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Taste Enclave - Sunway Pyramid

Honestly, to tell you the truth, I was in two minds whether I should accept this Taste Enclave official opening. I am still nursing mum and she somehow started getting clingy and comfortable with me. I am not complaining though, but I felt that I really needed my moment of time. Been, let me tell you, like so, what, like three months already nursing and running with her to the medical center in and out. Look, let me repeat myself again. I am complaining. I am just worn out. I sincerely need a break. So, when this invitation popped, I of course confirmed my presence, but I still had to decide. Mum can't remain alone at home, and she, seemingly doesn't want to return to her son where she's happily for as long as I can remember. Wonder what then because there's no indication at all of her wanting to go back to her original base. 

I still had to do something anyway. I slowly brainwashed her for putting her back to my brother's. Of course, she tried to resist, but I made myself really clear. All sorted out, I dropped her and hurried to Taste Enclave. Thank god! I made it on time before joining the rest by sitting or standing back. Lion dance, VVIPs and ribbon cutting, as well tossing of yee sang for prosperity. Food galore began next in this impressive, modern, spic and span and stylish dining area with 10 stalls and 3 mini restaurants, offering both international and local cuisine and conveniently located within reach for customers to order food and drinks under one roof.  
Sincerely, a food splendour. Array of dishes lined at the stalls, I of course literally went bizarre. Still, I must take my moment of tucking in.  


Good God! How can I resist my favourites. Roasted chicken and duck from "Hong Kong Roast" stall, Additionally, tom yam soup and colourful-vibrant Thai sweet delicacies of "Thailicious" stall? I literally wobbled. I tucked in and utterly I was satisfied with these array of dishes. Deliciously elevated, sumptous and tremendously tummy enlivening. Wish I had more space for food tummy tucking, sadly, only so much I could go. 

Time by this hour has caught up. I had to leave after bidding bye-bye to those people I met and spoke. Taste Enclave, you are on mind. I shall return again on another day once my home affair is put into perspective. Right now, mum is awaiting me. I better go before she starts other new antics. 

Thank you Taste Enclave. 


  1. thats grand, so many cuisine
    Keep in touch

  2. Everything does look inviting and tempting. The place looks awesome too!

  3. Drooling over ur pics dear.....I wish to eat German cuisine ......while going thru ur pics... :)

  4. Vow lucky u get to try so many dishes from various places and restaurants.. ohh i loved this place & the food made me so hungry :D

  5. Wow, I'm jealous!! This looks like an amazing experience!! -

  6. Nice food shots! Bet you had fun feasting! Is this a resort?


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