Friday, August 14, 2015

Krishna Curry House (Revisited) - SS9A/14. Section 51A Petaling Jaya

I can still recall our Sunday lunch outings to Krishna Curry House. Yes, Krishna Curry House. One of our favourite food haunts, especially for a laid back, taking our own time banana leaf meal (Restaurant Sri Paandi Sek 11, Restaurant Abirami SS15 & Sri Grand City Sek 11). Trust me, there is nothing more pleasurable on a Sunday, waking up late, ditching the thought of rolling the pots and pans and taking a slow drive, via the back roads from SS2 to Krishna Curry House. In fact, we do this banana leaf lunch, maybe every, at least once a month, in addition to popping by for tea time for catching up with friends. The favourites in Krishna Curry House has to be none other except their claypot mutton and claypot chicken curry, and being seated at the outside dining area, across the car park and facing the huge trees which does add a touch of as though we are dining in a nature surrounding.

Having said that, the moment our destination changed tide, once we re-rooted our base to Shah Alam, Krishna Curry House was put to hold for the longest time. Basically because we couldn't be bothered with driving this far and we were also caught up in checking out the eateries within our area. On this Sunday (Gem Restaurant Gasing), don't ask me why, just like that, no plans whatsoever, we decided to revisit Krishna Curry House. Located not really far from where they were previously, Krishna Curry House now occupies two shop lots, but ambiance is longer the same and parking can be quite a mess. Can you imagine parking at the road ride because there's hardly enough in front and believe me you, Malaysians can be quite tyrants when it comes to who is gonna spot or bulldoze towards the nearest empty parking space.

Walking in at about almost 1.00pm, prior to quickly grabbing the nearest empty table due to the massive number of customers, we were kept waiting for the next 10 minutes. I guess patience has to be virtue if you thinking about dining in Krishna Curry House on a Sunday. Then again, considering that dining out has become part of our Malaysian culture these days (Kavitha's Curry House), its the same story in elsewhere eateries and I must say that the majority of customers in Indian eateries are Chinese. They I think are the main reason why Indian restaurants keep marking up their prices and for the Chinese, whatever Indian food you put in front of them, they will say its delicious. Of course, Indians like my other half-half is one who won't compromise Indian food for none other. What about Nava K, are you asking? Well, I don't mind, mainly for banana leaf meal splendour (Rathaa Curry House Puchong, Laxshimi Bhavan SS14 & Asian Rice Pot Kelana Jaya). I just so love this whole concept of eating on a banana leaf.

Our wait for 10 minutes eventually drew the attention of the lady boss. The lady who usually sit back and does a good job as a cashier. She actually made it a point in laying the banana leaves for us, thereafter, the staff took over by placing rice, the side dishes, chutneys, pickles and curries (Mint Chutney, Cauliflower Curry, Tapioca Poriyal & Mango Pickle). Subsequently, amongst the options for other side dishes, we called for Fried Ikan Bulus, Mutton Bone Marrow Curry and Claypot Mutton, and for drinks, we opted for Mango Lassi and Chilled Spicy Yogurt/Mooru (Curried Mutton Marrow & Fried Pompret).

What else is next other than finger diving into our meal. Between all of the items, I simply adorned the chutneys and pickle. Super yum for the burst of spiciness and tanginess when eaten after drenching the curries over rice.       

Dhal curry, fish curry and veggies must be applauded as flavorful and tasty, sincerely, as the authentic style to a satisfying banana leaf lunch. The two types of mutton curries, though I won't say were a letdown, no doubt tender and falling apart meat, still, the layer of oil atop claypot mutton was quite a put-off, whereas, as for the mutton bone marrow, wonder what's with stinking on the gravy?    

Fried Ikan Bulus on the other hand is the usual fare as in other Indian restaurants (Yarl Restaurant Brickfields & Restoran V.P. Klang). Curry powder marinated fish, this one supposedly the fresh Bagan catch (Bagan Hailam Restaurant), and fried to utter crispiness. Mango Lassi and Spicy Yogurt potentially were the diviners, will always be for such a banana leaf meal.  

Overall, Krishna Curry House is still, notably the crowd puller for a decent, hearty, wholesome and filling banana leaf meal. But eating in a crowded environment and with fans swinging further from where we were seated, was not all that pleasing. Furthermore, you wouldn't want to sit around by calling for a hot chai after your meal when more customers keep barging and crowding nearby your table for indirectly indicating that its time you vacate your table for them. Settling the bill for RM50.00, off we left.  

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  1. The food looks delicious nice place to bad is far from me.

  2. Looks very traditional and Indian would have been good if it had tasted better!

  3. I think mutton curry needs to be looks good to me

  4. Food looks like the usual fare that you get in Indian restaurants. Too bad service was slow. I'm curious to know how the mountain goat with skin tastes like. Should be good!!

  5. The food looks so so tempting omg.. I love south indian style of eating on a banana leaf.. nice place to dine