Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Royal Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty (USJ)

Everything is truly transparent and as crystal clear as the sunshine or moonlight in Royal Thai Herbal & Spa. Literally. Spacious, bright and carefully thought of layout, all put together for the convenience of you and me. Across the reception area is where yours legs pampered and the treatment area further inside. Treatments clearly and specifically made known, which you will definitely notice once you walk in and head to the reception area. Do take a moment or two on reading those needed information why you should reconsider treatments if health is troubling you. Otherwise, there is nothing you should doubt. Additionally trust me, you won't be wrong in sensing that masseurs of Royal Thai are professional trained and groomed. 

I walked in, I was greeted in the most adorable manner, I changed into the slippers, I sat and at this juncture, Jack, the owner, I had prior made an appointment walked in as well. One of the most humblest and down to earth owners I have met so far, thank you sir for unselfishly sharing with me your years of expertise in the spa industry, specifically on Thai massage and your business acumen. Indeed, sincerely appreciated knowledge gaining and also for knowing why and how Royal Thai Herbal & Spa has set itself apart from the rest of the massage centers and spas. 

While at our sharing is also caring informal session, when asked what is troubling me, I couldn't think of none. The hours I spent on my laptop, unavoidable if you are a blogger, I am assuming bloggers, whether they speak up or not, or pretend  life as a blogger absolutely is picture perfect, we overall, let me tell you, struggle with shoulder pain. Excruciating pain, mind you, which automatically does travel all the way down to my hand and fingers. Take it as the one of the not nice things of the blogging sphere, of course the reality. Mr Jack in return, he wasn't shocked, because many other people I think are also going through the same thing due to being in the career world where everything is online these days. Not to forget the habit of automatically staring at our hand-phones. Henceforth, Mr Jack recommended I give a go to the Thai massage which potentially will do a whole lot of justice for relieving the pain. Why not? A big yes from me.
Ushered into the massage area, into one of the partitions, each partition separated with curtains and a bed on the floor for you to lie down. Prior to receiving my treatment I changed, I got into a comfy position, thereafter all goodness, sincerely, in all various  massage technics for 1 1/2 hours. Kneading, stroking and pulling every part of my body, Thai massage lemme remind you is not similar as the beautiful queen Colorado spa treatment. No, it is not. When Thai massage is a concern, you must be prepared for pain. But bearable pain while masseur gets to really deep into your tissue and bones massage.
I did fine, though I admit I, every now and then, I had to signal to the masseur to go slow. Initially. Thereafter, I guess once we get used to it, massage is a pleasure instead of pressure. Next was the hot pouch massage. A pouch bundled with herbs and warmed up, one and a half hours of pouch pressed against my body.     

3 hours I felt flew by without me realising. Honestly, I didn't want to get up, neither change. I just wanted to lie down and do nothing. But all good things must come to an end right? I know. Now, here are some crucial tips I must convey to you. 

Call for appointment instead of coming over and complaining about waiting time.   
Keep your voice down. 
Trust the masseurs instead of telling them what to do.
Avoid having intellectual conversation with the masseurs
If you have to communicate, use simple basic language. 
Thank you so much Royal Thai for the royal treatment. We shall meet again.


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  1. Looks like you had a gala :) You look fiiiinnnee Nava ...

  2. Wow so cool you kook refresh and pretty.

  3. U look really revitalized after spa treatment. Agree don't teach experts their work:)

  4. it must be such a claming experience, i like how spa has everything mentioned in detail

  5. Sounds like a lovely place to unwind and relax!

  6. The place looks wonderful! You look radiant/rejuvenated after the treatment...

  7. nice to be pampered like this. Long time i have not had a massage

  8. Aw, my body is aching now! I'm in need of a good massage too! xoxo

  9. Nice review and u look so relaxed after spa...n beautiful Nava... :)

  10. Looks like a good place for rejuvenating massage

  11. The pain part actually scared me m nt sure i wud like it.. also i hate these massage spas coz i dnt like the idea that an anonymous person touches me but that's me n my preference.. considering that it benefitted it I guess it was good

  12. looks like a cool place to relax


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