Monday, November 10, 2014

Asian Rice Pot @ Kelana Jaya (Petaling Jaya)

Looks like people have been blowing trumpets on Asian Rice Pot and I had to constantly hear all of it. Seemingly Asian Rice Pot is akin a melting pot amongst the nearby and maybe, I really don't know, I'm guessing though, maybe even amongst far distance customers. Then again, tell me? How far out can the customers' base map contour stretch to? Perhaps the further far out within Petaling Jaya? Which by far, is quite a major contour area. These people, most of them, including my two friends, kept tempting me over Asian Rice Pot. Their current regular eatery. They of course praised the deliciousness of the dishes, moreover, I was told that I must give a go to Asian Rice Pot. Literally, I must at their high recommendation. Alright. I didn't mind. All the way from Shah Alam, better be worth it I told myself, we arrived at Asian Rice Pot for an early dinner by 7.00pm. 

I was introduce to the lady owner who was busy networking with her customers. Respect handed out to her from me because she still make a point to greet me, Other than that, we really didn't speak much. Like I was interested anyway when my purpose of coming over was not for getting close or tight nearby to her body or finding out about her attitude, character or behaviour, neither her business acumen. I came over for one specific purpose. Obviously for food time or in my own words, I like to call it Nava K's food venture. Dining in Asian Rice Pot is pretty straightforward. Look up at the wall, you will see those laminated individual menus. Western, Asian and of course our Malaysian favourites as well. In fact, there's even cakes and snacks.

We opted for a rice meal by walking to the food spread. Ample choices, obviously, some sort of the same food idea and concept as Yarl Restaurant, Brickfields. Meaning, curries in earthen pots. Additionally, you get the same piping hot fried there and then fried stuffs. Notably, I only noticed fish and chicken though. We picked up our choices of dishes, which we self scoop over the plate of rice. 

Returning back to our table in this rather plain and simple ambiance, we  decided to top up. A plate of mutton varuval/dry style and chicken parathal/dry style. Anyway, let me tell you. There's really not much of a difference between Asian Rice Pot and other similar Indian eateries. Nothing much, honestly, I didn't notice any unique or different dishes. We had also called for our drinks and these had already arrived by the we tucked into our meal.  

What's my say on Asian Rice Pot? Mutton Parathal fared quiet okay. Soft tender easily chewable meat in a tasty thick spicy gravy/curry, cooked alongside the customary spices and chillies. However, it lacked the spicy kick I am accustomed to. Even my friends agreed with me. Thank god. The Chicken varuval, another common fare was a decent dish though I won't give it a hype. Basically, just ordinary. The rest of the side items we tucked into were decently elevated too. 

Now, lemme tell you about the drinks. Thick, creamy and slushy Mango Lassi did wonder on my tongue. Love it. Pure and authentic. Lemongrass Lemon Ice was praise by my friend. Then again, what can go wrong as long you get to taste the citrusy and lemony infuses. Tea Tarik of course was appreciated. Always will be after a spicy Indian meal. This not overly sweet tea must be credited. 

Was it worth me coming over all the way from Shah Alam. Sincerely, I could have had such a meal somewhere close by my area. Even so, I'll take this food venture as my blogging experience. That's it. Wonder why my friends had to speak highly about Asian Rice Pot? Because of the owner and their close friendship? You figure out.
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  1. wow so much great curries and glasses of refreshment.. super wow :)

  2. Nava, I thought the claypot briyani is rather interesting! I don't think I've ever seen it in SG......

  3. That's a delicious spread.. I love food cooked in earthen pot..I'm sure you enjoyed the meal..

  4. cant seems to place the location of the shop thought have been to kelana jaya many times.

    Price seems reasonable. Thanks...will go hunting hehehe...

  5. All the food looks delicious Nava...I am glad that you all were having so much fun...
    Have a great week :)

  6. The food is so delicious at this place..loved the variety :)


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