Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe - SS15, Subang Jaya

We humans are strange creatures. Yes, I am talking about myself as well. We humans think we have absolutely, genuinely and 120% decided. Maybe we have, but we still for emotional reasons start doubting if we have made the right decision in the right frame of mind after considering all the facts or did we actually haphazardly decide. Precisely, the precise question which has been constantly running knocking my mind. I actually, to tell you the truth, I don't think I regretted calling it quits with my career. Not at all. Then what? Perhaps its just the sentiment of letting go of what's been mine for 15 years. Not easy, mind you to let go of the good memories, remember I have already told you (Vanilla - The Mille Crepe Cafe)? Though for the last 6 months or so, its been massive disgusting hell. Nevertheless, I definitely am not gonna turn back on my strong bold decision. I am a proud person you know. I will never eat back my words. Therefore, I told myself, its best I learn to let go by accepting the reality. At work I am still, another one week to go, while clearing my desk for handing over, I thought I might as well value my few closest friends by continuing with our lunch food venture like how we do every, whenever we can. 

On this day, only the two of us could go along for Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe venturing. Walking from our office for an early lunch, it took approximately 10 minutes or so, before we were seated in Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe. Sincerely, an admirable ambiance. Truly classy, homey, and loveable contrast of rustic, bold and subtle colours.

Getting down on it, on the menu almost immediately, oh-my-my. Quite a selection of Western dishes, Asian dishes and Western dishes with an Asian twist. Speak about desserts, drinks and coffee trials? Walla! Got us all fun and funky until, trust me, we couldn't really make up our mind on what to call for. Akin lost in space like forever. Definitely was not fair to the young staff who patiently awaited. So, logically, we nailed it. We ordered.   

Subsequently, sadly, service stalled. Notably, maybe because by now, customers had already swarmed in by the dozens. Who else can customers be in Subang Jaya? Tell me please? Mainly, college students. What a lucky pack of current generation. Don't you think they are gifted for dining in such restaurants these days? Unlike us who carry food from home. Lucky lot. Pampered by parents in the name of obtaining degree. For the purpose of parents proud. So that parents can brag and show off to the society. Whether these students are really keen in studying or force to, I guess it does not matter. Better still, colleges profits. Moreover, believe me, these students can be quite a thing. We could clearly hear them showing off and talking about their latest phones and which car they are driving. Noise pollution did get to us, I guess we, like the rest of the adult customers had no other choice but close our eyes and ears. This live college students show, by the way is not new to us. We see it daily in our college too. Nevertheless it did occupy our time until we then realise drinks took 10 minutes before being served. Mmmm??

Energy Banana Juice extremely won my heart instantly. Take a look if you don't believe me, I bet you can compute why. Smooth, thick and banana natural burst  in a cute jar, seated stylishly atop a bucket of ice. Isn't it sensational? Of course. Really. I sipped in, I didn't hesitate in awarding all the yesses. Honestly, it did packed energy into my empty stomach. Super good. 
My other colleague on the other hand was contented with sky juice. Mind you, this plain water I tell you, yes I agree, its just plain water, yet, adorably presented. Nice tall order bottle filled with sky juice and a glass for pouring it, prior to drinking.
Within another next 5 minutes of wait, food came cruising. Potato Smoked Salmon consisted of roasted potato slices and thin slices of salmon, atop with creamy sauce and a tiny sprinkle of roasted black sesame seeds, teamed along greens, tomato and and roasted almond. Sincerely speaking, for someone like me who is not really a fan of Western food, Potato Smoked Salmon conquered my palate actively. A dash of Lingam chilli sauce, I know sounds corny, I couldn't help it, I needed a sparkle of spiciness, not regrettable though, for polishing off every bit of this dish. Simply lovable.
Lemongrass chicken paired alongside shaped as two separate hearts fragrant rice and salad similarly put a broad smile on my colleague. She wouldn't stop praising. Tender lemongrass scented meat tucked under crispy skin, grainy fluffy rice and fresh crunchy salad. Helped out by Mr Lingam chilli sauce as well, its a joyous hearty meal.
Did we stop with the mains? No, we didn't. We stared at each other and broke the silence. We told ourselves that it will be such a dessert waste if we didn't call for Stracciatella" and "Gula Melaka" Cake. I actually initially was quite blur where's the start to Stracciatella (espresso, ice cream and chocolate chip cookie roll)? Then again, as colleague agreed, there's no right and wrong. Do as you please. Do whatever you like with it. Either drink the coffee, spoon into the ice cream and crunch the crunchy akin cigar roll or mix and match them. I tried both combination, consequently, I felt as though I had knock-knock, knocked on heavens door. 
Gula Melaka Cake too was no short of diviners. Moist cake layered with thick Gula Melaka/palm sugar syrup and butter sugar frosting atop, at the side and between the layers. Extreme richness, still, such a mouthwatering sumptous piece.
RM61.00 may be pricey, nevertheless, we left by carrying satisfaction. You bet, possibly and hopefully, we will return again to Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe. We will. Keeping our fingers crossed. 

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  1. great to know that you are going to take a break from working... everybody needs it at some time... good luck!

  2. Looks like a good restaurant and the desserts look inviting.

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  5. I love the name for this cafe, it does have that inviting atmosphere about it :D
    And lovely food, the cake is definitely eye catching!

    Happy Holidays!
    Choc Chip Uru

  6. All food look delicious and nicely presented.Seems like a great place to have lunch...

  7. Glad to know about ur new developments Nava. All the best.The palm sugar cake looks yumm.

  8. I must say they have nicely organized their menu...nice review

  9. good luck for the new developments and amazing place

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