Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches - Sea Park, Petaling Jaya (Non-Halal)

Over the moon and over-excited I was. As usual, what else is new with Nava K when its gonna be "Pork Is Life" food-gate. Of course, I made sure I made my way to Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. Sea Park. The familiar ground where I was grounded at the stroll away SS2. Henceforth, memories did return, almost instantly by banging waking up my head. All in a nice manner for recalling my mayhem days whereby I used to hang out at Sea Park as well. Parking indeed has never been sailing smooth from those days in Sea Park, rather tight too on this day. But, I knew that, no matter what, after waiting for a while nearby the across petrol station, I will spot a parking spot. Hallelujah! Right in front of Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. Upon walking in, I couldn't help in admiring how creatively Ticklish Ribs & "Wiches is set-up. A bar right after the entrance, and ambiance clearly breezing alive and kicking for immediately letting know you that Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches is the spot-on eatery for a babi meal. 

Shaking hands and hearing it out from the owner's mouth on his pride Ticklish Ribs & "Wiches definitely said it all. I am impressed. I love the fact that effort definitely equated to outcome. That outcome must be applauded. Especially aplenty claps towards the inventively named dishes which I believe, will put a smile on your face. Come of it everyone, who on earth can come up with such names, mind you? Not me and you though. Now, at this juncture, it was my moment for tucking into the dishes already awaiting in line. Thank god, I didn't have to pick the dishes on my own. Otherwise, I think I wouldn't have decided which I should aim for from the ample selection listed on their menu.

To start off, ultimately, in my opinion, you must start with the signature "Ultimate Tickle BBQ ribs" . At least for me who simply love pork ribs. Great spectacular start. Hailed.

Tender to its core and meat literally falling apart at the first bite, charred on the outside BBQ Ribs, dunked in the special babi/pork spicy sauce blow me to heaven straightaway. Heavenly deliciousness. Really. I also didn't have any qualms on the spiciness of the sauce. Indeed, according to my spicy catch. Up next was "Fragrant Pork Lard Rice". Fluffy, grainy and elevated with pork lard rice, paired along utter crispy crunchy pork fats and fried pork balls, generously drizzle atop with a brown sauce. Oh-my! In quite a flash, akin flash Gordon, I literally gawked it down, albeit I didn't want to quickly rice fill up my tummy because there's more dishes lined up thereafter. Fried pork lard, I tell you, blew me up and away right away. 
By the next 20 minutes, "Charcoal Bread Pulled Pork" came cruising. Game on. Charcoal Bread Pulled Pork did pull me apart splendidly, furthermore, since I didn't have to battle chew it. A wholesome package, grilled charcoal bread filled alongside moist pulled pork, onion slices and salad leaves did made an impact on me. If you like to, tip in some chilli sauce. Then again, what for? Why kill its original delightful tastes?  Of course, I can only suggest, the choice is still yours. 

The last dish which I couldn't resist, at the owner's suggestion was Sloppy Fries. Thick fried potato batons, ladled over with a cheesy minced pork sauce, packed a punch. Sauce however was slightly salty for me, maybe because I hardly take salt. Having said that, sloppy fries I think will be joyous for those of you who won't mind tad extra bit of saltiness.

All in all, honestly, I couldn't be more happier for tucking into these dishes. For me, yes me please, the highest vote will be a marker for BBQ Ribs and Fragrant Pork Lard Rice. Not to say that the other dishes didn't kick in deliciousness, just that I have narrowed down to the top two in Nava-K's category. How about you then casting your vote to which dishes you want to count in? Head over to Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. You should, believe me for tickling your babi palates. 

Thank you very much Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches.

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  1. they are creative in their is seen all over the places...good food too

  2. I am a foodie and I really can't resist my hunger when I visit your space ;)

  3. Oh wow, I like fun food like these! I'm sure you had a fabulous time dining there! xoxo

  4. The food surely looked finger licking to me.. and those tshirts are so fun,.....


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