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Turkey – Ankara & Bolu (I Conquered Turkey)

Routing out of Cappadocia, the first stop for the day, supposedly another knowledge thirsting visit, when it actual fact the catch was another marketing and sales gimmick (Cappadocia Turkey). No doubt, sincerely, this visit of ours in Hanem Arts Centre, in all fairness, I must say did expose us on semi-precious and precious as Nava K gemstones from beneath Turkey. (Canakkale/Kusadasi/ Pamukkale & Istanbul) Honestly, we did gather some knowledge on how stones are carefully harvested and cut-shined-polished, thereafter either sold as individual pieces or mounted in/on jewelries. The best part of it all was that there’s no hold barred to picturing. Yes, you can put your phone or camera to use compared  to those outlets I have visited in other countries (Krabi ThailandPerth Australia & Bangkok Thailand). Took me by surprise until I made it a point for checking with the staff. He reaffirmed it. Such an unorthodox liberal business think-tank I believe must be looked up at. Respect and thumbs up to these people. Having said that, no matter what, I am not gamed for precious gems. Not at all. Unsure I am if the rest bought, but I can vouch that all of us did marvel over those impressive glittering gems.   
On the road again, followed by our customary lunch break, by 3.00pm, we were at the gatehouse of Ankara Anitkabir. Quite a peculiar security check actually, we got down from the coach for passing by the guards, consequently, we crossed the road to get back into the coach. Whatever for? Even tour guide couldn’t answer. He in return just smiled. Guess one of those things even the Turkish people can’t comprehend.
Nevertheless, I can certainly tell you what’s in store for us in Ankara Anitkabir. Ankara Anitkabir is the state of art for honouring and remembering Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey and also the Turkish leader of War of Independent. Logically then, Ankara Anitkabir is synonymous with history of Turkey and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Literally everything related and correlated, we viewed the collection of precious things, books and what not. Changing of guards is the other attraction, additionally, Ankara Anitkabir is the resting place of Ismet Inonu, the second President of Turkey who left to heaven in 1973. His tomb on the opposite side of the Ceremonial Ground faces Ataturk Mausoleum.
Ankara Anitkabir, believe me, in a huge open area is really fantastic. Really meaningful monumental structures and it stretches till the far end. All of these coming together (Hanoi Vietnam & Rome 2 Days) as one of the best among the rest of the places I have visited so far in Turkey and elsewhere. What else did I do in Ankara Anitkabir? I was already reminded by our tour guide not to needle the guards. So I had to behave myself but when it came to my moment of picturing, I literally let loose because Ankara Anitkabir for some reason or rather did spring-sprung my inner happiness. Bottom line, I just so love Ankara Anitkabir.

By far, Ankara Anitkabir is the only place we visited in Ankara. our journey continued further up all the way to Bolu. Just a stopover and nothing for sightseeing, our overnight took place in Koru Hotel during this winter snowfall. Nice hotel. My room was no short of comfort, dinner however didn’t really capture our palates.

Breakfast on the other hand was really tummy tucking. Indeed, an appreciated buffet. Right after breakfast, we started with happiness and clowning in the garden, akin a true fairy-tale snow paradise. Marvelousness. By 9.00am, we departed for hitting back to Istanbul.
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  1. Really nice pictures! If I didn't read your post I'd be under the assumption that the taste of the food there was heavenly! But I suppose that isn't always so. At least you had fun in the snow.:)

  2. Wow such a beautiful place... Hope u enjoy so much fun out there...

  3. snow covered paradise
    Keep in touch

  4. I loved the hotel u stayed in and the food was decent too...
    ur pics playing in the snow turned out really good :)

  5. Nature is dry here same as the food however I liked your spirit of jumping

  6. Lovely natural beauty and awesome clicks.

  7. Great photos!! I especially love the playing in the snow ones.. hehehe!! <3 Thank you for sharing! -

  8. lovely pics Nava ...such a beautiful place..lucky you...

  9. Superb clicks...looks like a great place:)

  10. You are so lucky. You are always travelling around to different countries!

  11. Great clicks...... Turkey is beautiful.....and love your pics.... :)

  12. Lovely clicks and place :) I see u had so much fun :) keep going...

  13. Gosh, looks like it's freaking cold there, Nava!

  14. Nice clicks & beautiful Nava as always...

  15. You looked like you were having plenty of fun in the snow :) The view looks great- nice, quiet and relaxing! Or maybe it's just because I've never seen snow in real life before :(


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