Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mandarin Orange Sorbet

Honest to goodness, I have nothing against race, religion, traditions, rituals, norms and beliefs. Of course as Malaysians, we must embrace our Satu Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh spirit. Celebrations and festive seasons are also the valid reasons for us to join in the merry making. But this giving oranges during Chinese New Years sometimes can be killer. You keep receiving and receiving until you don't know what to do with them. As it is, my other half-half brings home boxes of mandarin oranges, which I in return as an Indian Chinese, give away to my family. Then I have my share of receiving as well. Nope, nope, you can't refuse according to the Chinese. Mandarin oranges for them are akin golden real gold balls. I wish. In all fairness, Mandarin oranges are given in the spirit of festive blessings and I think, sincerely, I don't know what to think. Maybe as I have already said, giving gold or blessings we other races should refuse or maybe the blessings will go to the Chinese instead of us. Whatever. Really confusing to get to the root of this Mandarin oranges giving and receiving.  

Anyway, I have still been receiving, this year however I put my foot down to not accepting aplenty. I told my Chinese friends, one orange will do, in the end, I still ended up with so many after receiving from others as well. Last year, I made Mandarin Orange Cake Eggless with those fruits which were almost going to the bin, this year, its this Mandarin Orange Sorbet. Logically, oranges are heavenly for  desserts (Tam Tim Krob/Red Rubies, Banana Chocolate Cake, Mango Kulfi & Lemon Squares). Making this sorbet (Watermelon Milk Sorbet & Gula Melaka Sorbet) I tell you, was quite a task actually. 

Peeling and pitting out the white strings and the seeds, also gently pulling or peeling the pulp. Oh, lets not forget about the carefully grating out the zest, without getting into the skin. Oh hack!  I still did it (Pumpkin Sago Dessert, Butter Cocoa Cake, Mango Cheesecake & Peanut Cookies). The making, that is stirring I think is pretty much still tolerable (Coconut Mango Jelly, Saffron Cinnamon Poached Pear, Coconut Bar Eggless & Lemongrass/Serai Cordial), but its not over yet. Sorbet in and out of the freezer for pulsing (Nescafe Ice Cream), prior to, god, demurely spooning into citrusy, zesty and luscious Mandarin Orange Sorbet. I hope I didn't frighten you on the time involved in making? What more can I say except Happy Trying everyone (Mango Sticky Rice & Bingka Pisang).     
10 mandarin oranges (okay to use more) 
1 cup (more or less) white or brown sugar (brown sugar a better choice) 
1 tsp zest (from the the same fruits - only from the skin and not the bitter white inner side)  

Peel the skin of the oranges and remove all the white strings. 
Peel each section of the fruit individually, discard the seeds and gently scrape/pull the pulp out.
Keep all the pulp aside. 
Simmer sugar with some water to dilute for a nice consistency and let it cool down. 
Add pulp (keep some aside) and syrup in a blender/processor.
Pulse for a thick fruity purée.
Then pour the puree into a container and freeze.
Later, when almost frozen, gently break and pulse/blend again.
Tip into the same container and freeze again.  
Repeat this process for another 2 times.  
After pulsing for the 3rd time, add the zest and the kept aside pulp.
Stir well and put back sorbet into the freezer.
To serve - scrape and add in a bowl or tall glass.
Garnish with mint leaves (optional).
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  1. Wow...This sorbet definitely looks vibrant!!!

  2. The colour it self is so vibrant I cant take my eyes back

  3. Orange sorbet is totally new to me, looks awesome and nice color..

  4. love this orange sorbet ...looks delicious..

  5. Thats such a refreshing sorbet wish some crates were sent here too.Just kidding :)

  6. Ohhhhh, you are making me so hungry!! This looks great! -

  7. Orange sorbet looks so vibrant & refreshing...ideal for this orange season....

  8. omg this is so yummy and the recipe is so simple too.. will give it a try.. thanks fr sharing :)

  9. Wow it looks yum! Thanks for sharing dear will surely give it a try!

  10. Love this recipe! And with that touch of mint this will refresh, rejuvenate...

  11. i never know fruits symbolizes all this, well i love fruits :)
    we get a lot of oranges in winters in india, will ask mum to try the recipe
    keep in touch

  12. Beautiful orange sorbet..... very refreshing and comforting one.... :)

  13. Sounds so simple to make and looks so delicious!

  14. vibrant sorbet. will sure try this as summer too is around the corner. just heard on TV how important oranges are for the chinese new year and also people buy the ones with leaves:)

  15. Love this orange sorbet.....nice colour and very tempting!!..perfect for upcoming summers!!

  16. It looks sooo yummy and refreshing :)

  17. Love the presentation, Nava! All set for another romantic mood??

  18. wa nice! freshly made and using natural ingredients!

  19. looks refreshing.I've tried mango sorbet before,but not with oranges.Seems this is great to try....

  20. Very refreshing sorbet with a stunning colour...Loved it:)

  21. much needed for coming up summers :D Looks very soothing!!

  22. I am a sucker for oranges and this sorbet is up my alley.


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