Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mr Roti Canai - Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam)

Family (mine, yours, his, hers and ours) is really the biggest ball of fire. Be really careful. You must know how to juggle the big fire family ball. Otherwise, sorry to say, you won't know when you will be burned, or maybe even, slyly bitten. Of course, family is fun as well, am I not right? Ahem! Okay, okay, I don't want to know what's running through your mind right now, this whole family plot family I have highlighted is actually bringing you closer to why my imperfect soul mate and myself ended up in Mr Roti Canai. We were told during a family gathering by the family member that Mr Roti Canai is must try. Sounded really mouthwatering the way the menu of Mr Roti Canai was put forth, so, Ms Nava and her darling (sorry guys, I don't think there's a need to mention my hub's name, I like to keep him in privacy) came over on this Friday by 11.30am. Early lunch is always better, if you have a choice, instead of being amongst the lunch time crowd and battling for efficient service. 

Impressive. What? The whole set up Mr Roti Canai. Corner lot spacious eatery, tables and chairs are more comfortable compared to the miserable backside painful ones, especially the chairs in other in other Indian restaurants. Menu popped up soonest as we sat, we felt as though its a book of knowledge for explaining and illustrating the items. Not bad. All clearly listed, point and pick your choice, mind you, not only Indian dishes, but also Malay-Indian-Mamak dishes. 

We did have trouble on immediately deciding what to order. Actually, we were rather confused. Wasn't easy to decide considering the amount of dishes. Eventually, no matter what, we can't be staring at the menu forever right? Sure. So. we decided upon Chicken Curry Rice Platter, Fish Curry Platter, Syrup (rose drink) and Sky Juice. Drinks as usual, actually must, came cruising in a jiffy. But I've got really nothing to say on syrup and sky juice. Syrup is red colored sweet cordial whereas sky juice basically, if you don't know, is plain water. 

Thereafter, within the next five minutes or so, arrived our mains. Beautiful plating. Stylish, believe me. The moment you look at the dishes, you will immediately salivate. That so vibrant and attractive plating. Chicken curry platter consisted of a scoop of rice, atop with a fiery chicken curry and bendi/ladies finger, accompanied along cabbage stir fried with spices and coconut, cucumber pineapple salad, papadam, a little more curry in another tiny square saucer and more fiery curry with succulent bite sizes chicken in a separate oblong bowl. Gosh! Thank god I think I managed to describe. I think I did fine too, did I? Chicken Curry Platter was a whole complete set of deliciousness. Hearty portion, tastefully elevated and I so loved the spicy curry especially. Yum.   
Similarly, Fish Curry Platter was diviners. Cooked with spices grainy fluffy basmati rice, atop with an egg, and teamed alongside fish in a thick curry, another small serving of plain curry, papadam and onion raita (yoghurt onion). According to my other half-half, its a satisfying sumptous meal. Super good he again had to comment.   
Other half-half did a good job of polishing his meal, whereas I, as usual struggled with finishing of the rice. Nevertheless, I made sure all the sides were already happily tucked into my stomach. All in all, we are pleased with Mr Roti Canai. Efficient service, impressive ambiance and menu, and food was not at all a letdown. Kudos Mr Roti Canai. 

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  1. Am drooling seeing the pics! love the ingredients of Ice cream and would love to try some time... Nice review.

  2. yummy Indian food. :D

  3. We don have a lot of good Indian restaurants around my area, but this looks fantastic :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Everything looks delicious. I like the presentation on your plates. As for the roti, I have seen it on TV only. Flipping the dough looks so difficult but I can imagine what the outcome is. Interesting introduction to the dishes.:)

  5. Loved the colorful pics Nava .U busy these days ?

  6. so big portion. Guess need to share baru can finish if it is me

  7. It all looks so very delicious! I dont know if we have this restaurant in India but would love to check it out...Lovely Pics :)

  8. This place is really good .. the food is so yummy :)


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