Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Okonomi - (Solaris Dutamas) Jalan Dutamas, Publika

Oh god. I thought right, but it turned up wrong. I thought I should potentially get it right with the direction to this part of the city. Yet it ended up all confusing for two primary valid reasons. Don't know if my reasons are gonna sound valid, I still must go ahead and tell you why and why not. Having never ever been to Publika, yes, call me a city alien woman if you must, and unlike many of you, I am not Waze friendly yet. Got you thinking again right? I know. Are you now going like, what? What is wrong with Nava K? I won't blame you. Anyway, at the end of driving around aimlessly and asking around, I arrived in Publika. Securing a parking spot, thank god it's Sunday, I had to literally rush and dash, subsequently, the moment I saw Okonomi's bright signboard, life returned to me. Regardless of the fact that I felt really awkward and embarrass due to punctuality is forever my virtue. So, I went on and on by extending my sincere apologies, at the same time I didn't stop at explaining why I am late. Hallelujah, praise Nava K because there were other late comers. Seemingly, late is never late in Malaysia right? I reckon. Whether for genuine reasons or for reasons we Malaysians don't bother feeling sorry about?     

Taking a seat and calming my heart from banging, almost on the verge of flying out, while simultaneously gazing admiring Okonomi's cozy, classy, white and black color scheme relaxing ambiance, and with an option of dining outside as well, within the next 10 minutes or so, we enthusiastically tucked into the array of dishes which popped up fresh-fresh from the kitchen. 

Besides devouring into the dishes, we had fun, we had laughter by punching out our creative juices in a group of three, for inventing our own sushi rolls. Whether its sushi or maki you want to customize, you do have a choice of option between the 40 different fillings, 20 different sauces and dressing, and 16 different toppings, or  maybe, you might as well settle for the house rolls created by the chef. Moreover, a wonder Japanese meal in Okonomi potentially can begin with salads, rice and pasta, and trust me, there are quite a good number of desserts and drinks. I shall now share and show you the range of dishes I tucked into, which of course can be your dining gratification as well. 

Mango Prawn Salad – RM20.90 
Succulent prawns, mangoes and Japanese cucumber, topped with tobiko & a mango salad dressing, served over mixed greens & cherry tomatoes.
Caeser Salad Roll – RM19.90 
Uramai, soy wrap, white rice, chicken karaage, crispy coral lettuce, boiled egg, croutons, grated parmesan cheese & cheddar mayo.
Crunchy Crab – RM26.90 
Uramaki, seaweed, white rice, Hokkaido crab meat, soft shell crab, carrot, tempura crunch, togarashi & cheddar salad dressing. 
Ebi Fry (5 pieces) – RM15.90 
Deep fried succulent breaded prawns.
Tempura Squid – RM25.90 
Tempura battered deep fried crispy squid slices.
Unagi Pasta – RM32.90 
Fresh grilled unagi served with a teriyaki glaze.
Chicken Gratin – RM18.90 
Generous portion of juicy chicken & mixed mushrooms in rich cream sauce.
Prawn Kakiage – RM18.90 
Deep fried tempura battered prawns with a teriyaki glaze, carrots and onions garnished with spring onions.
Matcha Lava Cake – RM18.90 
A rich matcha cake filled with delicious matcha chocolate molten lava, drizzled with powdered sugar and served with vanilla ice cream, matcha chocolate sticks & fresh strawberries. 15 minutes preparation time.
There were sincerely a couple of favorites among these dishes for me. Mango Salad won me massively. Each and every element coming together for the sweet sour and fresh burst of tastes. Caesar Salad Roll and Crunchy Crab were equally sumptuous, especially for someone like me who love rice utmostly. However, albeit I won't deny that the fried stuffs (Ebi Fry, Tempura Squid and Prawn Kakiage) were equally elevated in the most splendor manner for their spot-on crunchy munchy explosions, these were not a major temptation. Also, I hardly touched the Unnagi Pasta and Chicken Gratin. Well, there is only so much one can eat, and Nava K, is definitely not a greedy pig just because food is on the house. Of course, I did sample the Honey Mustard Sauce Vegetarian Rolls I invented together with the other two foodies. Self praise I know is disgrace, but I must mentioned that these rolls are a perfect fit for vegetarians. So, vegetarians, fret not please. Nothing should stop from dining in Okonomi.  
Furthermore, as I have already said earlier, choices for desserts and drinks are not out of bound in Okonomi. Matcha based drinks or desserts like Hot Matcha, Chilled Matcha Azuki Beans, Cream Mochi, Macha Cream Caramel and without a doubt, the smooth operator creamy Okonomi made Macha Ice Creams are a must try. How about also keeping your options open to their "star-seller" Matcha Lava Cake that volcanic out oozy warm matcha choc and Matcha Chocolate Nava Cake, opps no, sorry guys, slip of the tongue is not the fault of Nava K's tastebuds, it should be Lava Cake. Frankly speaking, as full as I was, I couldn't really resist these two cakes. Super jolly very good.

By the way, for your information, Okonomi is the first and only Japanese restaurant in Malaysia where you can customize your rolls. No wonder, I am not surprise why Okonomi is still heavily trending on social media, within the first six months they came into the Malaysian food scenario. Okonomi is now getting ready for their second outlet and the dishes I sampled will be featured in their brand new menu. 

A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours :  Tues - Sun 11am to 11pm (Monday Closed)
Okonomi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Lovely post dear. Every bit covered in depth. Pictorially brilliant. I am totally floored by their array of desserts. Your Blog is a wonderful reference for places to visit and restaurants not to be missed.

  2. A very delicious meal! I love esp. those breaded prawns.

  3. Sounds like a great place to visit! Looks classy and the dishes are so inviting, especially the desserts!

  4. You seemed to be indulging in a lot of Japanese food lately, Nava. Yum! xoxo

  5. Your restaurant reviews n food posts make me hungry all the time.. loved the ambience and the food is yum yumm..

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  7. OMG those yummy deserts

  8. OMG u asked directions at the police station thats daring Nava. But seeing the food served there every way to get there is worth it.. such delectable food and lovely presentation too.

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  10. Ooh, these are all delish. Good for you for going there finally.

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