Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teh Tarik Place - Empire Shopping Gallery (Subang Jaya)

Friends meet-up, bouncing me back to Empire Shopping Mall (Vivo). Whether its my favorite mall or not, maybe that's besides the point, definitely I vouch Empire Mall is conductive and convenient for me (Kitchen Art Brasserie & Pasta Zanmai). Nearby where I work and because its generally an early lunch compared to the standard allocated office ruling lunch time, I can be in Empire without much major brewing trouble troubling me (Nyonya Colours & Serai Empire). Then again, tell me please about Malaysians and punctuality? Never been, consequently, I don't think will ever be the general consensus virtue. Therefore, to be amongst Malaysians who will find 100 and one reasons for not making it on time, you gotto have loads of patience. I awaited. I didn't have a choice. I prior agreed over meeting the two friends. Finally, after almost half an hour, I saw the light at the end of our Malaysian punctuality tunnel. Friend arrived, in a jiffy we agreed upon Teh Tarik Place.

Nice place. I like the ambiance which is like another, maybe many more times leveled higher up in comparison to our mamak stalls. Of course. In a shopping mall, what do you except? Air-condition for thwarting our burning sun, at least for the time being, coupled along cleanliness and what not, menu too came in a jiffy. We looked through, we discussed, eventually we gunned down as per our choices. Within the next less than 10 minutes, we were ready to tuck in. Assam Laksa (Asam Laksa & Nyonya Assam Laksa) didn't really walk my palates over. No doubt at the first sight, it brimmed vibrantly. Thick fish based broth totally submerging noodles and the garnishes. But upon the first spoonful, I was disappointed. Cold broth is a big no-no for me. I like piping hot broths. Well? Tell me then? I still ate, I still praised its tastiness, while still regretting ordering, concurrently, while I rather sip the Teh-O-Limau/Ice Lime Tea for calming my dissapointment. 

My two friends who tucked into "Mamak Mee Goreng" on the other hand happily smiled, simultaneously praised it. Yellow noodles fried along prawns, egg, onion, tomato, bean sprouts, soy sauce and chilli paste, calamansi lime for squeezing the juice in, friends swiped clean every bit of Mamak Mee Goreng (Maggi Goreng Mamak, Fried Mee & Fried Prawn Mee). Obviously, yum was the factor. 
Despite being coax to have some, I didn't want. I guess I was already filled up by the iced drink I have totally gulped down. Teh Tarik too seemingly was worth ordering, akin it came street flying from mamak stall, whereas I doubt I should comment on Barley Ice. Of course, a good chilled burst for spicy mee goreng, but its not something out of this world.  

I guess I made the wrong choice by ordering Assam Laksa. Nevertheless, overall, it  was quite an experience dining in Teh Tarik Place. Primarily for the attractive ambiance, for decent customers who didn't stare unlike in the real-deal roadside mamak stalls and prompt service is the other I must mention. Maybe, next time, I will check out their other outlets elsewhere.

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  1. wow again trip with friends :) hope you have lovely friends around.. God bless you dear.. really liked the menu.. to me i am so attracted with prawn noodles and barley ice :)

  2. Haha at the hearing people misery and all. I have never been into a Malaysian style restaurant but would try one out. I hardly experiment with food, so eating is usually a big deal but I am gonna try. You only live once.

  3. I am somehow attracted over the tea .Had a nice time i guess

  4. looks like you did not like the eatry much , i was pumped to red barley drink but it does not sound that good
    keep in touch

  5. Since I have never had Malaysian food, I would is always an experience trying different food.
    Enjoy the rest of your week Nava :D

  6. Saw this place next to the escalator in Empire but never stop by

  7. These noodles look very alluring...

  8. What an awesome place to have fun at :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. I love mee goreng, but ours over here don't have prawns :< Hey Nava, can't help but the pix of you in the gorgeous yellow sari just popped up again! You look seriously good! xoxo


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