Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lahari Kitchen - Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong

My food venture on this day took place in Lahari Kitchen. Thanks to the owner for extending an invitation which of course I didn't refuse. Why should I refuse or what is there to doubt when I am made proud by owners who recognised the existence of Nava K in the virtual world? Don't you agree? I bet you are agreeing. Starting off my day early from my base in Shah Alam because I like to, preferably beat the lunch time crowd. Before 12.00pm, I had already made my presence known in Lahari Kitchen. Located at the left lane you turn into once you notice Pelita Restaurant and trust me, me, you won't have any  issue identifying Lahari Kitchen. Their blue bright signboard I can assure will positively welcome you. I walked in, I greeted the owner, vice-versa, thereafter I sat and took a turnaround to admire their comfortable, clean and well set up ambiance. Since owner was busy attending to customers who were already leaving after tucking into their meal, more were constantly, one after the other streaming in for packing food back whereas the rest were like me, already seated, I had to stay put on my seat. But not till long. You know how fidgety I can get? 

So, instead of staring at the walls  and glimpsing at customers' action reaction, I decided to get closer to the food counter. Mind you, mind and mouth popping vegetarian and non-vegetarian items already ready to be served, maybe, I am not really sure, maybe more items will be added later. 

Its basically, do I actually have to say I am now asking myself, but I will still go ahead and tell you that its Indian food fare in Lahari Kitchen. A mix of north and south, according to the owner who joined me within the next 15 minutes, the must try is their Beriyani. Why, are you curious in finding out? Ingredients for beriyani is an exclusive imported search from India. In fact, I had the honour for seeing all of it. What more can I potentially tell? Tell me please. Already sounding fab until I bet, maybe, you are already salivating?
My hunger throne I admit was also all twisted and turned. I couldn't like immediately wait to dive into the "Hyderabad Dum Briyani" set. I actually did, though I was feeling rather uncomfortable because I didn't feel comfortable eating in front of the owner. In all fairness, I did try to get him owner to join me, but he, for reasons only he knew best, he politely declined. Hyderabad Dum Briyani consisting of grainy, fluffy and sun color rice, cooked alongside a generous piece of chicken and spices cucumber pineapple raita/Indian salad, onion tomato raita, plain curry and boiled egg, priced at RM12.00 didn't, no, did not at all let me down. Yummy-tummy!
By this time, other items had arrived as well. Mutton Curry, Spinach Dhal, Rasam and Papadam. What a filling meal for this lady who eats like a bird. I had to be frank to the owner by telling him not to serve me any more items. He looked at me, he smiled and commented that - "no wonder you can maintain your figure". Wow! I was so close to floating in cloud nine. 
Once I have satisfying tucked in, while simultaneously sipping the slushy, thick, sweet and sour notes Pineapple Lassi, walla!, love this Indian drink, my food lingo spoke to me on which are my favourites.
By far, rasam is the winner. Not the ordinary runny type you get in other Indian restaurants. This one is unique. Maybe the use of different spices, I  still can't get over and done with this aromatic punchy irresistible sour tang Indian healthy soup. Super nice.
Spinach dhal is a winner too. Soft mushy leafy veg in a creamy, thick and really flavourful gravy for kicking waking up my palates almost instantly. How can I not possibly not finish off all of it. Only the silver bowl was left behind.
Oh yes, Hyderabad Beriyani must be awarded hundreds of likes too. I trust it will conquer tight your taste-buds tightly. Then again, honestly, its pretty much your choice in Lahari Kitchen. I really don't want force my food opinion on you. I shouldn't actually. To each our own, I believe so, your choice can be the buffet style lunch, vegetarian banana leaf thali set or A la carte dishes.  A la carte menu by the way comes into the picture for dinner, Lahari Kitchen does offer catering service and its the place for ordering Indian sweets. Get it.

G-8, Jalan Merbah 2
Bandar Puchong Jaya
IOI Mall Lane.
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  1. The variety of dishes is impressive.

  2. looking all this food on the day of fast, mouthwatering
    keep in touch

  3. Hi Nava, did you try the mint lassi?It blew me away ;-)

  4. Looks like you had an awesome lunch! Everything sounds so good!

  5. wonderful review.. looks like an amazing place.. loved the clicks..super

  6. Looks so delectable. I'm so happy there's vegetarian options. Yum!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  7. Seems this restaurant is a cozy place to enjoy some Indian food.Food looks delicious too.

  8. everything looks yumm. mouthwatering!!

  9. Nice review..hope you had a fantastic lunch..lovely clicks

  10. I'm attracted to the price displayed on their banner. Nice food! xoxo

  11. I like the way the food looks...seems to have simple yet delicious homely flavors.

  12. Loved going through your photos. The food looks divine. My eyes are on that biryani with those awesome accompaniments. Great review!

  13. ur so lucky to get to sample foods at various restaurants.. i wish i was a food blogger.. the place looks decent and the food quite nice i mst say

  14. stomach growling liao from your photos


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