Monday, July 6, 2015

Turmeric Fried Fish With Oyster Sweet Sauce

Hack aside to frustration. Believe me, its not worth holding on to frustration. Whatever for? You tell me? Frustration won't lead us anywhere except to rumbling and tumbling our emotions. Speak about emotions, as it is, we women can get emotional for every other no apparent reason, frustration, trust me, will make it even worst. So, I learned to let go. I let go of my frustration. No point making myself miserable. Just because I didn't win the contest, doesn't mean I am a loser (Brinjal Spicy Sweet Sambal). I am always a winner in my kitchen (Crab/Nandu ParathalMutton Parathal, Cauliflower Curry, Tapioca Poriyal & Pudina/Mint Chutney). Look, my man appreciates the decent meal I put on the table. Don't you think that's already millions of stars flicking? Of course. Though initially, let me tell you that I had one hell of a hack with my Indian man. Especially for the first year of our marriage, all I heard is how fantastica his sisters cook. How marvelous their fish curry is and how their mutton curry had been crowned as world's number one by him. Oh-god! I, honestly, I was so close to smacking him.

He still continued bragging about his sisters until I gave him an ultimate term. Either he move in with his sisters so that he can eat their cooking (Fish Curry Radish) or he bloody well shut his mouth and eat what I cook. I think eventually he got the picture. Soon, no more comparing sisters fish curry, sambar (Fish Sambar) or even rasam with mine (Egg RasamPepper Prawn Curry & Minced Mutton Potato).  Nonetheless, he still stood adamant on what he want to eat or not. I too wasn't keen in changing him. No need. You can't teach old cows new tricks. But one thing clearly computed on my mind. Food lingo does make a difference in a marriage. What he eats and what you eat. My man the typical Indian man, his food, always and forever must be curries (Lamb Massaman Curry & Mutton Kurma) and as I have already told you before, he is the fish man. Whereas, I love babi, petai, sambal and soups (Siew Yoke/Roasted Pork, Kangkung Belacan, Chicken Sambal Sandwich, Spaghetti Tom Yam Soup, Prawn Wanton Soup & Chicken Wanton). 

Usually, I give in. I cook what he likes, though some days I make sure I put my foot down. I still cooked fish (Grilled Salmon, Salted Egg Yolk Fish, Fried Pompret Ginger & Fish Soy Sauce) on this day, but its fish the Malay style  (Ikan Pari Sambal). Tadaa! I killed two birds with one stone. Actually, its more of keeping both of us birds alive with this Turmeric Fried Fish With Oyster Sweet Sauce. Fish his favourite (Assam Fish Curry) and Malay style my favourite. Significantly, trust me, you must trust me and my recipes though, by far, any fool can make this Turmeric Fried Fish With Oyster Sweet Sauce. Fish mixed in rice flour, corn flour, turmeric and salt, thereafter fried, teamed alongside a no cook oyster sweet spicy sauce (Spicy Brinjal). See, I told you, Turmeric Fried Fish With Oyster Sweet Sauce is easy-preasy (Steamed Cod Fish, Green Fish Curry, Sour Fish Soup & Grilled Mackerel)?  

For the fish
2 pieces ikan senangin or any other firm fish - de-gut, clean and cut into two
1 tsp cornflour
1 tsp rice flour
1 tsp turmeric powder
Salt for taste
For the sauce
1 tbsp Mahsuri sweet soy sauce
1 tsbp Mahsuri oyster sauce
2 red chillies - chopped/sliced thinly
3 shallots - chopped/sliced thinly
3 kaffir lime leaves - shredded
1/2 lime - extract juice
2 tbsp water

(Kaffir lime leaves from my garden)
For the fish
Mix fish with the ingredients
Deep fry and set aside.

For the sauce
Mix all the ingredients together.
Serve with fish.

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  1. wow, good heat control! You fried it so well. Its not easy frying the fish without the skin sticking to the wok/pan etc.

  2. Looks lovely and delicious! Hope you win!

  3. Thanks for the tips Nava. I have not thought of adding kicap manis. Usually just kunyit and salt. Kicap manis sounds delicious

  4. Looks yum, fishes lovers would definitely love it.

  5. When it comes to the tasting, this one should win hands down! I love the combination of flavours in the sauce! Would love to try this!

  6. Wish you good luck..and simple recipes are always hit

  7. Wow this looks so tempting!!
    I can eat this all!!

  8. All the best Nava..the fish looks tempting..just cant resist

  9. As a seafood lover how can i say no to this..lovely share!!...Good luck Nava!!

  10. simple tp sedap! eat with warm rice sure awesome!


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