Friday, May 22, 2015

Soup Restaurant - 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

What brought me all way to this part of Petaling Jaya? I, seldom drive this far, not for no valid reason, this trip of mine will seemingly be kinda starlight star bright for Nava K. I am suppose to audition for a Malay segment food hunting tv program. Was I literally jumping up and down while anxiously awaiting for the day? Honestly, sort of. Not because I am guaranteed my road to fame and fortune, neither will I be the biggest threat to the existing tv host and hostess who have worked their butts for capturing their spots in the limelight. Anyone for the matter, even you, if you are to audition for a tv program, I am sure you will be having sleepless nights. Mine was, on one side excitement, the other, fear. Actually, more of fear. Never have I done it before, so, my heart kept rushing up and down. To tell you the truth, I was worried if my heart will stop pumping permanently. In all fairness, I knew I may fumble, but I have already clearly mentioned to the company I am the freshest grain in front of the camera. They were fine. They assured me they don't mind. Alright. 

The not nice fun started the moment we hit the Damansara Utama route. Driving, turning here and there, asking around for the last 45 minutes or so, thank god, I made it on time. But these people, I really couldn't get it. They put me on hold for the next 30 minutes, moreover almost all the staff kept glimpsing every now and then at me as though I am an alien from outer space. Irritated the daylights out of me, I still held on to my patience. Time for audition, this young still growing up Indian boy who is reckoned as the producer put me in front of the camera. Yes, I fumbled alright. I did. I admit. I was told about it as well. Fine again. But when he opened his mouth to inform me I have no experience, I was so close to giving him a piece of my mind. What nonsense? You already know this is my first time and you have the cheek to repeat what I have already prior told you? Are you kidding me? Pathetic.

He, I believe is a nut case. I can vouch. Anyway, no point arguing with such young punks. No point. Waste of my professionalism and intelligence. This plus my hunger, I tell you. I got into my car and drove to I Utama. Thank god, not really far, and because I arrived way earlier before being swarmed by the lunch time crowd, parking was akin waiting for me. Walking in, between the row of restaurants on this floor, I opted for Soup Restaurant. Why not? I simply adore Chinese soups. Shockingly, as I walked in, I realise that there were other people who have beat me. They were already seated at the front dining area. Leaving me not much choice but to walk to the far end dining area which does make a difference. Unlike the front where there are huge bamboo plants, and water fountain, this akin a smaller square dining area does not leave much room. Additionally, is so simply basic in ambiance. I didn't mind. After all, hunger was all running through my mind. 

Prompt service. Menu came by, and I didn't have any qualms in deciding over the Double Boiled Waisan And Ginger Root Chicken Soup, Rice and White fungus Pear Almond Chilled dessert. Settled. Its all about traditional and typical dishes in Soup Restaurant which of course are my favourites. But no point ordering too much because how can I alone finish up all? Impossible. Not for this Indian lady who eat so little. 

While waiting, in fact not even within the next two or three minutes, a tiny portion of lettuce leaves in soy soy and sesame oil arrived. I guess this is the appetizer or the greeting of customers. Tucking in, what a wondrous small delight I thought. Woke me almost instantly, wish they would have given me another bowl, then again, won't make sense because this is just I think a complimentary gesture while awaiting for the rest of the items.
Within 5 minutes, arrived the dishes I have ordered. Two chunky pieces of chicken, some lotus roots, kei chi/wolf-berries and old ginger for the Waisan Chicken Soup in a bowl. Light and refreshing, without compromising on the quintessential Chinese flavours,  soup was a joy to my heart, mouth and tummy. Honestly, I so loved this soup which potentially I believe will inject energy and strength into my system. Slurping in, as well pouring it over the rice for eating alongside red chillies, all finished off within so soon, I  actually thought of calling for another type of soup. It then kicked into me that chilled dessert is on my table.

Not overly sweet, just the right consistency and consisting of soft crunchy white fungus and pear pieces and almond thin pieces, White fungus Pear Almond Chilled dessert was sincerely diviners. Soothing and refreshing, while still at daintily slurping, strike again on my mind, maybe, should I call for another variant of such a sweet pleasure? But considering that the dining area is already all cramped up and people were ordering like nobody's business by this hour, I settled the bill and left.  
Maybe, next time when I am in I Utama, I will give another go to Soup Restaurant. Worth paying RM33.65. Don't you think so, for such a meal which will trill you if you are a true lover of Chinese food.

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  1. The food looks simple and delicious... This seems a decent place worth visiting :)

  2. can't believe so many options for soup could be there in one place

  3. Sounds like some fantastic soups! Looks delightful too!

  4. Oh this restaurant is also available at your area. Its well known for Samsui Ginger Chicken

  5. woahhh that's awesome!! We don't have anything like that here, eventhough there's plenty of chinese restaurants. The fungus soup looks so good- we usually make it home because there are very few restaurants who serve it near me, but it's so easy to over cook the fungus so that it's mushy!

  6. food looks a bit pricey but am sure the soup taste terrific. Yea...This reminds me I have to make some double boiled soup too.

  7. Very nice! Follow me on gfc and i Follow you back, Kiss

  8. Wonderful variety I must say. Everything looks delicious!

  9. many options for soup..all look so healthy and delicious


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