Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Terong Balado Pedas Manis

Terong Balado Pedas Manis is? Fried Brinjal in Spicy Sweet Sambal/Sauce. Says it all right? I am back to my Indonesian cooking and back again to eggplant, aubergine or brinjal? Admittedly. My previous balado cooking lingo (Ikan Balado) and other Indonesian dishes (Sate Kambing, Indonesian Grilled Fish, Sambal Goreng Teri & Sambal Terasi)? Plus, we did speak to a certain extent about terong? The bright purple sparkled fruit or veggie or said as warna ungu in Indonesian language and even in our Malay language?  A popularity in fact. Terong being a take for any cuisine around the world for the matter (Thai Style Eggplant). We too quite fancy terong (Japanese Eggplant Saute). Perhaps why I have already rolled out a couple of dishes and whatever said, brinjal in sambal must be one of the food prides. I don't know about my other half-half, most probably for him will still be Indian style to brinjal (Bengali Begun Bhaja, Baingan Bharta, Eggplant Tikka & Brinjal Stir Fry) but me myself can't be separated from sambal (Sambal Belimbing Bilis & Kacang Buncis Belacan). Terong Balado Pedas Manis? The modern twist or a modified version and according to Malaysian ingredients for a satisfying and fabulously exquisite Terong Belado Pedas Manis.   

For frying terong/brinjal 
1 medium size Chinese brinjal - cubed/sliced into medium size pieces
1 tsp turmeric/kunyit powder
1 tsp corn flour
1 tsp rice flour
Salt for taste
* mix brinjal with all the ingredients and keep aside.

For the sauce
2 tbsp dried chilli paste/chilli boh
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tbsp onion paste
1 tbsp kicap manis/sweet soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce 
3 tbsp of oil
Spring onion for garnishing
Lime wedges (optional)
Salt for taste (taste first before adding)

Deep fry brinjal till brown and crispy.
Dish out and keep aside.

Heat the 3 tbsp of oil.
Fry the chilli paste, garlic paste and onion paste till aromatic and oil splits.
Pour 1 tbsp of kicap manis/sweet soy sauce.
Optional: add 1/2 tbsp of oyster sauce.
Season with salt if needed.
Gently scoop sambal and add on a serving plate.
Pile up fried brinjal atop.
Garnish with spring onion.
Optional; serve with lime to be squeezed over before tucking in.


  1. we don't get this particular brand...The dish looks tempting

  2. lovely sambal and love the step pics

  3. i love baingan any form. will try your recipe too :)

  4. Such a lovely dish to make with brinjals!

  5. i just love eggplant any size any taste, so this i have to try it very soon

  6. i veg dish from you, yehhh
    i think its a great way to make brinjal yummy

  7. Delicious sambal and nice photo set up.....n love ur step by step pics..... :)

  8. I agree - vegetarian food is not at all boring! We have tons of options :)) (Coming from a hardcore vegetarian, lol ) Love that pic of yours - all things that bloggers do! LOL

  9. This is a good twist from the regular brinjal we make.. wud love to try it .. yummy

  10. I can see your effort for that perfect shot. Worth it.
    Vegetarian, yes please.

  11. Camera, action! Hahaha! That shot is epic, Nava! Very nice presentation! xoxo

  12. I love brinjal in any form and your dish looks really good! Great shot of the spread on your table. It's worth climbing high!:-))

  13. this looks super delish..a treat for brinjal lovers..I'll def try this for my hubby

  14. very wonderfully explained detailed post.. i can eat brinjal in any form.. This version looks so tempting!!

  15. That looks so delicious! Perfect with some steamed rice :)

  16. wow nava your dish looks so kool :) bookmarked :)

  17. Wow love the brinjal dish, it looks so gorgeous. Your effort to click the perfect shot is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing !!

  18. I loved the way you explained and brinjal being my favourite couldn't resist...Looks great dear!!....Different to the usual one!!....Loving it!!

  19. This saucy brinjal creates an unique picture from the rest. I, would love to try this soon. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. wow, fried eggplant looks too good, and great clicks dear:)


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