Monday, October 19, 2015

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

Helloo beauties, 
I am sincerely hoping you have read my previous beauty review on Skinfood Rice Mask? Did you? Anyway, who am I to question you. Even if you didn't, nothing much I can do. Basically, its your choice. But hopefully, I am actually till this moment, keeping my fingers crossed, I sincerely hope you did read. Or maybe, I believe you will right now or once I am done with telling you on this Skinfood Black Sugar Mask? Black sugar? Indeed. I bought it together with the rice mask. At one go? Yep. All because of my obsession which I still trying hard to let go. I can literally go gaga at beauty stores. I love it when I get to pick as many beauty products, of course you can only do it with money. Well, I could spare RM100.00, so why not? 

Alright, let me now tell on this whole thing about Skinfood Black Sugar Mask. Not much of a difference in terms of packaging in comparison to Rice Mask. In fact, identical. Same packaging and same labeling except that, obviously, its a different composite. A different mask totally.  
Skinfood Black Sugar Mask created quite a major buzz amongst the beauties the moment it hit the market. Touted as another affordable best seller of Skinfood, this is my first time to testing Skinfood Black Sugar Mask. Containing mineral-enriched Brazilian black sugar, and of a thick sticky consistency, I am a fan of its citrusy scent. To apply, I suggest you do it on your slightly damp skin. Otherwise, you may, I am not saying black sugar mask will trouble you, but as I have already said, due to its thick quite grainy beads consistency, it may be harsh and may not spread evenly on your skin.    
Once you have applied it, sit back for 15 minutes, prior to gently scrubbing, especially at areas you feel you should, like your t-zone, for me, its my clogged up with black heads and white heads nose, as well around my chin, but please, do avoid any contact around your eye contour, not even when applying. Next of course, do I have tell you? Oh please, can you please splash water and wash off every bit of black sugar mask out and away from your face? Thank you. Make sure you close your eyes while at it. You don't want the grains to enter your eyes, do you? Of course not. Black Sugar Mask, as far I know, I have used it like 4 times already, didn't cause any misery on my skin. It didn't bite me, it didn't burn me, it didn't strip away my natural oils and it didn't cause any tingling sensation on my combination sensitive skin. 

Its been fine from the moment I applied and till I washed it off. My skin felt smooth, I did notice my clearer skin and I also love how it made me feel good. Basically, I am happy with the results. However, I still have to gently press out black heads and white heads from my nose after washing. Maybe because  my nose is massively clogged up, additionally, it left me slightly dry. Then again, can we put our hope on such a mask to moisturize or hydrate your skin, can you? I don't think so. What say you? 

Other than that, I have nothing to bitch about Skinfood Black Sugar Mask. Actually, come to think of it, maybe I should consider it as scrub rather than a mask. Maybe? Whether its a mask, or a scrub or two in one, I didn't regret buying it. I think you won't as well. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask can last for lets say, 6 months if you just apply a thin layer, once a week. Anything else I have missed out? Pretty much that's about it. Take care beauties. Don't forget, keep it going with your beauty, no matter what. I shall catch up with you sooner or later.


  1. i love skinfood products, so wish they were available easily in india
    keep in touch

  2. Another good review! These are new products to me and glad to read about it!

  3. I really love this face mask .. i have not tried anything like this before.. lovely review

  4. Nice to know about a new product from u Nava.... :)

  5. Nice face mask with natural ingredients.