Friday, October 23, 2015

Copper Modern European Restaurant - Menara Shell, Tun Sambanthan

This Brickfields girl returned to Brickfields after all these years. Honestly everyone, I was all over excited the moment I arrived in front of Menara Shell. How can I forget this exact spot where Gajan Shell Station was? Right across my house, the 5th house in Jalan Chan Ah Tong. Memories, mind you, did lash twist me upside down, inside out. The memory of me being the two pony tailed rolly-polly Jalan Chan Ah Tong, Jalan Scott and MGS young sweet darling girl. Those 15 years in Brickfields, I have already saved in my internal and external memory cards. Always a treasure for reflecting back, albeit I must admit there were aplenty ugly messy truth as well. Nevertheless, in all fairness, I must say that my growing up years in Brickfields are unforgettable. Putting aside all of it for the time being on this day, I took the lift up to the fifth floor where Copper Modern European Restaurant is.

Modern and classy indeed. Undoubtedly. Cozy, dim and stylish fittings and furnitures, I shouldn't dispute the ambiance. In fact I must salute. Beautiful. What particularly drew my attention was the outside view across the dining area where I stood for comparing the old and new Brickfields. Vivekananda Ashram is still there, sadly though, my house which was one of the houses known as 100 quarters has gone down to the ground. Bulldozed crushed down. To tell you the truth, I did feel a sharp pain in my heart accepting the reality to 100 quarters, the small time famed pride of Brickfields gone forever. The pride for people like me whose dads or moms were government servants. What can I say? Blame it on the constant development of sky reaching buildings.   

Alright. Alright, So much of my Brickfields Indian sentiment. Enough said I suppose. Logically, I know, I should be speaking about Copper Modern European Restaurant. My apologies. I really couldn't help it. In fact, each time Brickfields is mentioned, I go on and on, on my life in Brickfields. I promise I won't mention Brickfields again. Back to the right track now on this dining experience of mine in Copper Modern Restaurant, first and foremost, I must thank the organiser for extending an invitation to me. Truly a great honour because an Indian lady like me are hardly recognised or are purposely not known in our Malaysian blogging sphere. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. Sponsors generally, in fact most of the time, love other Muhibbah races and there is some advantage if you are sweet young doll. Who cares right if we can write or not? What writing are we talking about anyway? Just put up all pictures right? Pathetic, isn't it? Speak about equal opportunity and and racial disparities in Malaysia, should we? Should I Boo-hoo-hoo roll on the floor and howl? Neh! Not worthy. Not even social media worthy. My tears are not cheap. 

Anyway, once we got comfortable, I loved the creamy and coffee waffling in the air Cappuccino which kept me company, the moment we have been anxiously waiting arrived. The moment to food delightness.       
An appreciated selection in tandem with Copper Modern European Restaurant's specialty, from a menu put together for this event and not from their regular menu. Are we ready now? Lemme roll out the dishes.   

Charcoal Grilled Avocado And Calamari (RM20.00). 
Crispy salty beef, soft tender calamari and fresh avocado seated in a sweet squid ink puree, atop with fresh rocket herbs. 
Shakshuka (RM20.00). 
Chicken chorizo, stewed tomatoes, zucchini, basil, cracked egg & toast.
Pira Oven Mushroom (RM22.00)
Charcoal roasted porchini, assorted mushrooms, truffle oil, roasted cheese, onion puree, cracked egg and toast.
Hickory Smoked Salmon (RM18.00)
Roasted beetroot, anise yogurt, marinated dark berries, lime gel and turmeric vinaigrette. 
Seared Duck (RM40.00). 
Tender juicy duck, buttered peas, braised fennel and berry sauce. 
Charcoal Grilled Lamb (RM60.00)
Lean moist lamb, spiced yogurt, arugula salad, housemade pickles and sweet and sour dressing. 
Charcoal grilled steak (RM59.00)
Succulent charred on the outside beef, medium romesco, sweet soy vinaigrette, roasted onion and polenta chips.
Grilled Pineapple (RM15.00)
Pineapple, coconut yogurt cream, vanilla and Carl tea granita. 
Churros (RM15.00)
Fluffy crispy fried dough pastry, Chantilly cream and Valrhona chocolate sauce. 
Frozen Ocean (RM14.00)
Fresh apple juice, blue curacao and 7up.
Wicked Ginger (RM12.00)
Orange juice, ginger, turmeric, honey and lemon
I utter no word on the beef dishes because beef is a big no-no for this Indian Hindu. On the other hand, I can tell you which dishes won me over. Charcoal Grilled Lamb, Pira Oven Mushroom and Shakshuka were crowned as the top three. These cleverly put together and visually appealing dishes were absolutely appreciated for their each and every inter-play of tastes. Quality and fresh ingredients spoke loudly than anything else, though, as a number one typical Malaysian, I would have appreciated some big bold flavours I am accustomed to. Tucking into them alongside chilli sauce would have been really corny, I know, by far I must accept that European food on the whole is rather subtle. Drinks of course, unquestionably were joyous. Fresh, alive and healthy packs. But the two overly sweet desserts were a no go. Too sweet. I just couldn't digest. 

Copper Modern European Restaurant
Level 5, Menara Shell
Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel; 03-28569522

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