Monday, July 6, 2015

Ikan Goreng Kunyit

Ikan Goreng Kunyit. Or Turmeric Fried Fish. Pretty much a simplicity in regards to fish fried after lathering/dusting alongside cornflour, rice flour, turmeric powder and salt. Done with frying, we then move on to making the dip. The dip which does not require cooking. Instead its a raw dip made with, as usual, must be our local affordable ingredients for me right? Of course (Terong Balado Pedas Manis). Without a doubt. Furthermore, chillies forever will be our love (Malaysian Fish SambalGrilled Fish Sambal Stuffed, Spicy Grilled Fish & Chilli Soy Fish) and like I have told you before, why bother paying for imported ingredients when our local produce, in fact, you can grow our local herbs in your garden effortlessly (Fried Fish Soy Sauce, Fish Head Curry & Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal), are so spectacular for the bold and and waking up our tastebuds anytime tastiness. You bet. Sincerely. Ask me more and I can proudly speak about our Malaysian cuisine none stop. In fact, I can quote a whole list of dishes we can effortlessly make or we may have to throw in more time and more ingredients (Nyonya Acar Fish, Crispy Chilli Fish & Ikan Masak Kicap). Right. Ikan Goreng Kunyit? Absolutely yummy-tummy satisfaction! Crispiness, spiciness, sourness, saltiness and must I mention the aroma of kaffir lime leaves. 

For the fish
2 pieces ikan senangin or any other firm fish - de-gut, clean and cut into two
1 tsp cornflour
1 tsp rice flour
1 tsp turmeric powder
Salt for taste
For the sauce
1 tbsp sweet soy sauce
1 tsbp oyster sauce
2 red chillies - chopped/sliced thinly
3 shallots - chopped/sliced thinly
3 kaffir lime leaves - shredded
1/2 lime - extract juice
2 tbsp water
(Kaffir lime leaves from my garden)
For the fish
Mix fish with the ingredients
Deep fry and set aside.

For the sauce
Mix all the ingredients together.
Serve with fish.


  1. wow, good heat control! You fried it so well. Its not easy frying the fish without the skin sticking to the wok/pan etc.

  2. Looks lovely and delicious! Hope you win!

  3. Thanks for the tips Nava. I have not thought of adding kicap manis. Usually just kunyit and salt. Kicap manis sounds delicious

  4. Looks yum, fishes lovers would definitely love it.

  5. When it comes to the tasting, this one should win hands down! I love the combination of flavours in the sauce! Would love to try this!

  6. Wish you good luck..and simple recipes are always hit

  7. Wow this looks so tempting!!
    I can eat this all!!

  8. All the best Nava..the fish looks tempting..just cant resist

  9. As a seafood lover how can i say no to this..lovely share!!...Good luck Nava!!

  10. simple tp sedap! eat with warm rice sure awesome!


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