow lovely place and looks like delicious authentic food! Loved reading every bit of your review!

  5. The prawns are looking yummy, hope you have a great time there.

  6. Indian food is the best and I do see a good variety here.. the food looks delicious