Friday, October 9, 2015

Malaysian Banana Pancakes

Malaysia my, Malaysia mine and Malaysian me! Thus, the banana pancakes I made must be a Malaysian style right (Malaysian Style Sambal Sandwich, Malaysian Lamb Stew, Malaysian Indian Fish Curry & Malaysian Fried Mee Hoon)? Of course. If you asking me. Me the typical Malaysian and me, like, always fancying our Malaysian food and most of the time, my touch of Malaysia for my cooking as well (Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup NoodlesMalaysian Fried Rice, Malaysian Chilli Crab, Malaysian Fried MeeMalaysian Egg Benedicts & Malaysian Fish Sambal).

What is special about these banana pancakes which you can make with almost expiring bananas instead of throwing? Special? Banana (Banana Chocolate Cake, Kuih Kodok, Easy Banana Bread & Bingka Pisang) pancakes I must say are pretty much the standard. Egg, flour and milk whisked together and prior to actually making pancakes. However? Aha! You don't need the expensive maple syrup or those coming from overseas berries. All you need on the other hand? Gula Melaka which is melted with water over the stove for obtaining a thick syrup and the other ingredient? Our fresh coconut from our Malaysian coconut trees. Yum isn't it? Sounds mouthwatering right? More importantly, cost is effective for these Malaysian banana pancakes because our local ingredients are really like? You pay just a couple of dollars (Wajik Pulut & Pumpkin Sago Dessert).

3 ripe bananas - mashed
1 banana - sliced and keep aside
1 cup self-raising flour (or all purpose flour with a pinch of baking soda or baking powder)
Milk (any type) - as needed
1 egg
Butter - as needed

To pair with 
Palm sugar/Gula Melaka - simmer some palm sugar with water for the thick syrup
Grated fresh coconut - as needed

Add flour and egg into mashed bananas. Gently whisk/stir. 
Then pour milk bit by bit, keep whisking for the consistency of a batter to make pancake.
Heat a pan and add butter.
Scoop some of the batter, pour and circle out for a pancake. 
Turn to cook on the other side.
Remove and keep aside.
Do the same to the rest of the batter.
Place pancake on a serving plate/tray.
Top up/scatter over the pancake.
Dig in lovingly with the palm sugar and coconut. 


  1. Wow, that oozing with flavours... awesome! Also loved the facial tip of banana pack :)

  2. Simple and delicious pancakes! The bananas definitely make it more tasty!

  3. We never make pancakes but I loved the recipe so simple to make & with banana even more yummy

  4. am in search for pancakes from different cuisines.and here is the one.sure give it a try and let u know

  5. I love pancakes and this is just awesome. YUMMY!

  6. love the way the pancakes looks like... looks so delicious!

  7. I will try this one with out adding milk.

  8. wow lovely twist to pancakes.. yummy..


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