Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Porki Society @Sea Park (Petaling Jaya)

My Sunday routine is pretty straightforward. After a glass or two of quality wine on Saturday night (not always, wish quality wine is affordable), I sleep in late prior to taking my own sweet time for waking up next morning. Obviously have to be next morning right, can't be two days later, just kidding, thereafter it all depends. If I feel like cooking, lazy cooking for me is nasi goreng/fried rice. Otherwise, its coffee shop food. Last Sunday however was a different story all together. At the invitation of The Porki Society, the latest food freebie in Sea Park which specializes in authentic Thai food and mind you, truly a porki society as reflected in their name, I made my way to this familiar area. Sea Park and SS2? Believe me, my territory for 17 years until I was literally force to move to Shah Alam due to tying the knot to this Indian man who is actually anti-pork. He did nevertheless, drive me to Sea Park. Thank you hunny bunny!

Walking is past twelve pm, there were a few familiar faces among the invited guests, media, foodies and bloggers. Not the most friendly people mind you, they can completely ignore you even if they recognize you. Anyway I couldn't be bothered. But one thing was really prominently obvious. I was the one and only Indian, pretty much maybe why some of them had to literally stare at me. Hack aside, despite the busyness, one of the owners acknowledged my presence.Thank you sir. Ushering me to the empty table, I had a free hand to the drinks, the food I will be sampling on the other hand had already decided-put together as a set meal.
Spacious and brightly lighted, its really a cheerful and cool ambiance. I love colours, the colours of the tables and chairs at once enliven my happiness. Flipping through the menu, I did notice ample selection, more dishes I was told will be making their way sooner or later. The signature in The Porki Society without a doubt is Thai boat noodles. Between the dry and soupy version, of course, as I have already said, there are no short of other items. Whether as a main dish or as snacks or as appetizers.
The first arrival for my meal was Rice Noodle Soup. A tiny serving of noodles in tad bit of dark Thai broth and alongside tender pork slices, tiny pieces of crispy fried pork skin, a pork ball and garnished with coriander leaves.           .
Loading some chillies atop, I immediately at once finished it off. Deliciousness! Spot-on tastiness. Broth packing a major punch, bouncy fresh pork ball, that crackling pork skin I tell you is heaven and of course I love the scent of coriander leaves. All of these came together as a delightful noodle dish.
So close I was for calling for another round, just at that gist of moment, arrived the dried version noodles (2 bowls). Almost similar components as the soupy version, dried version however had an extra ingredient. Sliced pork liver. Oh my! Pork liver! Believe me. How can Nava K don't gleam over this favourite of hers. Having said that, my take is still the soupy noodles. Its just me. I love broth based dishes, not that the dried version was a letdown.
Hunger was still running through my mind and tummy. Seriously, I needed more food. I mean for such small portions, I think even a small eater like me can guff another, lets say 5 to 6 bowls of noodles? You bet.
Just at this juncture, the "Moo Tod Porki" and "Cap Moo Pork Rinds" arrived. Moo Tod Porki is actually mildly enhanced roasted pork slices. Nice. Tender moist, these thin crispy on the outside pork slices melted and went down my mouth in a jiffy. 
Pork Rinds on the other hand were the joyous burst of crunchiness. Crunch and munch. Loved it to every bit. Nothing over the top, just basic seasoning, but  the food splendour for a pork lover like me.
Sipping into coke, my meal ended with the tacoh. Steamed 2 layered kuih/cake, seated in a pandan/screwpine leaves casing. Top layer made with coconut milk, whereas underneath is flour and corn layer. What more can I say, such a wondrous sweet delight.

Indeed, I had my best moment of tucking into a meal which made me happy. Happy to my mind, hunger, palate and tummy. Thank you guys.   
If you love porki dishes, The Porki Society is where you should head to.

The Porki Society Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Eventhough I am not a pork fan it looks like people are going to love it -porki society-quirky but nice name.

  2. Hi Nava, the name of the restaurant first of all catch my attention. Am tempted to go there one day with my family and will definitely try the soupy pork noodles as recommended by you. I love taco and will definitely order this as well. Thanks Nava for sharing and warmest regards :)

  3. Looks like experience was as good as the food.

  4. Vow.. the food looked so good. seemed like a decent place.. i love that u get to sample foods from different restaurants.. Lucky u :D

  5. I know a lot of pork loves who, if they could, would definitely visit :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Not sure about this. would prefer they serve regular portion instead

  7. lovely clicks hope you guys really enjoyed the meal :)

  8. loved the steamed look so beautiful in the pic..looks like you enjoyed the meal..lovely clicks dear

  9. Nice post Navs and lovely clicks too...

  10. I think I could eat 10 bowls of that soup too! Love the stools in this restaurant - and the atmosphere - it looks so light and airy!


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