Monday, September 7, 2015

Nasi Kerabu

Now, it's gonna be tricky, I reckon so, how I should start trigger off Nasi Kerabu. Asians including us  Malaysians (Turmeric Fish Oyster Sauce, Spicy Brinjal Sambal & Asam Fish Chilli Dip), we sure know Nasi Kerabu at the back of our hands. I can't speak on behalf of the Indians though, because, believe me, my other half-half had never in his entire life tasted Nasi Kerabu (Nasi Bunga Telang/Blue Pea Rice). Shocking discovery for me. Really. Then again, what can you expect when food for Indians, I'm not saying all, not this Indian Nava K, is generally the standard curries. Though Nasi Lemak is a famed one amongst them (Nasi Lemak). Good that I decided to make Nasi Kerabu. At least, hopefully it will kick start my other half-half to be adventurous towards Malay dishes (Ayam Masak Merah). Nonetheless, sincerely I doubt. I know this man of mine (Chilli Mutton, Ghee RiceTapioca Poriyal & Pineapple Rasam). No, he is not as adventurous as me. Nevermind. I guess its one of those things that comes in a marriage.You can't have the best of everything I suppose. You can't have everything in a man. What's important is whether we can make it together forever. In bed, out of bed, in love, in fighting, in arguments, in whose family is more important and in which tv program we should watch when we have only one tv at home.

Coming back to Nasi Kerabu, mind you, its my version. Yes, mine. From  my garden herbs. It may not be any close to those Nasi Kerabu you have tried before or you are gonna try in the future. I decided that I should stick best to my version. As I wish. As I please. If you asking me, I sincerely think that there is no right and wrong pairing for Nasi Kerabu (Tempeh Four Angled Beans). Of course there are people who swear by certain must be paired dishes, like salted egg (Salted Egg Fish) and salted fish (Pumpkin Salted Fish Curry, Ayam Masam Manis,  Lamb Massaman Curry & Bawal/Pompret Ginger). Other than that, take it from me. You are free for your own pairing. Whatever you like, its your delight. Its your meal, why should we worry about blindly following others? Tell me (Carrot Cucumber Salad, Watermelon Salad & Vegetable Raita).

Look, my Nasi Kerabu turned out perfect, but due to the rush in time, I completely forgot to pair it along a salad. Oh-gee! I completely forgot. I bet a simple pineapple cucumber salad (Carrot Cucumber Achar, Papaya Salad, Kerabu Taugeh & Cabbage Prawns) would have perfected this my Nasi Kerabu. But then, as I have already said, food, or even love or marriage or even life, is never perfect. We can I bet as we go along perfect them, on this day, we did sincerely enjoy this Nava K's Nasi Kerabu. I am hoping you will not regret it also. Try and let me know. Take care foodies. (Nasi Ulam & Nasi Dagang). 

For the rice
3 cups warm cooked white rice
1/2 cup bunga telang/pea flower extract (see nasi bunga telang)
Salt for taste
Pour extract into rice and gently stir with a chopstick.
Keep aside to cool down rice.
(Note: don't stir too much because you want some grains to be white and the rest blue for the contrast of colours)
Herbs from nava k's garden (as needed) - all sliced thinly/shredded
Coriander leaf
Daun kaduk/betel leaf
Turmeric/kunyit leaf
Limau purut/kaffir lime leaves
Toss these herbs with rice just before serving.

For the kelapa udang kering kerisik/coconut dried prawn flakes
1/4 cup dried prawns - soaked and rinsed
1/4 cup fresh grated coconut
1/2 tsp turmeric/kunyit powder
Chilli flakes - as needed
Palm sugar - as needed
Salt - as needed
2 tbsp oil

Light pound coconut and dried prawns.
Fry with the rest of ingredient in oil till flaky and crispy.
Dish out.

For the kunyit/turmeric sambal fish
2 pcs of bawal putih/white pompret (or any suitable type, preferably local catch) - score on both sides
1 tsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tbsp dried chilli paste
1 turmeric leaf - shredded/sliced
2 tsp corn flour
1 tsp rice flour
Salt for taste

Marinate fish with the ingredients. 
Keep in the fridge until frying time or for an hour.
Deep fry and dish out.

For the budu ikan bilis/anchovy sambal
1/2 cup bilis - soaked, rinsed and crispy fried
1 red chilli - sliced
1 green chilli - sliced
3 shallots - sliced
Budu - as needed
Palm sugar - as needed
Calamansi lime/limau kasturi - as needed
(Note: no need for salt because budu is salty enough)

Pound bilis, chilli and shallots
Season with budu, sugar and calamansi lime.
Keep aside.

To Serve
Scoop rice onto a serving plate and surround with the condiments including fried salted fish, salted egg and calamansi lime for the flakes/kerisik.

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  1. very nice nava, i was so fascinated with the fresh herbs you used <3 yummy

  2. What a lovely herb garden you have there Nava, Loved it :) This dish definitely looks great :)

  3. This is so new to me, but looks so delicious. Lovely share! :)

  4. i love eating on leaf , it feel like i am connected to my culture
    rice looks yum

  5. Wow ! yummy non-veg ( sea food ) platter , appealing clicks .

  6. Wiw! Your herbs garden is amazi. Have bunga kantan?

    Can imagine the lovely fragrance in your rice

  7. Sounds so interesting! And what lovely herbs you have!

  8. Delicious platter dear..... Well done with beautiful herbs..... :)

  9. I wish I cud eat what u cooked here.. so elaborate yet tasty.. loved the recipe & the presentation

  10. I just love your herb garden... MaShaAllah so nice! The shrimp paste looks so similar to what we serve with rice porridge... :)

  11. I love anchovies, dear! Gosh, didn't know you've green hands! I'm even more impressed now! xoxo

  12. You have a gorgeous garden. Your nasi kerabu looks very delicious and flavourful.

  13. WOW! Your dishes are always so new to me, interesting, yummy and so beautiful!

  14. WOW! Your dishes are always so new to me, interesting, yummy and so beautiful!

  15. never tried before,normally have nasi dagang only.

  16. omg! what a lovely platter...I couldn't imagine how flavourful the rice would be with those herbs fresh from your garden!!! Drooling here & wish to taste the herbal rice with that spicy sambal,,,Thanks dear...

  17. My mouth's watering looking at the pictures. How wonderful that you're using fresh home-grown herbs. Would love to use the butterfly pea the way you have done. I have a small plant that is yet to bloom...

  18. Loved you herb garden...I drool over your unique dishes that are new to me and definitely would love to try a few..bookmarked!!...I can just savour the patter as it is ...everything on the plate is my type to satisfy my tastebuds!!

  19. wow!you have a lovely herbs garden.This platter looks so delicious.It is nice to see pea flowers in a recipe.Actually we only grow these flowers for beauty in Sri Lanka....

  20. your nasi kerabu a bit running out of the concept. but still looking good on it. Actually you may put daun kesung into your nasi kerabu will smell better. :)

  21. Nava, Loved this scrumptious meal. Plating is appetizing and i can see a thai and chinese touch to the food.


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