Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gem Restaurant (Jalan Gasing) Petaling Jaya

I haven't been really cooking for the past week or so. No! no! Kitchen isn't permanently closed. Just that there's been other pressing priorities like the never ending family matters, events and why cook when the other half is away. Usually when I am alone, I pack back hawker food instead of rolling the pots and pans for the sake of impressing the neighbours. Sundays too sometimes laziness creeps in especially after staying up late watching tv. Of course, we all know nothing like home cooked meals to please the soul mate. Then again, waking up late surely a luxury these days and the luxury should continue with a meal at restaurants. After all, I'm sure you will agree that eating out is healthy for relationships. Relaxing and bonding over a meal it should be but please, put the Ipad and Iphone aside.       

On this Sunday, we agreed that Gem is where lunch should be. We arrived at about 11.30am after parking further up at the left lane before the single row of shops facing the main road. The sitting at Gem is truly a gem, sort of a royal restaurant - stylish rustic dining area, clean, spacious and tables set apart with ample space to move around.

What to order was mind boggling as the menu featured various tempting items. Eventually with the suggestion from the pleasant manager who patiently stood by while we discussed, food and drinks were called for.

Crab rasam was the first arrival. Half a crab in an assortment of spices to infuse the light peppery Indian soup. The soup practically flawless that you won't stop with just one spoon full. However peeling the shells off the succulent crab can get a little messy. But its oh-so-worth the trouble to daintily chew crab without the shells getting stuck in your teeth or throat. The only wish was that a bigger portion would have been more satisfying. Then again, the soup is a starter and not a main course to stuff up.
Next came the vegetarian and non-vegetarian set meals alongside with a basket of papadam. Both traditionally presented in a silver tray lined with banana leaf and with rice in a bigger individual silver bowl whereas the side items in smaller bowls. The vegetarian set consisted of rice. a thick spicy chickpea curry, sambar/dhal curry, rasam, potato stir fried and vegetable kothu/cooked with lentil. For the non-veg set, a generous portion of thick mutton curry and the same items as per the vegetarian set.    

As we tucked in, we agreed -  delectable and precisely prepared to instrument the heart capturing flavours for a hearty wholesome meal. However quite a struggle to finish up both the sets since we are small eaters. Still, we manage to polish up the side dishes and half of the rice. The balance of the mutton curry I packed back for dinner to be eaten with bread.

No matter, there's always room for dessert and hot beverage which is sort of customary ending for us for an Indian meal. The bru coffee, at par and loveable as the one at Chutney Mary, indeed a fitting end to this satisfying meal. The banana kufli was a good contrast between the smooth-creamy luscious mouth feel, enriched with bananas. As I polished off every bit, I couldn't stop expressing the lovely taste to my other half.

Overall, this dining experience was worth the trip. - attentive service and authentic tasty dishes in a beautiful ambiance for which we paid RM62.10.
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  1. A place I will not mind enjoying a meal.

  2. Lovely traditional meal! Oh and such a mouthwatering crab rasam!

  3. Lovely traditional meal! Oh and such a mouthwatering crab rasam!

  4. Wow the restaurant and food gives a home feel. Love the way u say impress ur neighbors with cooking hee hee. Hope u are having a good time. Thank u from the bottom of the heart for visiting my blog even when nobody else does.

  5. Seems like a comfortable place to dine in.All food look delicious....

  6. Some innovative recipes like crab rasam...I can imagine you had good food

  7. You are a true Foodie Nava. I just went through your recipe labels. And , it was an amazing tour.

  8. Hmmm.....never notice this restaurant before. Will go try it out one of these days

  9. Vow I am glad u had a cooking break.. Cooking everyday is such a task.. This place looks nice and affordable as per review..


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