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La Casa - Verve Suites Shops (Mont Kiara)

Everything, literally, yes, as I perceived, went on as expected. Driving on a Sunday by itself is less stressful, don't you agree and Mont Kiara being a familiar ground for me, I arrived way earlier for this blogger food event in La Casa. But as usual, anytime is not a good time for Malaysians. No matter what, Malaysians just can't curb their habit of not making it on time. Hard to come by actually, not part of our Malaysian culture though, additionally, when you are gonna be amongst the top tier, A list or first tier bloggers who are so in demand. What else is new? Speak about how busy they are? One event after the other, lined up from the start of the day, until bloggers like Nava K have to go with the flow. Logical then, waiting patiently and calmly is pretty much the forever game not changer. The hard and soft reality of the blogging sphere, one which is not new to me, but honestly, my nerves does get wrecked.   

That aside, once I parked right in front of La Casa, remember, its a Sunday, you should consider parking at the basement if you are coming over on weekdays, I made my way into La Casa and I introduced myself to Ms. May who made it a point to greet me. Thank you Ms. Your warmest hospitality is sincerely appreciated. Taking a seat thereafter, while at sipping into the cuppa of smooth, creamy and coffee waffling Cappuccino I had already ordered, I made a 360 degree turnaround for admiring La Casa's ambiance. Homey, akin an artistic zone, spacious and truly a cosy set-up. Genuinely admirable. Dining outside will be equally the pride of La Casa, from where you can still glance at the inside dining area. Dimmed lights adding a touch of classiness for a beautiful contrast against the vibrant colors of the chairs and light to dark brown color scheme. 

La Casa which specialises in Western and Italian dishes with Asian specials also offers a delectable range of home-made cakes and pastries and various types of artisan coffee. The motto of La Casa is none other than emphasising on natural healthy fare. Prepared from a scratch without MSG, chemicals and artificial flavourings. Obviously, the brainchild of founder May who was a web designer and music teacher, La Casa was born out of her creatively as she wanted a place to call her own for serving hearty meals and friendly service for enhancing the dining experience of each and every customer. 

During this dining experience, I had the honour of tucking into a variety of dishes which came cruising once they were careful and freshly put together.

Granola Muesli with Yogurt - RM22 
Healthy homemade muesli consists of toasted grain, nuts, seeds & dried fruits served with seasonal fresh fruits, honey & homemade yogurt. Without a doubt, Granola Muesli with Yogurt is the healthy pop start for the day, or even brunch or for nibbling whatever you want to. Various burst of textures interlinking with sweetness of honey, as well as luscious, creamy and tartness of naturally compounded yogurt.    
Breakfast Gnocchi - RM28
Homemade gnocchi with pesto, spicy Italian chicken sausage, egg cocotte & wild rocket with parmesan & balsamic dressing. A wholesome filling dish, I really enjoyed a tiny portion of each and every element of Breakfast Gnocchi. Spicy Italian sausage for tadbit of spiciness, plump, pillowy, mild and delicate potato gnocchi, soft and gooey egg cocotte and fresh salad, though didn't care much for the toast, Breakfast Gnocchi is perfected with the tangy creamy notes of balsamic dressing, cheese and aromatic pesto.   
One Pan Breakfast  - RM32
Choice of homemade chicken, Spicy Italian chicken or beef sausage, turkey bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushroom, roasted potatoes, baked bean, sunny side up, wild rocket & toast. Honestly, as much as I desired, I didn't fork into One Pan Breakfast for one particular reason. Beef is a taboo for me. Regardless of the fact that temptation did run high for the rest of ingredients. Still, I had to say no to One Pan Breakfast.  
Truffle Scramble Eggs with Waffles - RM 23 
Served with mesclum salad. 
Super really wow! Frankly speaking, I can't recall when was the last time I dived into such a dish. In fact, I can't specifically tell if I have had crispy waffles dipped in a decadent, velvety and elegantly elevated along truffle, scrambled eggs. Truffle Scrambled Eggs with Waffles, mind you, is a winner. Absolutely.  
Brioche French Toast - RM 22
Served with caramelised apple, crispy popcorn, cream & maple syrup. 
The non-sinful and non-guilty sweet treat, indeed, Brioche French Toast screamed loudly for its uniqueness for someone like me who seldom is gamed for such a quality toast. Incredible is the word to describe Brioche French Toast. Perfect balance of the much needed ingredients for a splendour sugar rush. 
Berries Waffles - RM20
With mixed berries, caramelised walnut, toasted almond flake, cream & honey. 
Another sweet pleasure, waffles eaten alongside the rest of the ingredients, Berries Waffles is the other side to splendidness of La Casa.   
Sweet Pleasure    RM14
Layers of chocolate and hazelnut praline, milk chocolate ganache & light chocolate mousse. 
Lemon Tart    RM12
Mini pastry shell filled with lemon cream topped with lemon zest & glaze. 
Between these two desserts, not to say Sweet Pleasure didn't delight me in its own category of how a chocolaty dessert should be, but being someone who don't really fancy chocolates, its the Lemon Tart I must hail. Fresh lemony burst and melting in the mouth custard, daintily seated atop crumbly buttery pastry.  Blissfulness. Not overly sweet, I so truly loved its scent which did put a broad smile on my face as an appreciated food trail for ending my meal. . 

Arguably, none of these dishes were a let down. Each carefully thought of, I think over and over again, prior to being listed on La Casa's menu. So, what are all you foodies waiting for? I bet you won't regret your food gram in La Casa. I truly reckon.  Oh, not to forget the drinks fellow foodies sipped into. Sorry guys, I didn't note down which is which, yet, I can tell you that they are worthy. Frosty, creamy and chilled, they are most probably the way to a sensual and gratifying smooth drink.  

La Casa
Verve Shops Mont Kiara
G-5, Ground Floor
No 8, Jalan Kiara 5
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62118825

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  2. Love the coffee art, Nava! If only I could do one too......... xoxo

  3. Everything about this place is so dreamy from ambiance to food to presentation of food *_* I like how they have packed things, loveee :)

  4. This is my kind of restaurant. I love those hanging herb/flower pots on the wall.

  5. Omg the bunny in the coffee is so adorable.. the food the ambience everything looks so nice and well presented..

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  8. Lovely post...The desserts and the creamy drinks looks so yummy and delicious


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