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Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash

Of course! Of course!! I must agree, as well as admit that home-made body washes undoubtedly are  the best among the rest. Especially when compared to commercial body products. Indeed, I am all for a concoction of natural home ingredients, free from harmful radicals. Honey, milk and lemon juice are my favourites, sure, why not, I might as well include even oats or sea salt which sincerely acts like those drama queens who stab our back when we least expect, for scrubbing our body. But what we fail to understand, moreover, even the smart people who preach about home made body washes don't tell us, is the eye sore messiness. Look, I am not in no way discouraging you. I will not. Who am I anyway, its your choice. Yet its my responsibility for telling you, I too of course feel wonder good and satisfied after scrubbing, but once its over and done, I turned around and when I notice my bathroom walls and floor, goodness! Imagine trying to wash all of those sticking slimy, simultaneously, scooping all of it before about ants and roaches invade haunt your bathroom? Scary, isn't it? I know.

Did I say anything wrong? Of course not. The reality of behind the scene of using home made body washes. For me, let me totally be blunt. Its a washy wash out. I really don't enjoy the cleaning. I don't want to end up cursing, swearing and sweating, and if I am not careful, there are possibilities of slipping, falling or breaking my fragile back. Therefore, logically, I rather buy any of those deemed as natural ingredients body washes. Spoilt for choice, are we not? Definitely. Aplenty choices these days, one of it is this Himalaya Noursihing Cream & Honey Body Wash (Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub). Recommended for dry skin, nonetheless, I believe it will still be a fit perfect for other skin types.  
As stated on the packaging, apart from honey and milk, Himalaya Body Wash is infused with natural emollient, it is of a creamy-medium consistency and its natural scent is invigorating to our senses. All of these coming together as a body wash, packaged in a hardy plastic bottle with a flip cap.   
Seemingly a handful is enough for your whole body, feel free to use a cheese cloth, if you want to for gently rubbing and showering. Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash does lather well, it does wake me up, it washes off easily and it does not leave any residue behind. Additionally, it gives me smoothness and suppleness by locking in moisture. However, I must speak on the other side of Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash. I still apply moisturiser after wiping my body, essentially you should because only so much only it can do and albeit it lathers well, it will not form much. Which means, you might end up using more and that potentially is the reason why Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash may finish up within 2 months, twice a day use.
Still, I don't mind keeping this wash close to my skin because its within my budget, packaging may be nothing great, but appreciated and it definitely saves my time from making my own kitchen concoction body wash and also from cleaning up my bathroom. Tell me now, why shouldn't you yourself give a go to Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash? Take care beauties. Have a nice day.


  1. I like Himalaya Herbal products, don't seem to have seen this here or else I would have tried... thank you for the review...

  2. Something about a good smell makes me happy, this body wash sounds amazing :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. It's interesting that not many pay attention to body wash. I certainly need a good moisturising one & I'm real fussy with the scent.

  4. Himalaya is a big name in India.. i wud love to try this nt sure if it is available here,, nice review :)

  5. these lotions are best in winters :) thanks for the lovely review dear

  6. my son uses the dandruff shampoo from Himalaya,price is cheaper at Guardian.

  7. They are herbal and have a good smell too ......Nice review that u clearly explained about the merits with scoring points.... :)

  8. Lovely review dear!!! Was using Himalaya products once upon a time

  9. haha ...truly said...nice review and I agree with you ...Even I liked using Himalaya products

  10. Very nice review.. I love Himalayan products

  11. Hi Nava, Himalaya products are great and wonderful as they used natural ingredients. I have been using some of their products on and off since they first launched it in Malaysia. Their price is also affordable. Regards :)

  12. look good, I will try it if I get hold of it.

  13. i have heard of this brand before. But have never tried.


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