Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mireica Nutri-Peau Collagen Drink

In today's tremendous era of social media awing, don't you think all of us must take it with a pinch of salt when people preach about being beautiful inside? Tell me about it? I for once, don't fall for this crab of being beautiful inside, compared to beauty outside. Sounds corny right? Constantly preaching on beauty inside when in factual fact, many are rolling thundering over social media beauties? I know. I wonder what's with people who preach on thing, and do the other. Unless of course we are referring to money inside the men's wallet which undeniably is the drawing factor for abuzzing the up and coming small bees or even queen bees? Maybe, come to think of it, we can logically interpret beauty inside as what goes inside our body, eventually does reflect back on our beauty outside. Yes, all you beautiful people. Our diet does play a vital role for skin bounciness and bountifulness. Obviously, I am talking about incorporating aplenty fruits and vegetables and galloping down gallons of water. Additionally, we should potentially consider beauty collagen drink for speeding up, for repairing and for extra power prowless beautiful skin. 

Lemme now introduce to you Mireica Nutri-Peau Collagen Drink. Heard of it? You know what I am talking about? For those of you who constantly top trend on what's latest for skin beauty care, I speak no further, but to the rest of you who still can't get it, keeping reading. You will be there. For someone like me, I sincerely like to believe I am, who do keep abreast on what's been taking place in the beauty market haul, moreover, as a beauty blogger, I have heard of Mireica Nutri-Peau Collagen Drink. Thanks to the sponsor for sending me a box which got me all beauty hyped up. What is Mireica Nutri-Peau Collagen Drink, I bet you are like twisting and turning curious wannabee know.  No worries. Everything is clearly listed on the box, there is also a pamphlet inside for explaining the depths of Mireica Nutri-Peau Collagen Drink. Here we go. Digest the facts, once you are done, I will lay out the key for unlocking the beauty within this collagen enhancing drink. 

My morning, for the longest time, as far as I can recall, is kick started with a glass of water. On the other hand, for the last two weeks, I have been emptying two sachets of this drink, yes, two sachets, you can start with one sachet though, into a glass of room temperature water. Thereafter, I gently stir, prior to gulping down at one go. Be mindful, you should on how much of water you pour before stirring. Mireica Nutri-Peau Collagen Drink does fuse foam up and if you are not careful, it can spill. The other I must tell you is its fishy smell. Rather a strong thingy actually, whether you can digest it or not, you can't possibly avoid the smell once you start drinking.  

I must admit smell got to me. However, in all fairness, for the purpose of glowing myself inside outside, I fared well and fine. Consequently, within the next one week, my skin appeared rested, and to a certain extend, I did glow too. In other words, my skin looked fresh, alert and radiant. Don't you think so? I bet you are agreeing. But remember something. Mireica Nutri-Peau Collagen Drink must go hand in glove, please do not ditch aside your daily beauty regime. Let me repeat myself again. Both must be in tandem. 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful product! Always enjoy seeing a picture of you!

  2. I would love to try on one such product and definitely this one if its available here!! Sounds amazing <3

  3. I have read a lot about collagen drinks, glad it works.

  4. I agree to what u wrote in the first paragraph.. inner beauty really ??? everyone looks at ur face.. yes being presentable is what I like too .. because i sweat most times i avoid foundation.. this drink has worked reasonably well fr u.. n i love the nose ring :)


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