Friday, December 26, 2014

Yaki Niku Ishiya - The Strand, Kota Damansara

Friends? Oh-my, what a sensitive topic. I'm still going ahead with opening the friendship can of worms, whether you like it or not. Trust me, all sorts of friends. Tell me about it? Which and what type I have not encountered? The good, the bad, the ugly, the sly, the sneaky, the pretentious, the worst among the whole lot are those who pretend to be your best friends, instead they are the worst back stabbers. I know. I have been stabbed many a times. Thank god I bounced back, maybe that's why I am careful with who I mix around now. I also learned that the less friends I have, the more uncomplicated my life will be. True enough. I can't be happier. Why shouldn't I, thrown in with learning to enjoy my own company? But to those sincere closest friends (Good Friends Restaurant SS15 Subang Jaya), I will stand by them no matter what. Like this couple who have made their base elsewhere, whenever they are back, we make sure we find time for each other. Additionally, for us Malaysians, unlike in Western countries where people rather dine out on their own, because they don't want to pick up friendship dining together bills, we Malaysians won't mind paying, but we still bitch at the back, mind you. However still, we Malaysians can't deviate from meeting friends over food and booze. Precisely the reason why I was with the husband and wife team in Yakiniku Ishiya.

Seemingly, they have dined in Yakiniku Ishiya,  maybe I think, twice or three times, so, they strongly vouched that the Japanese way in this Japanese restaurant is worth. Ambiance is like other Japanese restaurants (Nihonkai Kota Kemuning), but what particular won me is the outdoor seating. Especially when sun had set, the romantic dining ambiance does automatically come into the picture. Quite a popular restaurant, I did notice big groups inside and around us where we were seated outside. Aplenty options on the menu too, I bet if you are a first timer, you can't immediately decide, then again, nothing all that new if you have dined in other Japanese restaurants. Pretty much featuring similar dishes (Tomoe Subang Jaya, Hyotan Subang Jaya & Asahi Times Square).  

We started off with beer, only for the two of us, whereas my female friend opted for fresh watermelon juice, thereafter, each one of the dishes we called for popped up one after the other. By then we had already nibbled the appetizer. Small portion of radish and squid, cooked with ginger and Japanese soy sauce, topped, as usual, what else can it be with Japanese garnishes, except mainly spring onion. Not bad. Kicked started us appetizingly. 

Certainly an appreciated mouthwatering start for receiving "Edamame"/steamed, supposedly said as immature green beans, like we cared anyway, we nibbled the green pods, please do not, swallow the whole thing. You can't, trust me, eat the outer skin. Otherwise, I'm afraid you may be rushed to the Japanese doctor. 
Next was the soft wobbly tofu seated in a light broth, topped with lazily julienned seaweed. Another indeed, appetizing dish. 
Thereafter we tackled the Cold Salad. Cold has never been my game, I really sincerely don't like cold food. Nevertheless, I had a tiny bit of the finely sliced Japanese radish and green seaweed, sprinkled atop roasted sesame seeds. I rested my case over this dish, whereas both my friends crunch munch every bit of this crunchy salad.  
Up next, two dishes simultaneously. "Mixed Tempura Moriwase" and "Cheesy Rolls'. I fancied the crispy fried assortment of tempura, dipped into a light runny sauce before tucking in. Not to say, cheesy rolls were a let down, but I didn't like that, for a fact, it created such a mess on our table due to its utterly fried crispy skin, filled in with oozy cheese, which literally crumbled. The best attraction, yes, I like call it attraction, for us was the fried fan in the basket of tempura. We couldn't figure out what it was, whether just the batter or coated Japanese veggie, it surely definitely came on as a winner.    

Just as I thought we had enough of eating, my friend called for "Fried Squids"and "BBQ Chicken". Fried squids did justice for our beer, tad bit of saltiness and spiciness, utmostly crispy made, whereas bbq chicken, at the first impression was so inviting, however, once we nibbled over the chicken pieces alternatively threaded alongside, I think zucchini and brinjal, I definitely was not impressed. Calling for another round of beer, we managed to polish off every bit of the dishes we ordered, subsequently, we adjourned to a nigh spot for our beer drinking night.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this dining experience in Yakiniku Ishiya, but to return again, I doubt. Distance of course is something I really need to consider.

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