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Way Modern Chinois - Work@Clearwater, Bukit Damansara

Honestly everyone, I am my worst enemy when it comes to driving to a place I have never been to before. Instead of getting it right, albeit having checked over and over on which road will lead to where, I usually, most of the time end up pressing my driving panic button for no apparent reason. For me, road direction is akin a major mind boggling hack. Even if I have been to a particular area before, I still get lost. Can you believe it? To tell you the truth, I actually did fine with driving to Way Modern Chinois. But the moment I turned left into Bukit Damansara, all hell almost broke loose. I lose it. I lost my barrings because I had to drive pass the lunch time carnival like food bazaar, not sure if bazaar is only on Fridays, and also amongst the hundreds of office staff who were walking up and down as though they owned the road. Not bothered. These people were least bothered with keeping an eye on the traffic. As if we drivers must slow down instead of the other way around. Utter rubbish attitude I must say, after almost 45 minutes of aimlessly driving here, there and everywhere, finally, I I spotted the building Way Modern Chinois is located in. Oh-boy! Glad I made it in one piece, prior to joining my friends in taking the lift, yeap, you have to take the lift, for stepping foot into Way Modern Chinois. 

Indeed, a classy and modern ambiance. Soft lighting, dark furnishing and rose wood panelling, all of these jiving as one heart beat dining comfort zone. Nevertheless, I wasn't really impressed with the darkness of Way Modern Chinois. Maybe its just my mind set that this kinda of ambiance is more suited for a romantic dinner, or maybe I am behind time, or you might as well call me the orthodox person, seriously, I didn't like the really dimmed ambiance.                
Featuring contemporary Chinese/Asian cuisine, if you are a first timer like me in Way Modern Chinois, I bet it will take you a while to digest the fact that there is no printed menu. Instead the staff will stroll the tablet/ipad for you to see the ample selection of dishes. Quite a variety actually, but rather really pricey. I suppose as a once a while treat it should be okay, or perhaps Way Modern Chinois is the high end dining spot for the rich and famous. Especially for the ladies who were seated nearby us. Nose high up in the air, and trying to directly or indirectly flaunt their branded stuffs. Then again, the culture of flaunting is not only rampant amongst the affluence Malaysians. Even those in the lower or middle income are doing it. Worst come to worst, lets at least flaunt our Coach bag or wallet.    

By the next 10 minutes, we had already mutually agreed on the dishes we were gamed for and as we sat back, a small serving of kimchi popped up. What? Kimchi as the appetizer for a Chinese dim sum meal? Are you kidding me? Isn't there anything better than kimchi? How did this spicy, salty and tangy pickle fare? Honest to goodness, nothing special. Tasted like the ones I can easily buy from hypermarkets. Period.    
We then tucked into the Skinless XLB. A major twist and turn dim sum item. Skinless XLB is a spoon feeding pop. Pop the gooey ball filled with soup and meat into your mouth and it will inevitably rapture. Did Skinless XLB walk over me? Ironically, not a game changer though. Bottom line, I didn't fancy it. Nothing out of this world, neither got me all hyped up. 
Arriving thereafter was Pac-Mac Platter. Steamed prawn dumplings, paired along mashed avocado and a dark sauce. Sauce was ditched aside. None of us were keen. Mashed avocado elevated with tobiko crisp and meat no doubt sang a nice melody on our palates, We appreciated itsy-bitsy crunch, soft avocado and fresh meat. But when it came to tasting the happily grinning cute darlings prawn dumplings, I couldn't help feeling sentimental and emotional. Cruelty to the highest degree. I felt I am gonna be a merciless human being. Imagine biting into these adorable looking cuties? Still, I went ahead by putting aside my guilt, fresh prawns tucked beneath two layers of dumpling skin were just so-so. Didn't hit me hard by waking up my strong tastebuds.   

Cloudy Soup with radish and red dates dancing atop, also teamed along Pan-Mac Platter, was another no go-getter. Sadly, it didn't make a last impact, neither can I stand cold soups.  
Subsequently, we devoured into the Prawn Dumpling with Homemade X.O sauce. Visually appealing, golden skin and clear skin crab roe dumplings filled with crab roe and prawns were quite delicious. Not bad. Yet without a spicy dip, they didn't shine through. 
So, I had to call for a spicy dip. Instead of one, two dips came cruising. Dried prawn sweet chilli dip and normal basic spicy sweet dip. Dips I must say did wonders for these dumplings. The question is now, why didn't they serve the dips? You mean we have to ask?  

The Crispy Bean Curd, crispy on the outside and tender bite inside fried rolls we had thereafter must be hailed. Anything fried for the matter will always be joyous, don't you agree? Similarly, Seafood Curry Nest was quite a fab too. The Chinese curry style, seafood elevated with spices inside the fried birds nest balls, say whatever you want, for an Indian like me, Chinese curry can't definitely trend closely behind our big bold, packing a punch curries.  

X.O Pan Fried Radish on the other hand must be reckoned as one of the best dishes. Well executed without compromising on the quintessential ingredients and fried over high heat for a sensation interplay of delectable flavours. 
Red bean paste filled in the snow skin dough (Sweet Rred Bean Rolls) which is my forever all time favourite, didn't let me down, whereas chrysanthemum tea will always be the best drink for a Chinese rice or dim sum meal.   

Way Modern Chinois obviously have set themselves apart from the rest of the other Chinese eateries. Modernised pork-free dim sum dishes and service must be applauded as well.   

Way Modern Chinois
G-I, Work@Clearwater
Changkat Semantan
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Hours – 12.00-3.00pm, 6.00-10.30pm

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  1. Sounds like a nice place to dine. Food looks delicious!

  2. The plates are quite unique, I haven't seen something like those :)

  3. I wish I was a fiid blogger after seeing ur restaurant reviews.. loved the place and the food


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