Saturday, November 28, 2015

KimchiHaru - SS15, Subang Jaya

Love is complicated, isn't it? I know. I reckon so. Many of us fail to understand that compatibility in marriage is not only about status, position, power, money and flaunting our beautiful lovey-dovey moments and pictures. Behind the scene of a marriage, things does brew. One of it, ask this woman who have been married for donkey years, and I will tell you that food is one of the most important or impotent, oppie, actually come to think of it, impotent is one of it as well, let me for the time being stick to food compatibility. We women generally give in. We always put our men as the priority and we tend to cook for their happiness. And sometimes, it can be shocking too to find out what our husbands eat or don't. One which of course we are aware while we are courting, yet, we usually tend to put it aside. Maybe we are hoping we can change our husbands food lingo or often, we believe we can get them to try food they really are not keen in. But, at the end of the day, not all husbands are receptive to tackling new dishes, 

Mine is one of them. This Indian love bird of mine, may claim he is actually very liberal when it comes to food, also professing he is an adventurous food. In actual fact, after settling down, I found out he is not. Korean food, do or die, is not according to his food fancy, furthermore, he is stuck with the mentality that Korean food is about pork or beef. Despite trying to convince him it is not, he still is adamant. So, I have given up. Each time I mention Korean food, we end up arguing. So, I decided that best for him is Indian food, which of course I have been faithfully cooking, whereas I can actually have my own pleasure on my own over Korean food. Roping in my colleague who, mind you, is another Indian who akin is fearful of Korean food, nevertheless, I couldn't be happier. She was willing to give it a go. By the way, remember I told, I will be ending my career soon, yes, I told you (Vanilla The Mille Crepe Cafe & Good Friends Restaurant), I also wanted to treat her because we are one of those colleagues who click well together. 

To KimchiHaru, within 10 minutes of walk from our office, tell me about who will be dining in most of the restaurants in SS15, Subang Jaya? I think I have already mention it in my previous pitching, the current millennial Generation Z. The number one customers in Subang Jaya, of course we must include the office staff. Up to the first floor, we sat at the nearest empty table in this white is the color theme and admirable deco set-up, I was indeed impressed and from the menu featuring quite a wide selection of items, we decided. Lemon tea, Korean Aloe Yogurt, Stone Bulogoki Bibimbap and Tuna Kimchi Jigae. Of course every Korean meal must begin with their tiny serving of sides, which, trust me, I always look forward to. My favourite. These in KimchiHaru didn't let me down. Love those salty, spicy and tangy interplay of tastes. Kimchi, peanuts, pickled onion and egg rolls. Egg rolls were specifically a stand out. Lovely mild burst of sincere savoriness. 

Now, do I have to say anything about Lemon Tea? Not really. I think you can even make this concoction of tea, lemon and sugar at home. Still, I must mention that Lemon Tea definitely, forever is good, down our throat for our hot weather. Korean Aloe Yogurt on the other hand must be hailed as the Korean way to a healthy drink. 

Once we have daintily nibbled the sides, while sipping into the drinks, the mains arrived. Stone Bulogoki Bibimbap, a mix bag of hot rice, minced chicken, thinly sliced cabbage, carrot, and radish, seaweed, salty veggie, green veggie and runny egg atop, accompanied with a simple soup, was yummy filling. Eat as you like, at your pleasure or gently stir all the ingredients together, prior to tucking in. Soup may have not been sensational, yet we didn't mind finishing it up. 

Next, Tuna Kimchi Jigae. Various ingredients swimming in a fiery broth. Vegetables, tofu, chilies, scallions and tuna. Fan-fab. These bold Korean flavours gave me the feel good factor, and when eaten with rice, I bet, you will satisfied. Portion may be big for small eaters like me, just ditch the rice aside, please don't waste the broth. Worthy every bit.   

All in all, I couldn't be happier, my friend seemingly was impressed too, still, I am not sure if RM45.00 for this meal will go down as affordable for you. 


1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-56120020

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  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. Food looks lovely! Korean food is something I want to try out but it'll have to wait for my next Delhi trip!:)

  2. Sounds interesting! Wonder how I would react to Korean food!!

  3. I never tried Korean food...... Your post is tempting me to try some...... :)

  4. Am not really a fan of korea food . But a friend of mine is a de hard fan of kimchi. she would go crazy if she can have this LOL

  5. Overall I found this a decent place with good food after I read ur review.... always good to try different food at restaurants.. Lucky u :)


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