Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty (Desa Sri Hartamas - Kuala Lumpur)

Lemme tell you that being a blogger is not only about collaboration or sponsorship. Actually, if I put it bluntly, we can call this whole thing on working with brands as free opportunities. Don't get me wrong please. I am not saying blogging is as easy as eating or drinking. It is not. Ask me on the hours I spend in front of my laptop, and I will tell you that it is a brain and body cracking thing. So many things goes on behind the scene before we bloggers pitch my stories. Can be a health killer mind you, I think I have already roughly spoken about this in my previous sharing of Royal Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty? I did in case your memory had failed you. For me, I take the blogging sphere as a learning curve instead of receiving and then writing up on the products by blindly copying from the press releases or attaching different angles of pictures of mine. Having said that, the plot to beautiful pictures of me, myself and I can greatly impress the virtual world. Trust me. People just adore the sweet young dolls. 

That's why bloggers like me in the older age group have to set ourselves apart. Let dollings remain as dolls, not for long anyway, age will eventually take a toll. For me, I take blogging as a learning curve. A different kinda learning compared to how I used to part my knowledge to my students, these days, my learning is about getting to the ground for learning about life and style practically. The real daily issues we all go through. Stress of course is the number one back breaker, so, how aptly is this visit of mine to Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty? On the dot for telling you on where you can experience Thai massage. What a knowledge thirsting visit. Thanks to the same owner of Royal Thai who is also the owner of this center. Indeed, I did learn by finding out that Thai massage roots originated from India, going back to 2500 years ago, nor have I experienced original Thai ancient art of healing.  

All of these learning wouldn't have been possible if I didn't agree over this visit. Additionally, I had the honour to knowing about the various treatments. Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty by the way is located above KFC. I thought I might as well tell you because I went on my rounds before noticing. Cosy, homey and soothing to our senses set up, the whole atmosphere of Ancient Thai undoubtedly is relaxing and comfortable. Only if time was on my side, I would have rested at the reception area and read a book. But no. Wasn't possible. 

Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty is also where you can be assured of professional trains masseurs for not only body treatments, how about including facial treatments for keeping your skin supple and nourished?

A revisit to Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty is already scheduled, of course, how can I not share with all your guys. 


  1. Three things I absolutely enjoy, a Spa, a Thai massage and KL.


  2. I love Gua sha massage. So long have not had that

  3. Girl, you do get around!! Enjoyed going through your post!

  4. You are really becoming an expert at reviewing these spas and seems like this is a nice place as u mentioned u want to return back

  5. Nice review...... u r so lucky to visit many places.... :)

  6. I can never get enough of body massages! I'm aching for one now........