Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Hai Jing - Kampung Jawa (Klang)

Which wind blew us to this part of Klang? Kampug Jawa specifically? Well, its the family wind. My other half-half's family wind. Akin a family retreat get-together for ushering one of the family members big birthday. I am saying big because its birthday celebration for the older member  and not a kiddo. Whether whoever's birthday it is within the family, children's birthdays can't sincerely be dinner in Chinese restaurant, it must be blown out of proportion these days by rich or not rich parents for the sake of showing off, we do make it a point in making our presence known. We actually do  try our best in joining family members for most celebrations. Albeit, to tell you the truth, I am not the darling sister-in-law in my other half-half's family. What can I do? If people can't accept me for who I am? The non-pretentious and can't put up with dramas. And Indian dramas,  mind you, can be the worst twisted plot which does take place within the family. No to stay there's Malay or Chinese dramas, but you can beat Indian dramas. As it is I have my own set of drama going on in my life, I really don't want to be dragged, neither get involved in family dramas. Of course, at the end of the day, when family members extend an invitation, as I have said, we must respect them. 

This drive of ours to Kampung Jawa I tell you was akin the Tamil movie no end twisted plot. Of course, we were told of the location. Then again, because we have not been to this part of Klang, we overshot until a couple of phone calls started flying before we arrived in front of Restoran Makanan Laut Hai Jing. Parking is fine, though I can't tell you how the scenario will be if you come over when restaurant is really pack. We on the other hand were here for an early dinner, so, we parked right in front. Restoran Makana Laut Hai Jing is quite big. A large dining area, but don't expect much from the ambiance. Cemented floor, ceiling fans, standard tables and chairs and red table cloth is akin customary. Food was called for 11 adults and 2 kids. Meanwhile, popped up peanuts, sliced red chillies, chopped garlic and Chinese tea.

It didn't take too long thereafter for the dishes to arrive. In fact, within the next 15 minutes, all the dishes were on our table, one after the other. Yam Basket  (Yam Basket Vegetarian) filled along all fried up together chicken, colorful veggies and cashew nuts, over a bed of crispy fried rice noodles, was the first dish we tuck into. Visually attractive, quite a hearty portion, Yam Basket, my all time favorite, definitely needed more seasoning. I thought it was rather bland. Rather tasteless to be specific. Nonetheless, I appreciated the crunchy veggies and cashews nut primarily, whereas family members didn't mind finishing off everything, including the chicken pieces and the fried yam outer casing. 
Simply fried Omelette,(Tofu Scrambled Eggs), I really don't know why, will always taste precious in Chinese restaurants. A basic fried omelette, fried with onion and spring onion, it did delight all of us. Appetising. Such a no frill omelette just taste heaven when eaten with rice. Yes, rice alone will do the good job for a happy day meal.   
Batter Coated Crispy Squids/Sotong (Prawn Fritters) is the other dish which must be reckoned as  forever sensational.  Wonder what's the secret? Maybe must be the crunchiness and when eaten piping hot by dipping or not into chilli sauce, its a must have when dining in Chinese restaurants.      
Another kid friendly dish was the Clay Pot Tofu, Thick, gooey and various types of veggies and tofu drowned inside, the two kiddos I noticed had a ball of a time. For me however, its another dish as the yam basket. I couldn't help but question myself what's with the lack of tastes. Claypot Tofu didn't like make an impact on my taste-buds.  
Kangkung Belacan (Kangkung Belacan) is an all time favourite amongst the Indians. Whether it has been deliciously elevated, I think that's beside the point. Indians will basically crave for it. Honestly this one? Water spinach high fire, fired up quickly along belacan, chillies and onion?  I rest my case. Overcooked, over soggy and  begging for major punches of spiciness. After one mouthful, I didn't want to dig further and I also didn't dare open my mouth to comment. You know how sensitive family members can be when they are actually lovingly every bit of it? You bet Nava K didn't want to rock the boat.    
Consisting of crispy fried chicken pieces and thinly sliced cucumber, lots of onion and red chilli stripes in some sort of sweet spicy sauce atop, Thai Style Chicken (Thai Steam Fish) was akin a lazily put together dish for a foodie like Nava K. Just a mumbo-jumbo that didn't get me anywhere. Not to my taste, sorry. I didn't want to watch also who ate or not.   
We then tackled the Butter prawns, 2 types of Asam Fish and Kam Heong Crab. Succulent fresh prawns cooked in withered like crispy stripes of buttery crumbles, should I really rave about Butter Prawns? To be fair (Butter Prawns), I shouldn't downgrade it. I think its a pleasant dish. Though trust me, I have tasted really fantastic buttery sinful prawns elsewhere.   
The two types of Asam fish, as appealing as they appeared, yes sure, I shouldn't complain. Yet, I really couldn't understand why I am struggling with trying to figure out what happen to the big, bold prominent flavours (Steamed Cod Fish). Were are they hiding in these two fish items? 

The finale, finale is always crab right? I know. It can get rather messy biting, chewing and hammering crabs (Chilli Crab). That's pretty much the joy and fun eating of pinching, digging and getting your fingers and hands on crabs. Crabs fried with soy sauce, dried prawns, onion and chillies were acceptable. Only acceptable. I definitely won't blow trumpets neither sing praises for Kam Heong Crab (Kam Heong Prawn).   
RM450.00 for this family lovingly dining together in Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Hai Jing? Seriously, I am not sure what should I say. Maybe can be regarded as worthy or not worthy, perhaps this is the market price for such a meal across the board (Seri Langat Seafood & Bagan Hailam)? You tell me (Coconut Flower Telok Gong). I'm listening. 


  1. It's interesting to see the different restaurants and the dishes available there in your posts. Everything looks good...it's only after reading your post we realize that not every pretty picture tastes as good. But I find this virtual tour rather enjoyable.

  2. Just Meh!! One of those restaurants where you will not go back even though price is reasonable...

  3. This place sound familiar. Like been there before. But must be long time ago. :)

  4. I like the fluffy eggs too!! And the crabs look interesting!

  5. OMG, would love to dig into these dishes! xoxo

  6. As always, gorgeous clicks, scrumptious food and beautiful narration. I always feel teleported to the place where your story is told and you always leave me wanting for more. Very nice.

  7. Wonderfully written review.. superb!!

  8. I don't mind if it is not a fancy place bt the food shud be delicious.. the food is so yummy i am hungry now

  9. Looks like an average one, nothing more nothing less.

  10. Loved the crispy fried rice with noodles and the crabs they look so tempting.. Well written review

  11. All of your clicks tempt me too much though you've mentioned abt the taste...Nice review...


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