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Peach Raisin Bread Pudding (Eggless)

Who ever said writing is easy? Maybe it is for those professional qualified writers, editors or journalists. Then again, who ever said you can't polish or work on your writing skills by practicing on your own? Remember, perseverance, determination and will power? I definitely am not doubting, but the hours of practicing by sitting in front of the laptop has almost broke my backbone and my reading glasses. Glasses power ranger sincerely have gradually gone up, and mind you, some days writing is really a major struggle. Maybe we should call it writer's block or blogger's block? Today is one of those days I am still till this moment constantly staring at my laptop and at the sky, hoping god will shower me with words of wisdom (Pandan/Screwpine Poached PearCream Puffs, Soft RollsAlmond Brownies) . Even so, words just won't roll out of my mind and with too many people calling out to god, I think god is being selective on who he should help first. What about me and god right now, are you asking? 

So far, I have not got any indication, maybe, I don't know, I am rather confused as well, I think better for me to start somewhere while god is busy attending to other more important crucial world matters. No problem (Chocolate Cheesecake, Mango Sticky Rice, Fried Pineapple Rolls & Lemon Squares). I should be able to do it, of course, if god lends his hands, all the more, it will be absolutely bountiful bounciness (Wajik/Glutinous Rice Cakes, Chocolate Lave Cake Microwave & Mango Kulfi).  Having said that, I sort of have decided that I am in the right track of walking you towards this Peach Raisin Bread Pudding (Eggless). Obviously, bread pudding generally comes into the picture because we can't simply hold back bread slices which in the end will end up in the bin. Yes, we should use them up like how its a trend now whereby people are also slyly waiting to strike for opportunity by using others for their own personal gain. 

My gain basically is really down to earth. As I have said, let there be Peach Raisin Bread Pudding in my house. Not only bread was on stand-by, the rest of the ingredients too were akin waiting for me. What else is next? Making bread pudding (Pineapple Bread Pudding). Tear bread slices and fill in individual ramekins or tiny Pyrex containers, add raisins (Oats Raisin Cookies), pour whisked milk and butter, subsequently, bake and once they are out the oven, add peaches, as well as drizzle the syrup. Peach Raisin Bread Pudding is not only eggless, it also sugar sparingly. Simplicity in a jiffy, without short changing you on how a satisfying dessert  (Mandarin Orange Marmalade, Banana Chocolate Cake & Tam Tim Krob) should essentially be. 

4 slices bread
2 cups milk
2 tbsp melted butter
2 tbsp raisins
1/2 can peaches with syrup
(Note; ingredients are estimates - plus or minus)

Tear bread and fill into 3 ramekins/pyrex.

Add raisins - here,there and everywhere on the bread or just scatter them inside.
Whisk milk and butter.
Pour over bread - again like for the raisins, equally distribute into each portion.
Bake at 170C for approximately 25 mins.

Add peaches with the syrup atop immediately if you love warm pudding.
Otherwise chill first, thereafter atop peach and syrup.
Trend alongside "nava-k", possibly on every other social media please. Your support will rocket my happiness. Thank you everyone.


  1. Vow without egg just what I need as I am on a no non veg diet until easter.. thanks fr sharing the recipe :)

  2. i will try it tomorrow itself
    Keep in touch
    www.beingbeautifulandpretty. com

  3. Its deja vu.... I guess! That warm pudding is the one which gets all my attention... slurp!

  4. looks so delicious!! wish i could grab one dessert bowl:-)

  5. Peach in bread pudding sounds yumm. ..he hee starting trouble all bloggers have that Nava.

  6. such a lovely bread pudding... even I don't like to start without introductions, but sometimes it is OK... :)

  7. Looks absolutely delicious &enticing pudding.

  8. I have always made bread pudding with eggs but I like this option. Looks very attractive too. Makes me want to grab a spoon. Thinking about other combos...inspiring...Nava!

  9. wow such a tempting pudding..will try it soon :)

  10. all have starting problems... Your pic and recipe speaks a lot.. Love it to give a try such an easy and amazing pudding..

  11. Looks really yummy and so easy to make!!!
    This is going to be in my "to cook list"!!!

  12. simple yet delicious pudding...Love it...

  13. Gosh you're making me so hungry. Don't tempt me yet. I'm giving up desserts for Lent.

  14. this looks amazing.. Since my kids are not big fan I don't do pudding at home... Waiting for an opportunities.. Your comment about totally blank a post sounds familiar :-)

  15. yummy bread pudding dear! and its eggless too. delicious lah..with the fruits.

  16. Simple, colourful and delicious pudding!!!

  17. Excellent... loved it a lot... Great clicks

  18. Please pass me this delicious pudding..I'd love to dig into that you have used peach and raisins and its eggless too ..yumm yumm

  19. This bread pudding looks so delicious :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. This is so yum and tempting...lovely

  21. I like bread pudding simple without raisin or fruits.


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